0 thoughts on “Black Market Day 5 #2: Panzer II Ausf. J

  1. 15k gold for this….
    As a longterm owner of this tank, I can tell, it\’s not worth it for the memes. I doubt this will sell out in its 12 hours selling time.

  2. Dang it, now I think I should\’ve bought the Hydro. For all we know the V/IV will also be for gold. Oh well.

  3. The Black variants should be offered for credits (same as Black Dog), Foch should also be offered for credits, that means Pz V/IV will be probably offered for gold.

  4. I guess the V/IV will be sold tomorrow morning when I can\’t get it. Just as well.If they\’re charging 64 dollars for the IIJ the V/IV would probably have me kicking myself as an idiot every time I looked at it.

    1. I don\’t think so. The good tanks have all been sold in the evening because there\’re more people online.

        1. glad to see that players are not that stupid as WG to ruin completely the game….even if ts just a low ter shitter…

    1. Even if I predicted it wrong, my point stands, it just simply does not worth it.

  5. even if you want PZ2J – 15K gold seems stupid. They are selling it often in a 100€ bundle with 30K gold and this tank \”for free\”. Seems better option – PZ2J + 30K gold to buy another tanks next black market πŸ™‚

    1. I think it\’s mostly to help remove gold from the in-game economy. A lot of people are sitting on gold from the xmas boxes.

  6. I expect this was an awesome test-baloon for WG. The next black market could be be an auction-mode where (as example) 1000 units of Type 59 G will be start at 30.000 Gold and every 10 seconds without a sale the price will drop by 500 gold. (Same could apply for credits and bonds)

  7. That\’s arguably the worst II J deal yet. As before you got 30K gold and a free II J with it. Now you have to pay 15K and not even get 30K gold with it.

      1. I have foch155. its good and funny… but dont buy it if its overpriced (if is with gold); its not worth it!

  8. is6 is outdated. (weak pen, poor gunhandling, med amor, slow) definitely wait for the defender beeing sold again.

  9. Well, for credits IS6B (or the T34B for USA) should be fine. Not for gold, as you can pick up a regular IS6 for gold on a sale (if you really wanted to). Obj 252 (Defender) is never going to be available for credits, so no point comparing the two tanks. I am still not sure about Foch 155. I have the credits, but 23 Million is a lot!! and what modes is it really good for? Just randoms or is there anything else?

    1. Foch 155 is not good for any mode, it\’s just piece of shit, borderline unplayable. But it doesn\’t matter, you would want it only for a meme factor anyway, it\’s a fun machine to say the least.

  10. guys, everyone get a cruiser ii and go send those bastards all the way back to gulag

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