Black Market: Pz. IV Hydrostat Aftermath

EU – 5000 units sold out in 1 minute and 43 seconds

RU – 10000 units sold out in under a minute

NA – 1000 units sold in around 10 minutes out of 2000. Tanks are still left to buy at the moment.

ASIA – only 500 sold at the moment out of 1,200 tanks

0 thoughts on “Black Market: Pz. IV Hydrostat Aftermath

  1. I think this is a clear indicator of how \’alive\’ a server is.
    RU: Going strong.
    EU: Second in line, as expected.
    NA/ASIA: Fucking dead.

    1. I\’ve always seen the hydro-stat around on the NA servers. The players that are left probably just don\’t need it. The Type 59G sold out in 3 seconds on the NA server

    2. Nah, we ASIA are pretty amused yet barely aroused by this joke. 65 rich fags did actually pay 15k for it in the first 30min however.

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