0 thoughts on “Black Market Day 7: T34 Black (Again)

  1. This is sad. Apparently some muck up on RU server caused this double sale. I\’ll just have to wait for the IS6B.

      1. yup, and i will trade in the ts5 too ^^. and i think i will retrieve t28 concept, you can trade it too

  2. Great so because they can\’t even do one small thing right we\’re getting an entire day of shitty tier 8 tank.

    1. Sad for some, but fair for some others… I bet a few people lost a few opportunities because of work/sleep/other reasons. Why complain? You\’ll get something tomorrow.

  3. Well played WG. Broke the own system. MM + 40k people have premium viii tank practically for free.

    1. This tank is actually fine for current meta because it\’s crap…can you imagine 40K defenders/other OP shit on MM?

  4. WG is clearly mocking me for not buying this one.
    Damn you, bastards, I ain\’t gonna buy your recolored crap!

  5. So many rare/special tanks WG could\’ve sold at this time and they are already out of ideas? @_@

      1. Do you know if T34 and T34B both log same Statistics? or do they show up separately in stats? Thanks.

    1. I know it\’s better.probably better than the cent AX as well, aside from shitty dpm

        1. The AX has a huge turret weakspot, much lower alpha for the same reload. It\’s a great tank but I don\’t think it\’s the best tier 8 HT by any means. It\’s weaker than the patriot imo, because of its armor.

            1. A tank with big alpha comes round the corner and shoot you then retreats back. What do you do with your pathetic alpha then? Chase him and die form the tanks behind him?

              DPM is a myth and 90% of the time don\’t work. AX is pos.

    I nearly missed it because we were playing basketball and i managed to pick it up by using TeamViewer on my phone.

    GG bois

  7. Will be fun seeing mm composed solely out of t34s, Action Caravans, m41s and is6s lol

  8. I\’m not complaining, forgot to log in at 19:00 yesterday, 10 mins too late (later found out it was sold out in 2 min 30 seconds) so was rather furious.
    This morning I decided at 6:57 AM \”ah what they heck, let\’s wait and see what comes up\”.
    Wham, bam, thank you ma\’am! I\’ve been longing for this one ever since I started playing too late to get the T34 Tier 9 -> Tier 8 swap

    1. Hey Fed, L0rd_0f_War here. Your old clan mate from KITTY. Glad you got your T34B. I have the original T34, but bought the T34B for a possible trade-in.

      1. Hi there, mate! All good in your life, I hope! 😀

        Yeah, I kinda really wanted the T34 ever since I had to fight against them back in the day when I was grinding the Tiger 2… was so pissed at that turret armor & gun pen values…

        I\’m probably gonna find out firsthand that it\’s not that great anyhow… but still beats an IS6 or WZ-111 IMO. By far.

        1. Yeah, the poor Tiger 2 is even more obsolete. I can\’t imagine having to grind a stock Tiger 2 in this day and age, as it was not easy 6 years ago with the cake turret. The only old T8 heavy that\’s kept up with the power creep (somewhat) is the IS3. T34 should still be okay in T8-9 match-ups with a good crew and patient gameplay.

          1. Tiger2 is so easy to mark its not funny…. Like 20 games in a marked it with like 1k dmg games and 1k bouncing.

  9. Will NA server also get another T34,because I missed it the 1st time..

  10. Really? This is sad. They could’ve offered the Chrysler GF or Lorraine 40 t something instead.

      1. Screw-up on the Russian side, I believe. Maybe Seb can find something about it later.

          1. RU shop was lagging like crazy and crashed, but some people managed to buy the damn tank and all of them were gone in 4 minutes even with horrible lags. Others were extremely pissed because a lot of people logged in in advance but couldn\’t get the tank regardless of how fast they were. So WG decided to throw them a stick by selling this thing again, I don\’t see a problem with that apart from flooding the matchmaking with T34s.

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