World of Tanks – Ammo Revision: Sandbox Test Incoming!

Last December we announced our intention to decrease the damage done by special rounds by 25–30% while keeping their armor penetration values. As such revisions require rigorous testing, more time was needed to implement them. Now that we have completed this round of changes, we would like to invite you to test it in the Sandbox.

Reasons for Adjustments

Why are we making these revisions?

  1. Currently, a significant portion of players choose ammo type solely on its armor penetration. For them, this single parameter is what makes the difference between a basic and a special round. Other stats — such as normalization, penetration of environmental objects, auto-bounce angle, and velocity — are often ignored.
  2. When deciding to use special rounds, these players consider their immediate tactical situation. When firing special shells, one gets a clear advantage that is not offset by anything on the battlefield itself. However, the cost of using special shells only becomes apparent when the fight is over and the player realizes they have spent more Credits than expected.

One of the main goals of ammo rebalancing is to encourage players to choose ammunition more responsibly and thoughtfully in battle — taking into account the potential consequences. We want the player’s decision to be influenced not only by armor penetration, but also by a slew of other factors.

Changes to Tier I–VI HP Pool Progression

Together with the alterations to ammo mechanics, we’re going to modify the low-to-mid-Tier vehicles’ HP pool progression.

We’ve already told you about the Supertest. The results were satisfying, as was your feedback, so we shall integrate renewed HP progression for all Tier I–VI vehicles for the entire duration of this Sandbox test.

Ammo Revisions: The Latest Iteration

The main changes to be tested on the Sandbox server: After a long Supertest for the first round of adjustments to ammo mechanics, a scrupulous examination of all pros and cons and the weighing of different viewpoints, we’ve decided to create an alternate concept for rebalancing of shells. The new solution is a complex one, coming in two large parts:

  1. Boosting the HP pools of all vehicles in the game. The relative increase will not be the same for every tank and will depend on two factors:
    1. Its current HP pool (relative to other vehicles).
    2. The vehicle’s Survivability parameter, which is defined by such stats as armor protection and HP.
  • Boosting the HP of the Maus and the Leopard 1 by the same ratio, for instance, benefits the Maus much more. The exact gain for every vehicle will depend on how efficiently that vehicle uses its HP pool in the current tactical environment. Well-armored tanks able to mitigate more damage with high survivability will receive a proportionally smaller increase in HP compared to their less-protected brethren. This is necessary to keep the vehicles’ relative survivability at the same level. The HP pool boost will range from 15% for heavily armored vehicles (depending on Tier), up to 30% for lightly armored ones (for an average of 26%). The aforementioned Maus and Leopard 1 will get 18% and 29%, respectively. These are test values and may change if needed based on the Sandbox test results.
  1. Increasing the one-shot damage of the basic shell. It will improve by different amounts, depending on two factors:
    1. The caliber of the gun (the primary factor). The larger the caliber is, the larger the damage gain will be. For example, the current mean value for a 90-mm Tier VIII gun is 240 points. After the rebalancing, it will go up to 315 points (an increase of 31.25%). An average 150-mm gun currently has an alpha strike of 750 points; after the changes are applied, it will increase to 1060 points (an increase of 41.33%).
    2. The tier of the vehicle (the secondary factor). This one will not have as big an impact as the gun caliber, but will still produce some minor value differences. We shall maintain the correlation between the alpha strike value of guns of the same caliber and the vehicle’s Tier. For example, a 105 mm gun on a Tier V tank currently deals 300 points of one-time damage on average. The shell rebalancing will boost this to 400 points (an increase of 33.33%). At Tier X, currently the most common damage yield of a 105 mm gun is 390 points; once the rebalancing is done, it will increase to 525 points (by 34.62%). The difference in relative gain between Tiers V and X is just over 1%, but it still exists.
  • Please note tanks with basic HE rounds will also gain in alpha damage, albeit less: around 22%, with the exact value depending on the gun model. Though the one-shot damage increase is smaller for HE shells, the specifics of their damage-applying mechanics will keep their efficiency the same compared to that of other basic shell types.
During the Sandbox test, we’ll continuously fine-tune the increases to vehicles’ HP pools and basic shells’ alpha strikes as and when it is necessary, to define the optimal ratio.
The one-time damage of special rounds will remain the same, as the rebalance will only affect basic rounds.

These measures are to increase the share of damage done with basic shells relative to other shell types. We also want to create more variability for the players when they are choosing their round types and considering their current tactical situation.

We are going to test the following shell usage logic:

  • The potential one-time damage of basic rounds will become higher than that of all other shell types, and you will still have to aim for enemies’ weak spots. The basic round will become the most appealing shell type with the combination of armor penetration, damage, and price.


  • The special rounds will retain the highest armor penetration amongst all shell types, and a high probability of inflicting damage as well. With these revisions, their alpha damage will likely be lower than that of basic shells, and their price will be higher. Special rounds will remain the optimal shell to fire at a heavily-armored target.


  • Damaging opponents in Sandbox will be most likely when employing HE rounds (as it currently is on main servers). Yet, the actual mean yield will be the lowest among shell types because of low penetration chance. HE shells will have many situational uses, just like now: preventing base captures, finishing off opponents low on HP, dealing greater damage to thinly-armored targets, or increasing the chance to chip a small amount of HP from an opponent with good protection.

In the Sandbox test, every shell type will be highly efficient in battle (with correct situational use). The need to choose the right round type will by itself add tactical variability, have more impact on the situation on the battlefield, and increase your effectiveness.

IMPORTANT! We would like to highlight the current test will not include any changes to the parameters of HE shells (save for basic ones). We will make sure to consider changes to their combat efficiency later. After we get the Sandbox test results, non-basic HE rounds may undergo stats adjustments, too.

Sandbox Test Ruleset

The changes described above will affect every vehicle in the game, and we would like you to test them in vehicles of every Tier. Tier I–X progression will be available during the Sandbox test, with its speed greatly increased. Our valued testers will all receive the following benefits:

  • An unlimited supply of Credits and Gold; you will just need to do battle and get XP to research the vehicles you want!
  • The ability to research vehicles of any class and tier promptly.
  • The ability to use different shell types and Premium consumables without limitations.
  • Fight bots at Tiers I–V (to simplify the process of team composition for the matchmaker).

Considering that Sandbox is a test server, there will be just five (5) nations available and their Tech Trees will be simplified.

In terms of economy, we are keeping the shell prices and the repair costs the same for the duration of the Sandbox test. After we process the results, we shall address this very important aspect of the game too. It is very likely that it will also require adjustments and improvements.

Your Feedback is Important!

Sandbox tests are necessary to assess the viability of our ideas and make sure our calculations for exact adjustment modifiers are correct. We still have not decided on whether to implement the entire set of modifications listed in this article as we are awaiting the Sandbox test results, so we are counting on your active participation! But most importantly, we would like to let you try out all these changes in battle for yourself and give us your feedback.

IMPORTANT! We still have not decided whether to implement the entire set of modifications listed here as we are awaiting the Sandbox test results, so we’re counting on your active participation! Everything described above is a working concept of the rebalance, comprising our ideas and suggestions. We need to hear from you about all the proposed innovations to make sure we are taking a step in the right direction.

0 thoughts on “World of Tanks – Ammo Revision: Sandbox Test Incoming!

  1. The issue is gold ammo. So naturally the solution is to buff the hp of everything and the alpha of everything. Because clearly what we need is for the game to end even faster. The 15 min games are long gone, we\’ve already been playing a game where everything is over with a 15-2 score in 5 minutes for a while now, and now we\’re seeing hp buffs of up to 30% with alpha buffs of up to 50%. The fucking Foch155 now has a 3000+ hp burst damage potential per clip…

    The sandbox server is supposed to test large scale changes to the game but it seems like WG is using it like an actual sandbox, they\’re behaving like a bunch of toddlers building random shit without thinking much about it.

    Remember what happened when you gave the Maus a 300hp buff along with extra dpm? That went so wrong this buff lasted one patch iirc. Well they\’re just doing exactly the same but even worse (540hp, and apparently huge alpha buff).

    What a bunch of fucking retards they are…

      1. The problem everyone is complaining about is : \”people can just spam all gold to negate armor, but we can\’t just remove gold because some tanks have too much armor\”.

        Therefore the issue is gold spam and overpowered armor.

        Obvious solution : limit gold ammo amount per tank, rework armor to give tanks weakspots.

        WG solution: rework litteraly everything except gold ammo and armor in one giant useless rebalance.

        I mean it doesn\’t take a genius to see how retarded the sandbox is with regards to the issue they\’re supposedly trying to fix.

        If they had given it any other name it would have been fine. A global rebalance. But when the issue is \”special ammo\” and they\’ve been talking about their plans to rework it for months and when it finally comes we see special ammo has litteraly not been changed you can\’t help but wonder if a crayon eating downie toddler isn\’t responsible for it.

        1. Maybe there are legal implications about nerfing stuff you have bought (gold ammo), leaving them open to international complains. So a combination of solutions would be to change everything else. It could seems like a huge thing, but if they are tweaking relative numbers that doesnt change much.

          If the alpha goes back to TDs exclusively, and the HP goes to frontline tanks, then good things will be coming out of those woods.

    1. You missed the point of this change.
      Wargaming is doing this instead of the old plan, anticipating that there would be a large \”Outrage\” over \”Special Ammo\” being decreased in damage, from those that feel certain tanks need it to do well.

      So typical Wargaming, the go the other direction.
      They are buffing Hitpoints and standard shell damage. Effectively raising the base level of the game up without really changing anything in terms of damage ration and time to kill.
      Leaving Special ammo with less damage without actually touching it.
      Thereby removing them from any blame of \”nerfing\” special ammo.
      Its a cheap way out sure but it is what it is.
      I should have seen this coming, I was somewhat excited over the older news of Hit Points being buffed, but I should have seen this coming. So with that combined with standard shell damage going up, its just raising the base level of the gameplay higher while leaving special ammo where its at, so it does less damage than standard shells, without actually decreasing special ammo damage lol.

    2. They are looking for solutions to a bunch of issues.
      They have already announced a buff to low-tier vehicles\’ HP. They need to rebalance premium ammo.
      This is a roundabout way of doing it (they do not \”nerf\” anytthing, they buff the rest.), but I will await the results before passing judgement. Some have been often skeptical of changes, which turned out fine in the end (SE heavies rebalance, Frontline tweaks…).
      Sure, not everything is good and dandy, but I am willing to let WG experiment if this ends up improving the game. They have gotten a bit better in the past months, so they get some cautious approval from me.
      If it turns out good and they implement it, perfect, if it is in fact bad and they implement it, I will complain, but if it is bad and they give up on it, it is still fine by me.

      1. What I\’m having trouble being hopeful with is the fact that the buff isnt uniform and the final outcome is we\’ll just shift from the SHT meta to the high-caliber meta, since the buff to alpha seems to be way higher to the buff to hitpoints. All of that while it\’s still possible to fire nothing but gold ammo and ignore armor. Basically if you have armor you\’re useless because of gold ammo but if you don\’t have armor you\’re also useless because you\’ll die way faster than now, in the end the winners will be the tanks with high caliber that never fully relied on armor or had monstrous one. Basically Grille15 and T110E3 and similar tanks for which it\’s just a massive buff because they never needed gold and they didnt care about gold but they end up with a massive alpha buff of fucking 42%

  2. Screw Gold ammo balance
    Only Heavy Tanks like this idea affects other classes zero, why? we have no armour
    Wargame and its shit OP Super Heavy Vehicles no weak spots

    Retarded idea to \”ensure Comfortable Heavy Tank play\’ that\’s it in a nutshell


    better to go +-1 MM
    6 Gold limit per tank

    of course its TOO EASY for WG to think of something even a 12 year old can think up


    Then fix all the small Corridor Maps & 50% Map area thrown away as inaccessible (to make CORRIDORS lol

    no wonder the USA biggest nation potential customer Base says \” fuck WOT its retardedly bad\”

    1. How exactly is restricting gold ammo quantity any less of a “problem” than just reducing its damage?

      1. Because reducing its damage needs you need to fire more to be as effective.

        Limiting its amount means you can\’t just load full gold and ignore armor, you actually have to think about when you really need it in order to not be out of gold when you finally face the enemy superheavy.

        Aka it adds a tiny bit of skill which is still sooooo much more skill than what\’s required right now.

  3. No wonder the details weren\’t publicised earlier. This has to be the most idiotic idea WG have come up with in recent memory. If you change so many parameters at once, how the heck can you test anything effectively. Oh what\’s that? Increase the damage done according to gun calibre? Which nation tends to use the bigger guns that get the bigger alpha increase? Utter bs.

    1. Because changing shit one at a time would be completely pointless and counterproductive. How can WG change gold ammo without ALSO changing other balance parameters at the same time? That would be even worse than just shaking up the entire board at once

  4. I suspect that, by and large, the nation profiting most from these changes will be the Russians. True, they will receive comparatively small HP buffs because Soviet tanks are mostly well-armoured, but this will be more than offset by serious damage buffs, since they tend to have large-caliber guns. And while enemy tanks from enemy nations will have larger hp pools, Soviet tanks will be able to deliver higher damage reliably, while their opponents will have to hit their weakspots – if they have any to speak of in the first place. Good times for Defender players coming along. Guess the Russian community will love this.

  5. does anyone know if the sandbox is under nda? i remember an early version was but i dont know if it still is…

  6. This will never ever go live. Its too complicated for WG to handle all those stats. In all Tiers. For all Tanks.
    WG is unwillingly to balance tanks for years, its too much work for them to ajust 2-3 stats for a single tank.
    They can’t do such big changes. Its too late.
    But they don’t want too loke like they do nothing. So they release this \”supertest\” proposials. Those are just for the people. They will never go live, WG has no interest in it. Wait a year, than they will say it is scrapped.

  7. Gold ammo is not the issue, it\’s a symptom of over armoured tanks with no real weak spots. They should have made all vision ports 50mm and given most tanks big cupolas.

    1. lol are u dumb geoff??
      before the super heavies and armored tds came, people still spammed gold ammo. gold ammo became an issue when it was decided they would be available for credits.

  8. Anyway what is THE point

    anyone that has seen Skills YouTube video (on Here & Rita\’s Report) will see that Wargame cheat on us – all the time

    the MM its fixed they DO balance it to there favour to whomever they like ((watch the video on YouTube go on

    WG if you piss them off? one way or another CAN give you shit MM ^ shit games

    Gold Shells make me laugh least of WOT problems ……………

    WG is biggest problem, will Trust them for nothing

    1. Skills YouTube video is nothing else than some bad attempt at slinging mud at WG. They haven\’t tested anything properly and when they were called out they said they don\’t have time to do the testing properly. Pathetic…

  9. This is possibly the most retarded \”solution\” WG could have come up with. It is literally changing everything except gold ammo and has the possibility to completely break the game by undoing a decade worth of balancing in an instant.

    Here\’s my preferred solution: 1. Make gold rounds cost the same as standard rounds. 2. Remove standard rounds. 3. Armor buffs for the small number of heavy tanks that haven\’t yet been buffed to stand up against gold rounds.

    Another option would be to reduce gold round damage against lightly armored tanks. Say 20% for every 100% overpen (ie 200mm pen vs 50mm of armor = 300% overpen or -60% damage).

  10. And its this retarded the Sandbox
    You need to unlock by PLAYING from Tier 1 upwards unlocking modules to the next Tier
    will take weeks

    and there is ZERO free XP to unlock anything

    from Tier 1 playing no choice fuck this for a dumb idea
    jeez Fucking WG brains of a donkey

  11. Related to the HP pool buff, i have tried sanbox for a few hours and i swear you can feel it even at tier 1. I remember dieing so much in the deathtraktor. But now i think i take almost 30-40% more hits before i die.

  12. I think the best thing they ca do is just reducing gold penetration with a specific amount (depends on base penetration)… I mean, the Jg.Pz.E100 has a gold pen of 420mm… If that is being reduced to let\’s say 375mm, Then the game will be fair fro more players

  13. But if you change from normal ammo to \”special\” ammo, you need to load it first. In Tanks with a large gun that can take up to 30 seconds (or you have the skill intuition) to load a shell, this will be lethal.

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