Wargaming bans biggest World of Tanks youtuber Jove from Sandbox server for account sharing.

Biggest primarily World of Tanks based Youtuber Jove has been banned from the sandbox server, on the grounds of violating the game license by illegally sharing his account with other people.

Jove was spotted playing the Sandbox server on his primary account, while he was livestreaming playing another game altogether on Youtube. Wargaming has analyzed the evidence, and came out with this statement:


The administration of the World of Tanks project reminds once again that in our game it is unacceptable to violate the License Agreement, as well as related documents regulating the players’ behavior in the Project, including on test servers, as well as the Sandbox server.

As part of the fight against violations of the Rules, measures were taken today against the player Jove, who transferred his personal account to a third party to play on the Sandbox server, thereby violating the License Agreement (clauses 4.2.6, 4.2.8 and 6.1.4).

The specified player has received a restriction in the form of permanent blocking on the Sandbox server. If such violations are detected on the main server, the appropriate measures will be applied as set forth in the Game Rules and the License Agreement.

We can only advise you to learn from Jove’s mistakes and not to ever share your account with any other people, as you risk your account getting damaged or, in case of illegal sharing, even suspended.

0 thoughts on “Wargaming bans biggest World of Tanks youtuber Jove from Sandbox server for account sharing.

  1. Actually, it\’s illegal to share the account and stream while you\’re playing on another, cause if the moron wasn\’t streaming WG would found out, like in next millenium…

    1. His excuse is that he forgot to set replay recording to \”All battles\” so he didn\’t have a footage for a video and asked his editor to play a few battles. Yeah it\’s dumb, but kinda understandeable but this moron was streaming at the same time. Jove is the most hated out of big RU community contributors for a good reason.

  2. Can\’t deny WG sometimes acts in swine-like manner, but here I have to say \”WG did nothing wrong\”. You violate the agreement – you get punished.

  3. Mohahaha!

    Hopefully this will be a blow to all eBay seller offerings 3-marking, ace tankers etc

  4. If I use vpn and switches servers due to best ping will my account be flagged for account sharing?

  5. without all the free publicity and massive audience share Jove gets for Wargame

    it would be like Wargame taking a big hit from all free advertising if they ban Jove from his
    main account

    WG needs those big name Streamers badly really badly, this game WOT has reduced player numbers year on year, 4 years ago there was 50% more active players on EU for example
    where they go! ~ ask Wargame how they themselves lost 50% of there plater base in 4 years

    So I imagine Jove got a stiff warning, nothing else
    yes Jove was stupid, no excuse

    but then again so is Wargame many times over
    they deserve each other

  6. I hope this spells the end for the eBay WoT Services sellers…..

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