Top of the Tree (EU): Object 268

Object 268, the Soviet Tier X TD, will be the Top of The Tree in June.

ISU-122S will be available for rental. This tank was chosen because of the crew format, which resembles that of the 268.

0 thoughts on “Top of the Tree (EU): Object 268

  1. this is my assumption, but isnt this tank sucky? i dont even want to bother past my ISU. needs some more armor or something.

      1. SU – 152
        ISU- 152
        Obj 704

        All are epic! Then the 268 is meh. The 704 is a way better tank at tier 9.

        The 268 needs an armor buff.

  2. i need a tier 10 td , i havent bough tier 8 yet . So discounts are much apreciated

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