Patch 1.5 release date

NA – April 29 (MON)

EU – May 02

ASIA – May 02-03 

RU – May 02-03


25 thoughts on “Patch 1.5 release date

    1. Having 44.45 BAT atm, they are like 17 dollars, from ads and you I guess. Once I get the equivalent of 100 dollars, I’ll invest them in Emberfund, since I already make like 100 dollars each month from ads. (used to be a lot more though)


  1. The last time NA was first to update it brought in the 3/5/7 MM and Tier VIII started seeing bottom tier 80% of the time. I hope this update goes better than the last one did.


    1. How are they ignoring the May 1st holidays when they are literally not releasing the patch on any of the servers the day before and on that day?


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