World of Tanks RU – “WG Fest: Tankman Day”. New holiday level!


We know you missed the Wargaming festivals. And this year we are uniting WG Fest and Tankman’s Day to make the holiday even bigger, more interesting and brighter!

The festival will be held “WG Fest: Day of the Tankman” in Minsk – a landmark city of Wargaming. Here the game World of Tanks was born, our studio appeared and the development center of the company is located. It is the perfect place for Europe’s largest free family festival of interactive entertainment.

On the holiday, performances by famous musicians, souvenirs and gifts, a huge number of activities, contests and photo zones for the whole family, as well as a big food court and fireworks are waiting for you.

In addition, for loyal fans of World of Tanks and other Wargaming games, we will organize a special zone of increased comfort “Premium Hangar”. Here you can win cool prizes, receive souvenirs, learn exclusive news from the first mouth, chat with developers and much more. We will tell you more about Premium Hangar later – stay tuned.

Time: September 15, beginning at 14:00 (Minsk time).

Venue: Minsk, Victory Park.

“WG Fest: Tankman’s Day” is:

  • Holiday for the whole family

  • Cool prizes and gifts

  • Large play areas

  • Performances of artists

  • New holiday level



In honor of the holiday “WG Fest: Day of the Tankman” for a limited time, we return to the Premium Shop the special thematic style sets WG Fest and “Day of the Tankman” of the past years!

Offers are available in the Premium store from June 12, 12:00 (Moscow time) to June 26, 12:00 (Moscow time).

Big set – 13,50

WG Fest 2018 – 2,70

WG Fest – 2,70

Tankman Day – 2,70


Challenge: x5 experience


  • Win a battle.
  • Get into the top 10 teams by experience.


  • 5x combat experience at the end of the battle.


  • Only random battles.
  • Valid on any car since the second victory per day on it.
  • Can be performed 15 times per set of festival styles.
  • The task is unlimited.


Style “Tankmen day”

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