M 41 90 GF For Credits – Conclusion

20,000 units were sold out in 115 minutes on EU. For comparison, 60,000 copies of the German Bulldog were available on the RU server and sold out in 68 minutes.

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  1. Conclusion is that they should add more stocks if they\’re only gonna rotate the sale every 12 hours. Or maybe restock every 4 hours to give an extra chance to players. Otherwise people who aren\’t here exactly on time simply miss out, and in EU the morning deal happens as early as 5am for the UK.

    1. Its a so called BLACK MARKET … someone Stole there Vehicle stock from there Warehouse and is selling it all off on the hush hush, you know,wink wink, get it?

      that\’s the \’meme\’ of this thing from WG
      jeez dude its not hard to understand really is it

  2. You have time in the morning, not many people will wake up at 6-7-8 AM to get tanks.
    I checked at 8.30 Berlin time and there was 5k+ FCM-s. In 18.00 tanks go lightning fast, in the morning i suppose there will be tanks available until noon or maybe even later.

  3. \”RU server and sold out in 68 minutes\”.

    Well simple reason in the RU or Russia Federation, money is tight most wages are low and young people many are jobless or in very low pay jobs or doing more than 1 job (if lucky
    So .. spending real money on pixel digital tanks don\’t buy food, pay bills or rent

    which is why the EU is of such major importance to the \’profits cash bottom line\’ for WG

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