1.5.1 Common #2 Test Patchnotes

Patchnotes CT2

Main Changes:

1. Crew Books

Added the Crew Books (new entity) to the game. This is an applicable charge.

The Crew Books can be received from Rewards for Merit. Moreover, players will be able to buy books for credit (via the Crew Books interface).

All of the Depot received, where they can be used or sold. The book is not limited. There are four types of these game items:

  • Training Booklet   + 20,000 XP for each crew member (within a single vehicle).
  • Training Guide   + 100,000 XP to each crew member (within a single vehicle).
  • Training Manual   + 250,000 XP for each crew member (within a single vehicle). This game item can be purchased for 2,000,000 credits via the Crew Books interface.
  • Personal Training Manual   +850,000 XP to the selected crew member.

Crew Books are divided by nations. Moreover, it can be used as a rule.
Personal Training Manual has no usage restrictions.

When the update is released, it will be 11 Training Booklets (one per nation).

2. Updated the Bootcamp Opening Video

3. Fixed Issues

  • When the Excluded Map window was not displayed.
  • When it comes to all vehicles beyond the Signal Range.
  • Garage couldn’t be opened.

4. Changes to Technical Characteristics

Considering the results of Common Test 1:



  • Changed the engine power of MB MT 837 Ba 500 engine from 630 to 670 hp

Leopard 1

  • Changed the hull traverse speed from 48 to 50 deg / s
  • Changed the reverse speed from 20 to 23 km / h

Leopard Prototyp A

  • Changed the hunt of the A1 Prototyp A1 suspension from 36 to 39 deg / s
  • Changed the hunt of the Prototyp A2 suspension from 40 to 44 deg / s
  • Decreased the velocity of the DM13 shell for the 10.5 cm L7A1 gun by 7%
  • Changed DM10 shell for the 10.5 cm L7A1 gun from 315 to 323 mm
  • Changed the DM13 for the 10.5 cm shell for the 10.5 cm L7A1 gun from 268 to 278 mm
  • Changed the engine power of MB MT 837 Ba 500 engine from 630 to 670 hp
  • Changed MBM 838 CaM 500 engine from 770 to 800 hp


Type 61

  • Changed the ammo rack for the Type 61 turret from 32 to 50 shells

0 thoughts on “1.5.1 Common #2 Test Patchnotes

  1. So, selling exp for cash, pay to win is just became blatant. They piss in the pool from the top high dive, without blushing.

    Toiled for years and thousands of battles to get an experienced crew? We spit in your face, now noobs with cash can has 12perk crew!

    1. Didn\’t the most guys say the same about the Blueprints that now noobs will get a Tier 10 instantly? Chill and see how many of what you will get and how the test will be.

    2. A: It\’s crew XP. B: The one you can buy won\’t make it cheaper or easier to get a 5 skill crew. But it can help f2p players save up… and not have a useless crew all the time too if you look at it that way. As for players with 50 000 games that have a sea of 5 skilled crew, this won\’t make much of a difference. And people can buy crew XP via free XP as is if they wanted to \”pay 2 win\” sooner with a new crew vs training them. So the difference now is?

    3. I don\’t know too many noobs that have loads of cash.

      If you\’re f2p 2000000 credits is too much but will help people that don\’t have premium tanks to have 2-3 skills on crew. And 2-3 skills usually is enough for many tanks and players.

      Yes, i get your point but if WG don\’t help f2p players and attract them to the game game will die. If you have 1m players 300k will be spending money. But if only 300k stay in game they will leave to. Me, personally, don\’t want to invest in game which is gonna die soon.

      That\’s why we need crew improvement.
      And this is nice one, to help people that wants to play but don\’t have money to spend.

      Also… Black market is the same. No f2p player have shitton of millions of credits, only few of them.

      Again, prem tanks going in garages of premium account owners. 🙂

      But at least they were available for credits. Wg is gifting goods more than ever, and people still complains.
      Now you can see it really comes down to skill, not only money.

  2. The Leo 1 medium line literally needed only gun improvements. Mobility was fine for a medium, armor was non-existant anyway, just guns sucked because of their big aim circles.
    What WG does? They buff guns slightly while also nerfing the mobility, so from mediocre tank line it becomes… mediocre!
    WG, ladies and gentlemen.

  3. somehow i want to believe that this balance will be ok AFTER all other tanks will be rebalanced too…

    but for now, is just useless and another evidence of incompetence…
    Leopards can barely called buffed while idiot tanks like 430u, k91 (with 1700 shell velocity STANDARD), all objectts in fact and even Patton or Centurion are here…

    what mean…for example Centurion AX do everything what Leo 1 can do but it have a good turret too…
    STB is just a worse Patton now…(not like before was better…)

    Leo and STB needs just more buffs.
    Just make Leo 1 fkin ACCURATE and to STB mprove that suspension so it gain gun depression over sides too.
    + of course…nerf those OBJS

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