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  1. Hey, how about a funny story based on actual events! It starts with a great game mode, rewarding and challenging, loved by the peasants and slum-lords alike.

    Then, seeing that it was good and hearing a year long cries to bring this mode back, WG makes \”improvements\” and now the mode re-released, by episodes, like PMS, and so much more like PMS it is now painful and disgusting, and you need to win only 4000 games to get to top secret rewards.

    Wheeled cancer added, with arty capabilities and cannot be tracked, hard to hit and OP in general.

    1. Double jeopardy I see here. You are suggesting that the event is a mandatory grind, which it isn\’t, and you\’re also saying that wheeled french lights (specifically tier 8) are overpowered somehow, which is just silly. I suggest you try and play Lynx effectively in fontlines and I will shake your hand with respect.

      1. It is a mandatory grind if you want to have a chance at the top secret Tier IX tank which WG isn\’t going to reveal until it\’s too late so people can\’t decide in time if it\’s a vehicle worth grinding for or not.

        Playing the wheeled vehicles in frontline is easy: Yolorush the caps on your front with engineering maxed out, cap in 30 seconds then once your frontline is pushed all the way up, just go to the other side of the map and farm the turrets while the defenders can\’t spawn in the back on that side of the front.

      2. I think he is talking about premium French bumper car…..you know the one that does 2×300 HE dmg to you …then zips to the nearest repair spot (if you somehow managed to hit him while he warped past you)…and than it returns to finish you off……and you manage to hit him one again ( guess what???? his wheels absorbed the shell) and while your tank is burning you get to watch him wobble away at 60 kph with a damaged wheel……SOOO MUCH FUN!!!!!

      3. Replying to the 2 before me:
        1. Of course the top reward would be secret, otherwise a lot of players might lose interest and not play. WG is a business after all. I\’d expect them to sell tokens-progress boosters in future episodes. Yolo-rushing cap does not always work, for example on C it\’s not that easy. Also, a half-braindead (instead of full that is the usual) team on defense will delay the caps by a lot by yolo-rushing themselves. Even if it does work, you share the cap with others usually, that means less points, and destroying objectives does not give enough XP for you to reach good ranks. I believe you do not know how to farm this mode (: .
        2. These wheeled tanks are bad for the game and I\’d like to see them gone but they\’re here, the only thing that can save frontline is a hard cap to them like artillery, but that cap should also be applied to other broken tanks… I agree with the rest of the points: the bloom + RNG in this game will troll half your shots at least but come on, 2×300 damage? That happens only to lightly armored tanks.

        1. but it happens…and it happened to me in TS-5…….combine that with the fact I spawned about 600 meters behind the spot on the map that was supposed to be spawn area(probably because that same light tank was loitering around it)….so I\’m on my last vehicle for next 3 minutes , crawling toward enemy and I get jumped by that thing…I even manage to hit him once but its wheels absorbed it….them friendly bc-12 comes to try and kill him….I\’m half dead, enemy frenchy wins 1vs1,runs to repair itself and comes back to finish me off….oh yea he was doing 250-300 dmg a shot to BC too,and with its reload our light had no chance

          1. Of course it happens, but must\’ve been rear armor, I\’ve taken shots from ebr\’s and they were <100 damage on the front. What can I say? Defending spawns have been broken since last year, new tanks are at least better than what's already existing (same principle for premiums) and wheeled cars have ruined frontline but what are we going to do other than let them slowly kill their own game.

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