Black Market Day 2: FCM 36 Pak 40

A pretty slow but OP TD. Next offer coming at 18:00 CEST.

Price: 3.5 million credits

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      1. good for you 🙂 what tier is it? 4? i\’ll save my credits for something better , who knows, maybe is3a 😛

          1. man, 3.5mil for a tier 3 … and the black dog was 5, and is tier 8…. not expensive at all 🙂

            1. I was awake til 6am… I woke up at 11am and whole day and night til 6am and got this.

              1. who cares? it doesn\’t make money , and it is only good to stat pad. and it doesn\’t have turret. i know that at tier 2 you can play against bots, is this a thing at tier 3 too? if so, this is another reason to not care about a shitty tier 3 td

                1. fact it really makes some money…just not as much as a high tier one

                  and…here are a lot of players wich care…especally about BALANCE 😉

  1. I hope there will be anything that i dont have yet…. i‘m at like 150 – 160 prems at this Moment…

  2. The guy that waits is3a can wait until sun burns the earth. They wont sell tanks that can be major issue on matchmaker. They wont sell, lefh,e25,ts5,13 57, ebr fl 10.. And so on you got the point. I am waiting for t34,is6,m6 mutant,super pershing,some german med or prem time with credits.. If they are going to sell something to lot of people they wont try to break the game. But there can be 1 crazy move from WG that i assume they will sell it as last tank or when people never expect it. Lets wait and see…

    1. one can dream 😛 but still, i\’ll save my credits and wait for something better, maybe stg or lowe, and super pershing can be a good choice too 🙂

      1. I believe the black market sells only tanks which cannot be bought regularly in the store.

    2. oh..really? They dont sell tanks that are a major issue for game??
      You mean…NOT FOR FREE maybe…..if not, why are they in game already?? -,-

      after that FCM is already an OP game-breaking one….and was just \”sold\”…

    3. Thing is, if the tank can be an issue for the MM all they have to do is sell few of them.

      For the Pak40 they know that it\’s just a seal clubbing machine so they only sold 10k. I would not be surprised if they sold the EBR but only a few

      1. thats a sick concept and if its true…thats why game have problems

        saying thats ok to sell OP and game-breaking tanks only if they sell just few is just wrong and sick
        selling tanks like this is sick and wrong regardless their number.

        remember…limiting your problem DO NOT solve it !

    4. Nobody will play tier 3 continously after even buying that thing. Even if does, matchmaker will give equal pak40s to each team and nothing will change. And also with the new update lower tiers getting hp buff so a pak40 wont break teh game. The ones that can break the game are being sold with packages so only old guys that can only autoaim are buying. The blackmarket wont sell op tanks one after another. You can see one or two maybe but dont expect it. For example they wont sell chyrsler i am sure about it. But patriot is more likely.

    5. The reason the IS-3A won\’t be sold in the black market has nothing to do with it being an issue in the matchmaker. It\’s because the NA server is selling the IS-3A for cash in the premium shop this week.

  3. Static pillbox, by the time it gets to the action it’s often over. Remarkably useful in Himmelsdorf though, HE one-shots around corners etc..and op viewrange on open maps. Still, way to slow, frustratingly so.

  4. WG yesterday gave away for \’free\’ well if you had 5000000 silver credits 10.000 T8 Black Dog Bulldogs LT\’s

    that\’s 10,000
    not 10 or 100

    amazing, sometimes once in a blue moon WG do something that is extraordinary good for the player base, in this case there was no \’catch\’ and WG got nothing from it

    but awesome press
    Wargame looks good at this time, really good

    1. is not really like that 😛
      WG still get a lot of use from this…how? In popularity.

      making players happy is in fact, a huge benefit for WG
      players keep their game alive, players allow them to gain achievements like GoldenJoystick and players contribute to spraying their game world wide.

      thats how a true F2P game looks like…GJ for WG this time
      but this do not fix all problems…is just a very nice move. Balance problems are still here…

      Remember…they lost a lot of players in 2 years due to this…now they just try to regain some back 🙂
      mistakes were made…this is the result.
      very good for players wich still remained in game

  5. Anything else is possible to be on sale, but not these 2

    Pz. V/IV and A-32, this fact never changes!

  6. Nice to see these Black Market sales are not limited to only T8 premiums. That would\’ve been boring as hell. I just hope I don\’t miss out on a tank that I really want.

      1. I\’m surprised you remember me. Never considered myself a real WoT fan. Haven\’t played since December 2015 in fact. Reinstalled the game a few weeks ago to burn the last few gold on premium time to use in WoWS. Turns out I can\’t buy regular premium anymore, only WoT premium. These WG games are becoming independent from each other. Gold could never be used in WoWS, now regular premium time can only be bought with real money. Bummer.

          1. But at least I get to check on how WoT is doing after 3 years. Sad to say it hasn\’t improved at all.

  7. PzV/IV, EBR, BT-SV would be my picks. And the Type59-gold if it does have the credit multiplier.

    1. type 59gold was on the black market for 25k gold, i hope you was ready to buy it, the stock was out in like 3 min 🙂

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