World of Tanks Sandbox – Tier X Tank Shell damage and Health changes

I’ve compiled this sheet using the current sandbox data, alpha damage of standard ammunition and the health of all tanks has increased, even though some of the tanks present in the live version of the game are not included in testing, while all nations have their tier 1 tanks, tiers 2 and above are only limited to USSR, British, American, French and German nations.

Note: Premium (Special)  and High Explosive ammunition has been left unchanged in the sandbox.

To summarize, base alpha damage has increased roughly 30 – 40% at tier X, while base health has increased only 20-30%. Time to kill a full health opponent goes down quite a bit.

What do you think of these changes? Do you think Wargaming are stepping in the right direction, or are these changes going too far? Tell us your opinion in the comments section.

0 thoughts on “World of Tanks Sandbox – Tier X Tank Shell damage and Health changes

  1. Hurr durr change gold ammo.
    Hurr durr don\’t change gold ammo.
    Hurr durr don\’t increase HP.
    Hurr durt don\’t decrease HP.
    Hurr durr the game is bad, change needed.
    Hurr durr don\’t change the game, it is good as it is.
    Butt hirt biitches…

    1. They remind me in a way of feminists. They base their facts exclusively on emotions that classify any other opinion they disagree with as idiotic. But heck, we\’re human. Might be I\’m doing the exact thing right now.

      1. yeah. but it turns out the guys they attack are even more whiny completely unable to be criticized. then again. it seems to be a common human trait. but look how whiny players get in all games forums, most especially if the playerbase is mostly male. probably because they easily develop an crazy emotional attachment to things (a classic gar, a special game item, or just our teams we support). i mean for women it\’s just an old car; just a game; or just some guys wearing the same color playing for the same town they were bought by – but for us it is sooo much more and we get easily crazy if things happen to these.

        1. true, these are some remains of prehistoric times. Males needed special bonds for hunting etc.

    2. Of course you don\’t want them to change it, it would be a disaster for you if regular players would be able to afford as much premium ammo and premium consumables as you 😀 Besides, if you had no premium ammo, how would you lol-pen that Tiger II or Jagdtiger who\’s trying to get their armor work 😀

    3. Gold ammo was never the issue, the real problem was armor profiles, unfair MM changes, more corridoor maps all of which led to an increase and willingness to use gold ammo. There are even some tanks years ago that could be played just fine without gold ammo but now if you don\’t use gold in them then you\’ll hardly pen most tanks.

      1. dude your so wrong. Pressing 2 for an huge advantage is a big issue. I agree mm sux but gold ammo as it stands is just better in everyway paying more credits for skill is bs. At least this way you will have to use your brain and not just press 2 . Should I load for more pen or more damage?? That is fair.

        1. I\’m speaking as a player who has finished all the tank lines and played for 8 years. The game in its current state is a far cry from when I started. Back in the early days it had its teething issues but the balance was much better and you weren\’t forced into so many bottom tier matches..

          Most people I see who blame gold ammo only look at it as the cause rather than the symptom as I never had to use gold until 2016 when they started to roll out a lot of the bullshit changes that have led to the laughable state the game is in currently.

          1. Dont forget there are many many new players who grew up with gold ammo for credits.
            They dont know the old times with pure gold ammo. Back then hardly anybody used it.
            You still can pen the most tanks with regular ammo, problem is you dont have the time for aming, because you eat gold spam immediately. People nowadays see the E-100 und tab the 2 right at the start, so what can you do. But yes some blyat mobiles increased that trend.
            There were always bad maps. I still remember the shit storms about dragons ridge or pearl river, some cry for today.
            The MM is in an ok state at the moment in my opinion.
            ps the real issue is arty, being permanent focus for a M44 is real fun on an open map. Im starting to use spall liners more often then not.

          2. \”I’m speaking as a player who has finished all the tank lines and played for 8 years.\”
            Funny. First you write that premium ammo is not the issue, then you write that ^. Well of course you don\’t consider premium ammo an issue, when you basically have nothing more to spend your credits on. So all your profit can go on just premium ammo. Now compare that to a regular player on a standard account that has to buy new tanks, equipment, retrain crew, and on top of that, he\’s \”expected\” to also purchase premium ammo unless he wants to play at a disadvantage.
            You\’re greatly mistaken. Premium ammo is a huge problem. And as I always point out, being a high penetration round and a premium item is 2 completely different things. They can still have high penetration rounds in the game, but they should not make it a premium item. Credits should not be used as a balancing factor in battles. They should balance these shells correctly and then they don\’t need to be more expensive.

            1. Your argument is quite weak because you\’re trying to talk about new players in a game where new player signups are basically nonexistant. Secondly the game is so old at this point it has an established playerbase of players who likely have most of the tanks they want at this point.

              As for gold ammo the fact remains there isn\’t anything you can do to balance it without destroying the game. Nerf gold rounds with less damage or increased reload time and you buff quite a few broken tanks and nerf underperforming tanks. Buff gold rounds and you cause a whole slew of different issues. Limiting the carry capacity of gold ammo will do nothing to stop its use. Increasing the cost will do nothing as people will still use it.

              I\’ve seen many like you who think gold rounds are the problem when the real issue you need to look at is WHY do people rely on gold ammo. You have multiple factors like RNG making shots unreliable, MM forcing more bottom tier games than half a decade ago, FUBAR tank balancing, among other things.

              1. You say that my argument is weak, and then you go ahead and use a low level of new players as an excuse to not remove premium ammo. Have it occured to you that there might have been more new players in this game if there wasn\’t any premium ammo? And if the game was not so punishing against new players? Only weak argument here is your own, because instead of attracting new players into the game, you basically say that feck it they\’re not here anyway.

                On the second part you\’re completely wrong. Sure, the options you mentioned doesn\’t work, but that\’s because they\’re horrible solutions, not because the problem can\’t be fixed. For example, why the hell would you make premium shells even more expensive? Seriusly, take a look at ranked battles and clan wars, does it look like to you that players give a damn about the credits cost? They want to use the best shell and they don\’t give a shit about which round that is better.

                The correct solution is to completely eliminate the entire concept of premium ammo. All rounds should be good and bad in different situations, and they should all cost the same. We can still have high penetration rounds, just that they cost the same as other shells. For example, APCR would offer great penetration on closer distances, but if you use it against lightly armored tanks aswell, the shell will overpenetrate.

                You\’re talking about another issue. Premium ammo itself is a very big issue, then we also have other big issues which causes players to use premium ammo. The issue with premium ammo itself is the fact that it\’s a premium item. Make it a standard item and the problem is solved.

                1. \”which round that is better\” -> \”which round that is cheaper\”

  2. Since, premium shell\’s damage mostly unchanged while HP is buffed, therefor killing with premium ammo takes more time.
    Higher damage with normal ammo effects mostly poorly armored tanks. (or tanks being flanked)

  3. This is outrageous! So many tier 10 tanks got a huge buff even though they actually are op! Like the 268 v4! Over 900 alpha?! You f#cking serious?! Do you guys even care about tier 9s and 8s?! It looks like you dont give a F#UCK about them! Over 3500 HP for the Maus?! Really?!?!?! Thats how you kill your own game! All you guys need to do is to LIMIT THE DARN GOLD AMMO COUNT! 10-33% of your total ammo capacity can be gold! And nerf some armor to make it go along with it! Wg, listen to us for f#cking once! This is not a money milking app, is a GAME! Is meant to be fun for EVERYONE, not only for your wallets!

    1. HURR DURR
      UGA BUGA
      Sandbox changes are not permanent changes? I am so angry!

      1. \”Sandbox changes are not permanent changes?\”

        Parrot this bullshit more you moron.

        How many times have WG said something isn\’t final yet they went through with it?

    2. limiting gold ammo won\’t do anything and that is a very naive viewpoint. Most players that use gold ammo already carry a small amount anyway so limiting it does nothing.

      1. Your so wrong its laughable . Go watch some replay sites for wot. People who shoot gold tend to carry either mostly gold or all gold . Every comment you have made has no backing in the game . get a clue gold noob. Its literally the dumbest comment I ever seen someone say about gold ammo Players who shoot gold tend to carry small amounts of it ?? lol laughable how stupid that comment is.

        1. I shoot gold and I only ever carry 6 to 8 rounds in all my tanks which on average is less than 10% of the total ammo capacity. I\’ve also watched probably 100s of replays over the years and 10 to 20 percent is the average with the exceptions generally being highly ranked clans or players who carry a 40% to 60% gold loadout. As for credibility I\’ve played and elited all the tanks in the game and played for 8 years now. Take all that anyway you want I\’m just speaking from experience.

          Lastly unlike you I don\’t need to talk down to people or insult them to validate my opinion. Frankly anyone who acts like that probably shouldn\’t be allowed to comment.

      2. It\’s not naive at all-it\’s right on the money. The problem that everyone complains about and that WG is trying to address is gold spamming, not people firing one off every now and again. Spamming=over usage. Over usage is remedied by hard capping how many rounds people can carry, and forces them to actually think before they use it. WG has said that they want players to be more, \”thoughtful and reasonable\” (or something similar…) in their ammo usage, not to stop using it entirely.

        Hard cap on loadout is the most obvious, simplest, and best solution to their problem, which is why WG isn\’t using it. Reducing gold damage will increase usage, not decrease it. All this crap they are doing just creates even more problems and solves nothing.

    3. Limiting ptemium ammo to a certain percentage of loadout falls apart when you have some tanks with barely enough shells to have a good game, amd others have that much that they can spam premium rounds the whole match when only 30% is premium.
      For that to work they\’d need to rebalance ammo capacity across all tanks.

  4. If the MM was +-1 MM
    you would NOT need to use Gold ammo much at all

    these Tier 10 changes just prove WG doesn\’t play its own game

    So just imagen

    your in a Tier 8 Heavy Tank >> E100 pens you like butter for 1100 damage in 1 shot, nice eh?
    your 85% out of the game within 1 min

    your in a Tier 10 with 1000+ alpha
    > you see a Tier 8 which you can 1 shot (for the loll\’s) and a Tier 10 with heavy armour full hit points >> who do you shoot?
    the little shitter in ANY Tier 8 tank

    bunch of stupid assholes who give a shit about there own game (so it appears

    1. All Tiers will get an HP increase you muppet. The general Damage you change based on percentage wont change too much. Also, all Tier 8 will get Alpha increase too..

      1. While everybody\’s HP and alpha will indeed get increased, the problem is that alpha will get a higher increase than HP, and hard-hitting guns are much more common in tier X than in tier VIII (although they\’re already too damn common). The result is that a high roll from an E-100\’s gun, for example, will be able to one-shot some tier VIII meds, and most other TDs will be able to dispatch them with 2 well-placed shots (which will penetrate, considering a TDs penetration).

      2. hey dude Muppet brain

        the standard AP PENETRATION stays the same – get it?

        your BIGGER alpha in your puny Tier 8 Gun DOES NOT matter if you cannot pen that Tier 10 Tank, hmm?
        (bounced, bounced again … oh I\’m dead the OP Tier 10 gun did NOT bounce welcome back to the GARAGE

        more Vehicle hit points wont HELP if your AP bounces its just MORE Tier 8 hit points/ WN8 for that Tier 10 to farm

        did I spell that out clearly enough … muppet?

        1. hmmm… But that is the way it should be… Tier VIII (especially LT and MT) should run when Tier X notice\’s it… Why? Because that is how things work in reality. Big fish eat small fish… Simple as that. For me it is really annoying when I get in my ____ ( heavily armored tank) and two lower tier MT jump in front of me and cut me in a shreds in 30 sec or less, not by circling me, but shooting in my frontal armor…

          1. \”Tier VIII (especially LT and MT) should run when Tier X notice’s it\”

            Run to where?

            Small corridor Maps make 80% of the maps, and there SMALL the biggest maps 1km x 1km at Tier 10 that is stupidly small spotted inside 30 seconds, especially when you look at the design of the maps, up to 50% of unusable/ inaccessible map at times

            City Maps >> Run to where?

            your right in my Tier 8\’s I run away from Tier 10\’s > until I get to \’nowhere left to run.
            then I die, really fast

            why is that?

    2. Wtf are you retarded enough to fight a e100 in a tier 8. On live servers it can already 2 shot them all with good rolls

      1. No!

        the E100 finds you!
        if your \”unskilled\” Tier 10 players die \”fast\” and they do and often ………

        then the Tier 8 is back in the Garage

  5. This is weird. Why not just nerf dmg of premium ammo? Buffing standard and health seems unnecessary. Its not guaranteed but still this isn\’t a good solution. just cut premium ammo dmg IF the the premium ammo has more Pen than standard, as some tanks trade pen for dmg. Just make the trade off equivalent so choosing ammo type matters, instead of just choosing one type because its better in every way.

    1. The most logical explanation for this is that they haven\’t been able to cycle out of the system all the gold ammo, so they cannot nerf it directly without risking some legal problems. So instead of nerfing prem ammo, they buff absolutely everything else, just like they did with the Type 59, for example

  6. Frankly, this is a really conovluted way of nerfing prem ammo. Probably because they cannot nerf it directly yet (I guess they haven\’t been able to get all that gold out of the system), but it feels like a really weird way to do it, and a way that will definitely make tier VIII an even worse place to be in than it already is, unless they REALLY balance it properly.

    As someone else said, they should limit the amount of gold ammo a tank can carry (which I doubt they\’ll do, since it means money for them), and try to find a way to actually nerf gold ammo instead of playing with absolutely everything else.

    And this is just a personal complaint of mine, but for the love of the tank gods, I want the standarized damage based on caliber back.

    1. its obviouse isnt it?… they cannot nerf premium ammo on Premium tanks!!!! so they have to buff everything else

  7. Wow. They actually found a way around the nerfing premium tanks. This will take a ton of effort and balancing, which they will be, these changes arent final people. i hope there arent so many whiners as i would love to see how they go about implementing these changes.

    1. Wait a second. This means the 4005 will get an alpha increase to around 2100~ if it will still be able to high roll the same 2100 HP tanks which are now 2550HP tanks.

      The foch 155 clip potential would be 1060×3=3180! that is all heavies here except the maus & e100.

      since HESH/Low pen High alpha special AP is based off of standard alpha to be competitive, it is implied that they will be increased unlike other special ammo, yes?

      How will HE shells be addressed? will they be 25%+~ damage of the new standard rounds?
      Will HE become more or less viable at finishing tanks off? my guess is more viable.

  8. I had the idea increase the pen of standard shells slightly, and make special shells researchable (with less dmg). Next I\’d want WG to add a second type of shell: APHE. the APHE shell has more dmg but (a lot?) less pen, like on SU100Y. Both shells should be researchable. That way a player chooses his ammo in a tactical way. Every shell has it\’s pros and cons, that’s the way you should choose your ammo.

    A next thing I like is that HEAT is considered a crew killer, so HEAT shells do idk like 5% extra chance of killing a crew member. But that you should be able to counter HEAT rounds with spaced armour on a location on the vehicle that YOU are able to select. The spaced armour should be placed in the equipment slot and it MUST be visible for the enemy. (like a 3D model).

    The next thing they should do is add the concept of \”overpenetration\” like when you shoot an APCR shell or another high velocity shell at a thinly armoured target, like the AMX CDC or the shields of a WT auf PZ4. The shell should deal even less dmg than usual.(still be able to kill crewmembers) But when you shoot APHE or standard AP at the hull it can explode inside the tank and deal the dmg it should deal. Of course a HE or HESH shell to a target like that should deal a lot of damage! (considering HESH I\’m not sure how to balance out that type of shell).

    Further I want to remove accuracy RNG and make players aim higher over distance (like WT). In current situations I am aiming at someone and suddenly he is unspotted and my shell suddenly goes way higher to hit that rock 200 meters further that was behind the guy I was shooting at. I do not want to change the RNG of dmg.

  9. All they had to do was nerf fucking gold ammo not make the game even faster than it already is. A game is usually over within 5 minutes with scores like 15-0 to 15-3 and their bright idea is to make killing ennemies even faster ? how many chromosomes do they have

    1. 5 mins game are not due to fast killing….are due to stupid gameplay and imbalances

  10. overall i like it 😛

    guns needs to feel powerfull and the new dmg / hp ratio is just nice

    but STILL…premium prices are not changed…untill this will change, all rebalances are useless

  11. \”We did not simply nerf A… but BUFF B-Z!!\”


    Classic wg.
    Now nobody can say they \’nerfed\’ anything…-sweet god<.<
    What a mess of HP and Ammo changes…

  12. WELL its now even more OP the game then before

    +2 MM
    kills you 2 x quicker

    Nice Anyone who thinks that with +2MM in the game

    this is a good thing once you get to and past Tier 6
    is Brainless …………….

    The penetration is the same
    so YOU yes YOU will still bounce
    but get 35% ~ 50% more damage back in return from +2MM Tanks

    2 shots and a Tier 6 MT is toast back to the Garage

    1. To anyone without access to the sandbox:

      These changes apply to ALL tiers, not just tier 10. But actually it applies to lower tier tanks much more than to higher tier tanks:

      On the sandbox a tier one tank has around 250% more health than on the liveserver, at tier 5 we are still at a ~80% health increase but a tier 10 tank only gets ~20% more HP.

      However the standard ammo damage only increases by ~20% at tier 1, roughly 25% at tier 5 and ~35-40% at tier 10.

      Their Idea is to make low tier tanks more durable and less fast-paced and by that less chaotic. Which is a desperately needed change and from my expirience actually makes low tiers much more pleasant to play.

      I am not convinced about the higher tier changes as it means that a E100/Obj 268/T110E3,etc. can now comfortably twoshot a tier 8 heavy with 1060dmg/shot as even the healthiest of the bunch only get 2000hp (VK100.01P, Tiger II).

  13. I like the changes – I just hope they make the gap from tier to tier less than currently… I think this has more potential to be tactical and have each shot be more important and not make WoT a FPS-who-shoot-faster game but get back a little bit more tactical gameplay. Fingers crossed I like this experiment…

  14. I approve of these changes..

    Lowering the alpha by 30-25% of gold ammo and buffing everything else is a tremendous nerrf to gold ammo I like this alot!

    1. Only issue is they didnt nerf gold. they buffed everything else. gold is the same on sandbox as is on standard server. They just buffed standard shell damage and HP of ALL tanks.

  15. My god people are extra dumb today.

    1.The last sandbox has resulted in exactly zero changes. Chances are this one will either take a year or will be thrown out.

    2. We have no clue about the health buff for lower tier vehicles. It might increase by 80%, resulting in substantial increase in ttk for them.

    Thus said, you already die pretty quick. The net decrease in ttk does seem pretty stupid.

    1. Though assuming you get hit by gold rounds 50% of the time the net ttk shouldn\’t really change, so i get what they are thinking, however it will separate the tomatoes form unicorns even further.

  16. If this happens I will quit the game. It’ll be like relearning the whole game again and I don’t have enough interest or faith in the game anymore to do that

  17. Post stats of tier 8 and 9 as well noob vlogger, or do you have too bad PC?

  18. They should\’ve just blanket raised the regular ammo damage per se about 35-40% and also buffed the hitpoints by the same amount. Now time to kill goes down even further in lower tiers probably.

    At least they are finally trying to workaround the sad state of premium ammo spam in high tiers.

    1. Actually it doesn\’t. As they increase HP at lot more at lower tiers than at high tiers (250% more at tier 1, but only 20% more at tier 10). Standard Ammo Damage on the other hand only increases by 20% at tier 1 up to 35% at tier 10.

      1. yes it does, you\’re bad at math stop talking. currently 750 alpha guns cannot kill an is7 in 3 shots…. after this change they\’ll be able to kill it in 3 shots assuming they dont low roll. there time to kill is going down, is7 is just one example. you can try for other tanks

  19. Gotta admit WG got my respect here. As far as I know nerfing any parameter on a premium tank is a hard sell for them, so they are fine with going through the pains of buffing everything else, to be able to keep the gold alpha of prems. They are not even doing it in the maximum lazy fashion(increase all hitpoints and non-gold alpha by 25%). The way they are doing it will probably have some impact on the balance of the game, but in the end the game ballance is not stellar right now, so it seems unlikely that it will get a lot worse.
    Still I would be far happier if they tried to make the ammo types feel really different. For example as far as I know most guns in the game are rifled, and HEAT does not take spinning mid flight very well, so they had to counter spin them and rely only on fin stabilizers. Early composite rounds(APCR) had big issues with accuracy too. So along with some tamer changes to alpha and HP they could have buffed tanks\’ accuracy for normal shells a lot and also make them loose less pen over distance compared to prem APCR. Of course because there are tanks that have APCR for standart and AP for prem this will be hard to do right.

    Btw WoT players seem to be somewhat whinnier than most people playing games, but IMHO this has to do a lot with the game. Having Pay to win elements in a game that tries to sell it self as free to play in an era where most free to play games monetize only on cosmetics is a hard sell. Also while WG are really slow on the ballance changes, they are rarely on point with them. Maybe they feel that the rapid changes that we see in most other PvP games will not stand well with thier elderly public :D.

  20. I expect they’ve gone a bit higher on the alfa increase to test the limits a bit and will adjust it down to 25%ish. After that all the changes suggested are great.

    1. The most players who complain about premium ammo are bad players. The only complain Because they think the good players are good because of Premium ammo. And they think that it will change after the nerf

      1. That\’s pure bullshit. That\’s a bad excuse that some good player came up with while feeling a bit too proud over himself. Of course good players will still be good, but their performance will be a bit lower if WG removed all high penetration rounds that currently help them to lol-pen almost anything.
        Players that complain about premium ammo do so because 1) they feel that they can\’t keep up with the high cost, and 2) they feel that their armor doesn\’t work against the high penetration. And before you say it, I\’m not talking about a few exceptions here like Maus or Type 5. Take a regular Tiger II and Jagdtiger for example. Works decent against standard ammo, completely useless against premium ammo.

  21. Will the other nations get this?

    Otherwise i feel like the 121 will mostly be irrelevant once it comes into play or just largely obsolete.

    Shame because i like the tank its good but just better alternatives at,.

  22. I think in-tier, the idea is sound.

    The problem is that punching up–being bottom tier–is becoming more and more a thing of the past. Higher tier vehicles not only have higher DPM, but also higher health. With even higher alpha damage, it allows a high tier vehicle to simply trade alpha and chew through lower tiers at a higher rate than before.

    I think the new HP changes would have to extend to tier 7~8 to have a blanket alpha buff. In that way, it won\’t affect shooting at a tank two tiers higher than you so much.

  23. The article is a little confusing – no need to try and fit the entire thing into one sentence. ( understand it may be translation or english not 1st language, but a bit confusing none the less).

  24. I just wonder why they don\’t give the different amunition types different roles. AP good PEN good DMG good Module/Crew DMG (the allrounder) – APCR great PEN less DMG less module/Crew DMG but can overpen like in WoWs with only 10% DMG – HEAT great PEN good DMG good Module/Crew DMG but without the crazy normalisation but can\’t go trough tracks and spaced armor – HE less PEN great DMG great Crew/Module DMG but reworked splash. There are so many possibilities. Maybe someone can imagine something else ? But than give the players the chance to actually chose the loadout (something that is kinda logical for the tank) that matches the playstyle of the tank or player. I knew it is the idea from war thunder but i never complained in WT when someone uses the right amunition vs me… I just have the Problem that WT dont make so much fun like WoT (for those ppl who write: then go play WT ;))

  25. What is the point of buffing tank health if at the same time you buff shell damage to make said health gain irrelevant?

    This will change absolutely nothing, WG backed themselves into a corner with no way out the moment they made gold ammo available for credits, too much has been developed and balanced with gold ammo for everyone in mind.

    1. Did you read the article? By buffing damage of standard shells and also (but to a lesser degree) buffing HP of tanks, the indirectly nerf the damage of prem ammo. And as they also buff the HPs of the tiers not in an equal way (lower tiers getting bigger buffs), they are able to rework the balancing of the tiers (to some extent). Also they avoid complains about nerf of prem-tanks, as they only buff things (at least in the direct way).

      for sure it is much more complex and as others stated above, the time to kill even decreases slightly for some tanks, but I have to give WG kudos for choosing that way. I am courious, how this test turns out.

      1. Thanks for explaining. While I\’m still suspicious, I will wait and see how it goes. WG pulling this off with a positive outcome would be a huge success.

  26. This is such a stupid way to even try to fix the issues. The issues isn\’t alphadamage, pen or costs of shell. The issue is the fact that they have dumbed down the gameplay of many nations tanks by removing weakspots that a seasoned and well-informed player could reliably penetrate with some proper aiming.

    Nowadays tanks have no visible to inpenetrable \”weakspots\” and the soviet tech tree is the biggest offender. It started way back when they removed the ability to overmatch the top of the turrets of the Soviet tier 10 medium tanks. It was sometimes the only viable option when dealing with a hulldown Soviet medium tank in for example an e100. Now you can\’t overmatch, the cupolas are tiny and well armored and while the tanks are designed to be short range dps-brawlers in their original form, they are now excellent dps-snipers with heat-ammo as their standard loadout.

    Another concern is the fact that they uptier alot of vehicles they\’ve added lately, making older tanks that have to face the same odds and same opponents as before also have to face these uptiered tanks that they haven\’t been balanced for facing.

    What they really need to do is stop adding so much new stuff to get new players into the game, and start from the beginning, reworking every single tank from tier 6 onwards, not uptiering them, but adjusting them so the +2 MM spread isn\’t so devastating as it is now. Make nations destinct from one another, make tanks destinct from one another, don\’t just make clones of other tanks with basically the same functionality but only under a different name.

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