0 thoughts on “May 28 Scavenger Hunt Bonus Code (NA)

  1. May we have some EU server bonus codes? or all servers bonus codes?
    That would be a blast!

        1. Even if i cannot get a bonus code i still appreciate it. Apart from others on the web Sebastianul gives instead or at least he/she tries, as much as one can. I hope that in the near future we can expect more codes and stuff, as you said. Keep up the good work Sebastianul and try if you can to help us out with working codes if you can. Thank you

          1. It\’s not like the codes I find give too much anyway. Not like in the old days when they gave a T-127 in 2012 with a code… Man I miss those times.

  2. It doesnt work when i enter it both in game and on webpage.
    IDK. maybe i am doing something wrong. What can i do to have myself a bonus code or something that works on all servers?
    Has anyone tried this on EU servers? Does it work?
    Thanks Sebastianul for reply! I appreciate it!

  3. No worries mate. Thanks. Ive managed to make myself a NA account and got the codes but my main is at EU server.

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