World of Tanks Supertest – New Frontlines map

At the supertest comes a new map for the “Front Line” mode with the working name wg_epic_suburbia. The rules on it are already familiar: six intermediate zones (bases), five guns (main goals).

The new map takes place in the winter setting, depicts the suburbs of a Central European city of the postwar period.

Gameplay covers open relief areas, small towns, the ruins of old castles, thermal power plants, quarries, military bunkers and much more.

The first line of defense is mainly urban construction, but with fairly open spaces of driveways and entrances. Fights here will take place mainly at short and medium distances.
The second line of defense is more open spaces and relief differences on the fronts along the flanks, where bold and fast maneuvers will be important for taking tactical positions. And the line of defense of thermal power plant in the central part of the map is one of the most built-up areas on the map.
The last line of defense (the zone with the main objectives) is a mixed territory, varied terrain, and even military bunkers in the possibility of maneuvers and battles inside.
The map at the moment is in operation and the graphic part is not final, it is really a new map for the front line mode, which players love.

However, talking about the timing of its release is still too early – testing has just begun.


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    1. They were so busy \”improving\” the mode, by reducing profitability and fun. Frontline used to be fun, ruined now.

      1. How is the profitability reduced? I made over 20 mil credits last episode. If you\’re not having fun then don\’t play the mode.

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