Black Market Day 2 #2: Type 59 Gold

Note: it has no x2 XP multiplier.

Available for 25000 gold, 999 tanks only, they are already sold out, it only took 3 minutes for both EU and RU!


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  1. wow, it\’s gone so fast πŸ˜€ , let\’s see what will we get tomorrow πŸ™‚

    1. I took out my normal Type 59 and shot it down in first battle… They are goin to be focused lol :DD

  2. and people losing their sh*t in general chat…..WG made X amount of euros in 3 minutes and sh*t….they don\’t realize it was mostly paid with Clan War and New Year glod

  3. Anyone know if it gets the credit and xp modifiers as per the chinese version? Or is it just a normal 59 with a skin?

  4. 25.000 Gold is Β£72
    for that Gold skinned Tyoe 59 rare Premium Chinese

    way to embarrassed to play a Gold skinned anything Tank
    ~ you would defo be targeted by every Enemy every Battle just for the \”I killed a Gold Type 59 whahoo\”
    yeah not for me big bullseye on me

    and that Β£72 lol o lol jeez man

  5. 25k gold for a mediocre eyesore that doesn\’t even have the double XP thing the Chinese server version has.
    Money well spent!

  6. Real question is: \”Does it have the credits multiplier or was it a total scam?\”

  7. and we still worry how is wg suposed to run their servers as a \”F2P\” GAME ! :))

    GTFO dudes wich say this….
    looks, much money worth those 1000 tanks? Just for example??

    and were sold all n 3 mins….and is not the next imbecile OP and P2W tank….
    how is not possible to make money without PayToWin?? :))

    Gj for WG…this time
    resknned tanks are one way

  8. >go into battle in tier VIII pref
    >see tee fiddy nine geld
    >it\’s teamkilled on sight
    literally china server at this point

  9. From the black market forum topic, the moderators confirmed that it does not have its chinese server credit/xp multipliers so it\’s litteraly just the Type59 with a skin.

    Problem is because it\’s so rare and expensive you still get that huge \”ultimate wallet-warrior\” etiquette on you when you drive one so I expect toxicity and teamkills to take care of it like on the chinese server. Unicums it\’s time to play because XVM-focus has been stopped for a few days of 59G focus

  10. no wonder the game is in a bad shape..with all the muppets drooling for a trash tank…

  11. And there all the hype was gone. If they put up this tank for gold, what stops them from putting up other tanks for gold aswell. This is not a special to get unique tanks for credits anymore, it\’s just another money grab is disguise. Disappointed. Again.

    1. They\’re not gonna sell the rarest tank in the EU server for credits, they already gave away quite a lot of \”free\” tier 8 premium tanks just yesterday and we\’re only at day 2. WG is not a charity, and something like a golden Type is obviously going to cost money. You can\’t be mad at them because deal 3 out of 14 containing the single rarest tank in the server was not available for free2plays. Plus they never said it was going to be a \”free stuff\” event, they just mentionned very rare vehicles and discounts, and on the forums the mods kept repeating how people should stack up credits AND gold.

      There are 10 or 11 deals left, it gives them plenty of time to be generous again. So far the event has been nice for everyone, free2plays and wallet-warriors/collectors alike. We got a good tier 8 premium available for a frontline worth of credits 4 days after the end of a frontline, a sealclubbing TD for basically free, and a \”please focus me for the whole battle\” tank for 80 euros.

      1. @DaSpood I think you misunderstood my point. They can put up whatever tank they want at whatever cost they want, in their premium shop. But this whole black market appeared to offer premium tanks for credits. Then they suddenly charge real money. No need to use the black market for that, they could have just put it up in the premium shop for 5-10 minutes or so. And if they put up this tank for gold, what stops them from putting up the E25, Defender, Skorpion etc for gold aswell?

        1. I think the main idea with the black market is just to have it as some kind of lore to explain the appearance of those unusual deals. I personally don\’t see the issue with tanks sold for gold as it was never mentionned that it would all be for credits or even all premium tanks (we could very well have skin packs being sold later on). I honestly would not be surprised to see the E-25 and Defender sold during the event, the E-25 especially qualifies as a \”\”rare\”\” tank now that it\’s not on sale outside of lootboxes. Nothing stops them from charging real money for the rarer or more powerful tanks and selling the more common ones for credits, this way they make money from collectors while still allowing free2plays to get stuff. And that\’s probably what they\’ll do.

          Also the Type59G being sold on the online shop would cause instant server failure and the shop would be offline for a moment, which already kind of happened with all the people trying to buy gold at the same time despite standing no chance to make it in time. Even the in-game store was struggling to work with the sudden influx of people, I had to refresh mine 8 times before it showed me the store.

      1. And? You think you\’re insulting me by calling me special? I\’m glad that I\’m not like everyone else.

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