[Supertest] Medium Tanks Rebalance: In the Pursuit of Excellence

From EU Portal

Throughout 2019, we will be revising the characteristics of various vehicles in World of Tanks, trying to find an optimal balance. It’s an ongoing process, and we carefully consider your feedback to better understand in which direction we should proceed. Our ultimate goal is to make all vehicles competitive on the battlefield, while maintaining the unique features of each tank.

At WG Fest last December, we announced an upcoming rebalance of five iconic vehicles. One of them, the Kranvagn, will receive its portion of consistent improvements soon with Update 1.5. Now it’s time to pay attention to some medium tanks and adjust their key battle parameters. Let’s take a closer look!

The STB-1 and Its Branch

The STB-1 is a versatile, fast-accelerating vehicle with a well-sloped turret and good gun depression angles. This vehicle is ideal for mid-to-close combat, and it’s designed to constantly deal damage. The STB-1 commonly plays the role of an active aggressor on the front line, or of an effective support vehicle – the latter is how this vehicle was initially conceived. Its DPM is very impressive and is one of the best in World of Tanks, while its gun stabilization leaves much to be desired. So it’s time to make it more competitive and add some new touches to its profile!

post1.pngFinally, we are looking to equip the STB-1 with a commonly requested game feature: hydropneumatic suspension — just like the one available with the top-tier Swedish medium tanks. We will thoroughly test this feature, and if we are satisfied with the test results, we will definitely equip this vehicle with it.

In addition, we’re going to rebalance the performance of some other vehicles in the Japanese Tech Tree, especially those sitting at Tier VIII, the STA-1 and the STA-2. The DPM of the STA-1 will increase, making it more competitive.

We also carefully analyzed your feedback regarding the STA-2 and its gameplay and realized this mobile tank could be even more effective, so we will also slightly improve some of its key characteristics. We will unveil the detailed changes of this Premium machine a bit later, after finalizing the settings of other vehicles.

The Leopard 1

We consider the Leopard 1 as a long-distance sniper — fast and maneuverable. First of all, we will increase its alpha damage from 390 to 420, as well as armor penetration. We will also change the type of standard shells for this tank. By default, it will fire armor-piercing shells, and their velocity will become one of the highest in the game.

The Leopard 1 will be enhanced as a sniper and will be able to hit enemies more effectively at long range, thanks to increased accuracy and decreased aiming time. Also, its forward speed will increase by 5 km/h to 70 km/h, making the Leopard 1 the fastest Tier X medium tank in the game!

Due to such a serious improvement in its characteristics, we will have to reduce some other parameters which have less impact on its battle role. In particular, we’re reducing:

  • Reverse speed by 3 km/h, to 20 km/h
  • HP pool by 100 points, to 1850 points
  • Power-to-weight ratio

However, after the rebalance, the Leopard 1 will still retain excellent mobility.

We also want to properly reconfigure the entire branch and check the effects of our changes on the researchable vehicles. Only then will we proceed to rebalance Premium Tier VIII tanks. So, the characteristics of the Pz. 58 Mutz will certainly be changed, but only after rebalancing the entire branch.

The AMX 30 B

The main change we’ve prepared for this tank is increased armor penetration with standard and special shells. At the same time, the alpha damage of the AMX 30 B will remain average.


When rebalancing the characteristics of this vehicle, we constantly kept in mind that it had no distinct playing role. The AMX 30 B is a universal second line support vehicle, which can perform equally well in a variety of game situations. However, it lacks accuracy and armor penetration when playing at long distances, so we decided to improve these characteristics. It’s the most universal choice as it performs better than the Leopard 1 at close quarters and better than the STB-1 at long range.

The Object 430 and the Object 430U  

These formidable vehicles have demonstrated good effectiveness since their introduction in World of Tanks, so we didn’t rush to change their characteristics. They were also not very common in Random Battles, and their number didn’t affect the game balance.

However, the number of these two tanks has increased in the last six months, as well as your feedback regarding their combat performance. Therefore, we decided to reduce some of their excessively high combat parameters.


Тhere’s Still A Lot of Work Ahead!

This is only the second iteration of a large-scale rebalancing which we are carrying out this year. In the future, we’ll focus on some popular heavy tanks, so share your feedback on the forum which vehicles should be rebalanced first. Stay tuned!

0 thoughts on “[Supertest] Medium Tanks Rebalance: In the Pursuit of Excellence

  1. if someone can post this on their forums please tell to these idiots this :

    STB needs some BUFFS NOT NERFS
    they need to show the new gun depresion with new suspension
    STA tanks im afraid to think about it…currently are BALANCED. After their rebalance dont know why, i really see how STA2 will be just BETTER AND P2W compared to STA1

    LEO – generally good step but just not enough !
    top speed increase means nothing if you nerf PW so it can not reach its top….WG moronic logic
    theres no reason to change ammo types !!

    AMX – nothing unusual…just reverting their old nerfs..
    thats a good change

    ruski junks now..
    and thats most important part wich i want to see on their forums…
    Are they aware about WHAT PLAYERS ARE COMPLAINING ??
    A rebalance for those past mistakes means to NERF ARMOR AND AD PROPER WEAKPOINTS ! CUPOLAS ESPECIALLY !
    After that they can change gun depression on 430U to -3 and voila….you made 121 relevant again with a CLEAR AND GOOD feature OVER 430 !

    Thx if someone is posting this…since im banned again -,-

    1. they buffed all accuracy stats of the leo though? are you blind? with the dpm nerf and the acurracy fuck the 430U got, i think its fine now. you shouldnt complain about the stb changes yet, right now it has 10 base depression, and if it has these tracks, it could get up to 16 depression. or they will nerf the base depression to 8 and make it +5 instead of 6 making it a whopping 13 depression!

      1. i wonder if i still should bother to explain you about accuracy but since only 1 stat shows this and its one of the most useless due to RNG lets try…

        dispersion at 100m – thats the accuracy of a tank
        and they buffed it wth…0.01?? You can even call it a buff?
        This means NOTHING in current system. You will hit 95% of your shots with a 0,40 accuracy gun compared with that 0,29 wich is SUPOSED to be excellent.
        Reality is just dfferent, A big improvement would by something like 0,1 final accuracy.

        others are just aiming parameters and aiming time is the worst one because it depends highly on those wich are HIDDEN : dispersons on move
        now should i remember you that LEO have THE WORST dispersions on the move?? STILL AFTER BUFFS ARE WORST>??>

        That means , with other words…a tank like Obj 140 still AIMS FASTER than LEO and Obj is NOT a sniper !
        Not to mention their own ruski sniper…K91

        430U fine now?? WITHOUT WEAKPOINTS STILL ?>
        no its not ! Its just a moronic design created to spam gold at it because you cant pen without PREMIUM AMMO.

        1. you have some fair points, but you should wait till you get your hands on the tank

          1. \”… but you should wait till you get your hands on the tank\”.
            When things come to this point in WoT it is too late… They will look at the \”issue\” soon (TM) what usually means after year or two…

          2. The problem is that people said the exact same thing with Bobject 268v4, Bobject 430U, IS-3A etc. When we get our hands on the tanks, it\’s already too late. WG will consider it done and we will have to wait another 2-3-4 years before any additional buffs are done.

          3. waiting to see on live server how those changes really are means simply TOO LATE
            Because at this point, when changes are already on live servers the balance process is already considered DONE by WG
            so good luck changing something AFTER this

            no komrad. Thats the moment when we must speak and change everything in a PROPER WAY.

          4. not to mention thats the reasom why we have imbecile tanks currently in game wich needs rebalance…

            because waiting to see how it really is means simply too late !

            and after that just a question for this..

            wht the fuck exist 3 TEST SERVERS???


        2. Lel. 430u is one of the tanks that gives almost 0 fucks if you shoot gold or not at. If its hull down, gold or not go fuck yourself,cause 400 armor blyat. If you catch its lower plate or sides /care cause every thing is 150 armor or less no mater the angling. 430u nerfs seem extreme to me, but the tank had a long run on top of the food chain, so even if it turns out it gets bad as Leo and t62 it will be fine. I mean if they did the nerfs a month or two after its release, they could afford to try something less extreme, but now its too late, the righteous rage of the player base is burning red. (I can\’t feel sorry for whomever grinded it, cause it\’s the FoM at all. WG have solid track record that tanks that are OP as shit can get overnerfed(let\’s hope bobject gets some of this treatment, cause the first \’nerfs\’ were just not enough))
          140 and Patton are probably the next best meds after 430u, but with this buffs Leo and 30b seem to be getting there. Buffs look extreme, but at the current maps and meta these tanks needed solid buff. I think and hope we will not see the WG trademark ballance where the FoM tank is nerfed to unplayable and the worst dogs take its place of obsolating everything.
          In the meantime this 232 pen on the STB looks depressing, Mb I am very wrong but it looks like a tank that will be spamming gold all day. I really hope that they give it at least 248 APCR as the TVP. 232 will be strugling to go through the lower plate of a lot of heavies(is-7, angled Maus, E100. FML even lowe can turn at 20 degrees and bounce 1/3 of the shots) I mean if they kept the 390 alpha and buffed the DPM more, 232 pen could have worked, but lower than average alpha, no hull armor, mediocer turret armor(Mb with the changed suspension carefull positioning may turn the turret into autobounce, but this would probably be rare) and 360 alpha seems like recipy for bad tank. It looks like a a lot worse version of the curent AMX 30b.

          Also 140 has/had best gun handling cause it\’s a tank with no depression and 320 alpha, but people blinded by the Rasha bias mantra tend to never remember this part.

          1. Of course they would not nerf new tanks right after release or in the following months. People need to spend resources to grind the new OP machine of the month.

          2. Keep in mind that the listed value for the penetration is at 500m. This simply means that the penetration drop-off is harsher than before, like for the Light tanks. This plays into their idea of making the STB a close-range fighter. Whether it pans out is another story, but the penetration in most cases is not that much worse.

            1. OMG you are right and I am blind idiot. If they are keeping the 100m pen(258) it may actually be totally fine. Thanks for pointing out that important detail.

  2. STB nerf: What are you doing WG?
    Leopard I buff: Could be better.
    AMX-30: So they are reverting the nerfs. Okay I guess.
    430 branch: It\’s something but they should really look into the armor too.
    Where are the buffs to the Chinese mediums?

    1. stb nerf? right now the stb has -10 depression. and the new suspension boosts that by -5 or -6. are you not thinking straight?

      1. You know that the tank would have had about 5 degrees of depression with the turret only but as a compensation for the lack of hydraulic suspension back when it was implemented it was given 10 degrees, have you drank away your brain? There will be no boost with the added suspension, so don\’t be delusional.

        1. you seriously think the tank wont have over 10 degrees depression? you know as well as i do that they dont keep it historically accurate.

      2. Doesn\’t mean much when they\’re nerfing/ignoring the gun characteristics. People have complained for years about its horrible gun handling that makes heavies seem accurate by comparison.

        They could have simply just straight up given it siege mode and while in siege mode it gets better gun handling but the obvious mobility penalties of siege mode and its long disengage timer to go back to running mode.

        If they did that then the STB1 becomes unique and a VERY flexible ridgeline tank as it should be.

  3. They murdered the leo. well done WG AP, ( because as a sniper lng rage AP/APCR going to be awesome < insert sarcasm) and apcr.. it held its own, barely, with apcr/heat. it's not a wonder numbers of experienced players are dropping like flies. 3 of my old clans simply dissolved as they stopped playing. I barely go near this game now, the Leo for me was one of my faves. now it's useless in every facet. I don't know how white people can get this fucking stupid.

      1. @WorldEater: It seems you\’re the one with \”cognitive\” problems…

        Shell velocity: -98 m/s
        Traverse speed: -6 degrees
        Rate of fire: -0.6 rounds/min
        Hitpoints: -100
        Reverse speed: -3 km/h
        Power-to-weight ratio: Currently unknown, but they said it will be nerfed aswell

        All these nerfs just to get 5 km/h more speed, 10 mm more in penetration, 20 HP more in DPM, 30 HP more in alpha and a whopping 0.1 (!) better accuracy.

        Call it whatever you want, but that\’s not a buff. At best, this boils down to a +/- 0 change. To be honest, I think I\’d prefer the old Leopard 1 over this one…

        1. Point is, they told us they where going to BUFF the Leopard 1, not TWEAK it. Then again keeping promises is not WG\’s strong side, is it?

        2. \”all these nerfs just to give it the same pen and accuracy as the Grille 15 which is a tier X tank destroyer and better speed than some light tanks\”.

          These nerfs: making you not as manœuvrable as a light tank because calm the fuck down, making you go backwards 3km/h slower which is clearly awful because 20km/h is so slow for backward speed, a nerf in RoF compensated by a buff in DPM which is a win since you\’re a sniper and not a brawler so you don\’t need the RoF advantage, and hp that you\’re not supposed to be losing because you\’re not in first line.

          The only real nerf is the shell velocity, but since the shell is now AP it\’s actually a very impressive speed for that round and it means you will lose less pen over distance, while keeping very fast rounds, so again more of a buff than a nerf for that playstyle unless you\’re trying to snipe an EBR 105 going full speed 450m away.

          The Leopard is getting massive buffs for its playstyle. Those nerfs are unsignificant for the role the tank is given. It would matter on a tank that is supposed to have a more mixed role in battle, but that\’s not the case of the Leopard. It\’s a sniper, it got buffs to every stat that matter as a sniper, it got slight nerfs to stats that should not matter as a sniper. Period.

          1. What are those \”massive buffs\” you\’re talking about? 5 km/h higher speed? 10 mm more penetration? 20 more DPM? 30 higher alpha?
            They could easily have given it these small buffs without the nerfs and it wouldn\’t have been OP anyway. And they could also make the AP round go as fast as the previous APCR round. It still wouldn\’t be OP.

        3. I swear, this community sometimes. WG slightly nerfed stats that the Leo doesn\’t need, boo hoo. It was very significantly buffed in other ways. 10 mm more pen is massive, since it\’s AP. 278 mm of standard AP pen. Good nerf, da, comrade, it now has pen like almost like a tier 10 TD, no big deal. 30 more alpha is very nice as well as more top speed, for a sniper medium it\’s huge. Nah, not a buff, literally useless. What in the holy name of ass are you fucking people talking about? I really hope WG won\’t listen to a feedback from people with severe retardation like your lot here.

          1. Nice to see that you can have a discussion without insulting people. But since that\’s the path you decided to take, listen carefully stupid idiot. 30 alpha is almost nothing, and it still got compensated by a rate of fire nerf. Top speed got raised by 5 km/h but they will reduce the power to weight ratio. Do you have the ability to grasp what that means? Lower traverse speed will also mean that it will take longer time to switch positions. Lower shell speed means that it will have a harder time to hit targets when SNIPING. And less hitpoints mean that it will be able to take less shots on the maps where it can\’t snipe, which is the majority of maps.
            What your limited brain capacity doesn\’t seem to understand is that people are not complaining about the buffs, they\’re complaining about the corresponding nerfs. They don\’t need to compensate the buffs with nerfs, the Leopard 1 won\’t be OP anyhow. I understand you\’re a bit retarded but that can\’t be too understand to grasp is it?
            And I hope that they don\’t listen to demented clowns like you, or this game will end up in the bin sooner than we even expected.
            I could have answered you back in a nicer way, but since you wanted to be an asshole, that\’s the type of reply you got back. Be happy.

                  1. Blames others of running their mouths like a 12 year old while calling people retards just because they have another opinion. As I said, you wrote your own post, now stop crying that I answered you back in the same way you answered to me. Seriusly, what\’s up with these people thinking that they can insult everyone and not be insulted back. Next time think how you answer to people, and they might be nicer back to you.

                    1. I believe that I can call other people retards if they\’re posting complete nonsense. Why is it nonsense, you ask? I can provide a few arguments, if you care enough. I feel that you don\’t care though.

                    2. Just because you don\’t agree with it, doesn\’t make it nonsense. If you think that you can call people retards, just because you disagree with them, what stops them from calling you a retard, just because they don\’t agree with you?
                      And no, I\’m not interested in your arguments, because I\’ve already made up my opinion based on the actual changes. Then if you agree or not, that\’s just your opinion.

                    3. First of all… An opinion can never be wrong, because an opinion is what you *think*. A fact can be wrong, but in order to prove a fact wrong, you need to prove it with other facts, not your opinion. Where\’re your facts? Secondly, the only facts we have so far are the suggested changes by WG. The discussion we\’re having here right now is about how we like these changes, that\’s a subjective discussion and not a factual discussion, thus you can\’t state that someone is wrong just because you don\’t agree with them.
                      Have a good day aswell, WorldEater 🙂

                  2. And I can remind you that you didn\’t \”just\” call me a retard, you wrote that the other person had cognitive problems aswell. As I said, if you want to be an asshole, you will be treated as an asshole.

            1. Funny because you @fighting_falcon93 insulted @WorldEater first. Good job, you played yourself very well. Maybe go back to coloring books?

              1. Here\’s the quote if you can\’t find it through your ego.

                23 APRIL 2019 AT 9:58 PM
                @WorldEater: It seems you’re the one with “cognitive” problems…

                1. If you scroll your own ego one step above the post you quoted, you will see who used the cognitive insult first. Seriusly what\’s wrong with you? You know, maybe, just maybe, it\’s a good idea to look at what post a person replied to before putting the blame on him.

        4. the RpM nerf is to compensate for the dmg increase to 420, the dpm will stay roughly the same, and you forgot the godly 1.7 sec aimtime

          i for one like the leo changes, its gonna be a support vehicle that it was always supposed to be

          1. Yes, but they don\’t need to compensate the buffs with nerfs. That\’s the main point I\’m trying to make here. They could easily have kept the reload as it were before and increase the alpha to 420, it still wouldn\’t be OP. Same goes for the aimtime, speed, penetratration etc. All these changes are quite small, so they won\’t have a huge impact of the resulting performance.

            1. their plan with these changes isnt to buff or nerf tanks tanks (in the case of the STB and the Leo), its to rework and rebalance them, once they do that, they will look at statistics and then decide if the \”new\” tanks need buffs or nerfs

            2. keep the reload and just buff the alpha? nobody wants the leo to be overbuffed. if they do this people will complain that all mediums have 3000 dpm or that the amx30 or k91 are useless now

        5. The lost HP made me cry, this fucking thing has no armor and now it loses 100HP!? Wtf is wrong with WG, this thing is a medium not a TD. Just give it the laser-gun it deserves with a bit spaced armor on the turret so every Heat-Spammer can go fuck himself

          1. Yeah. They could just have buffed it without any nerfs. Not like it would have become OP without the nerfs 😀

    1. how the flying fuck do you see this as a nerf to the leo? lmfao. shells fly the same speed(unnoticeable)
      gold flies second fastest in the game, (not to mention these shells deal 420.)
      movement and turret traverse accuracy got a huge buff, (which is surprising considering they buffed the speed!)
      The standard shell is now AP, with HIGHER pen!
      (AP= 120mm plate at 69 degrees is 280mm thick.)
      (APCR=120mm plate at 69 degrees is 315mm thick.)
      (HEAT=120mm plate at 69 degrees is 345mm thick.)
      these shell types matter! ap is best! especially when it is high a velocity at APCR!

            1. Not using \”Bob S\” as nickname anymore? Difficult to make up your mind? Or maybe you\’re senile and forgot what name you used when you posted 2-3 minutes ago?

              1. You could always keep slandering other WG players with the fake accounts you\’ve been using since you arrived on AP.

                1. Says the person who has used 3 different accounts in this comment section alone just to continue harassing some random guy that he dislikes. Go ahead LRS, continue your trolling, I don\’t care. People with a brain already understands that you just try to give me a bad reputation, I don\’t even need to defend myself anymore 😀

  4. Leo cannot afford to lose HP… without armor it\’s the only thing it has when stealth fails. Poor Leo is dead fast with these new changes. It\’s the wrong kind of Boom & Zoom on this one…
    Apart from that the changes doesn\’t look horrible on paper?

  5. Guys guys ! Remember this is WG, this is BIG STEP FORWARD ! I didnt even expect a slight nerf on the OP ruskies, this in totally unbelievable from a WG perspective !

  6. Typical WG to compensate the abysmal buffs on the Leopard 1 and STB-1 with a new set of nerfs. They should just buff them, not nerf them, and I can\’t say I like the ammo type changes either. Premium ammo promotion v2.0?

  7. WG does not balance.

    Players: REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE my tank does not work is a garbage, P2W haxk

    WG balances.

    Players: REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE ruined my tank, It\’s too much Op, I\’ll leave this game.

    Can you decide guys? although I think most are the typical tomatoes that complain about everything.

  8. You really need to chill out…
    First iteration of the ST does not mean that much.
    And its defenitelly a step in the right direction.
    The STB is overall buffed especially if you count on that new suspension.
    Leo rebalance is a bit strange i give you that but the nerfs to the russians are nothing to joke about.

    1. \”First iteration of the ST does not mean that much.\”

      Just like when they said that the IS-3A was only a testbed and won\’t be implemented, right?
      Just like when people were complaining that the Bobject will be broken but you were saying it\’s just the first iteration and it will be worked on, right?

      \”The STB is overall buffed especially if you count on that new suspension.\”

      Why do you think it will be a buff? You will have 5 degrees of depression until you slow down to a crawl to get the old 10 degrees. Great buff man.

        1. Because they are implementing hydropneumatic suspension, just like on the Swedish mediums. Did you read the article?

          1. yes i did, and they arent implementing it yet, they are thinking about it, and even if they implement the suspension, why would it suddenly reduce the gun depression from -10 to -5, just because the sweeds have base depression of -5, doesnt mean that the STB will do aswell, maybe it will go from -10 to -15 instead of from -5 to -15 like the swedes

        2. Because they fear that it will be rebalanced because of the suspension but it is not mentioned in the article…

      1. Yeah and the wheelies lost their boost feature in that time…
        All i was saying with that is that you cant count on it not in in a positive way or in a negative one.

        Well if they do that you are right but there is no nerf of the standard gundepression mentioned.

        1. If you mean the 13/04/1943-guy then no, that\’s not me 🙂
          If you mean this falcon, then yes, that\’s the real falcon 😉

  9. The old STB-1 fire rate was every 6.35 seconds, now it is 5.8 seconds exactly. cool change.
    I wonder if it will keep the -10 gun depression when it gets the new tracks?
    Will the depression go up to 14 or 17?

    the leopard buff is great, they finally realized the troubles a mediocre medium gun has when it has 0 armor, it greatly hinders effectiveness and encourages bad playing.
    (leo 1 pen= 278/grille 15 pen= 279.) why. give the grille high velocity 305 pen apcr. or change the gun.

    love the amx 30 buff, we will start seeing more now. diversity keeps the game alive 😉

  10. What bothers me is that the base pen (232) of the STB-1 is specified at 500 meters. Is that 268 mm at the usual 100 meters? I kinda like the way they are trying to make some unique tanks with their own playstyle. It maybe is not interesting for clanwars or stuff like that, but for randoms some variety is great. Not every tanks has to be the best tank in it\’s class, that\’s not possible off course.

    At first I thought 360 alpha was a bad thing, but combined with the dpm of the STB1, it sets it apart from the other NATO meds and it gives it some opportunities. People never complain about the 320 alpha of the Object 140, so 360 can\’t be bad, right?

    But the STB-1 needs at least 0.35 dispersion and 0,10 on the turret traverse with 0,16 on movement and turning. It doesn\’t have armor, so WG shouldn\’t force it in a brawling role. And with less alpha, it can\’t afford to miss its shots.

    The Leo only needed better softstats on terrain resistance and dispersion values. Base accuracy does not mean a lot in this game. The Leo needs snapshot capability and the ability to hit targets on the move. It should be nothing more than the best medium gun on a pair of tracks, nothing more. They should not touch it\’s power/weight ratio and turningspeeds.

    I dig the proposed changes to the AMX30B. It makes it an actual upgrade to the AMX30 proto, which I really like.

    The nerfs to the OPject 430\’s are more than welcome. However, I think that some armor nerfs are better. It needs weak cupola\’s and a hull that can be penned by tier X standard ammo head on, so you have to angle or hull down to make it work. It looks way to idiotproof right now. Nerfing the gun will not make it less forgiving. There is no need for noobfriendly tanks on tier X.

  11. WG logic at it\’s finest… In top tier we have 5 (western) tanks that use basically SAME gun: Royal ordinance 105 L7 (Centurion, Leo, Patton, STB, STRV-103) whose (historical) primary ammo was APDS (APCR) + HEAT/HESH and in game there are not even 2 tanks (of those mentioned above) with similar/ same (!) gun characteristics !!! Now they will f**k even more STB \”bad\” gun…
    FFS 105 L7 was used on early Abrams prototypes.
    Their answer to this is \”balancing\” factor… BALANCE armor/mobility but leave this ICONIC gun alone (of course if you want to have remotely historically accurate game…)

  12. For the STB-1 if they just have to give it armor so you can play it hull down and not be f**** by everything in front of him. This way it can even keep his horrible gun dispersion because you\’ll be able to play it close to the ennemi.

  13. Took \’em 4 and a half months after announcement to come up with this… what a joke. Accuracy means nothing in this game unless you are static. Bloom is what matters…especially on a tank like Leo. I\’m not really sure that they know what they\’re doing…what I am sure is that they definitely do not play their own game, at high tiers at least, or if they do, they\’re completely terrible at it. These changes seem random / waste of time, but I will reserve judgment untill I actually play these machines on the CT.

  14. STB-1: flat out nerf. The gun depression will not make him pen anything, yeah bouncing everything on a ridgeline but can\’t pen anything in it\’s sight with normal ammo.

    Leopard 1: Nothing really changed. Why a buff to the Alpha damage? It has a god damn 105mm, a relatively small caliber, why just buff the RoF? And even the \”improvment“ of the gunhandling doesn’t matter, the softstats will be the same garbage as before. The lost 100hp is hopefully a typo…

    AMX 30B: At least this thing looks better overall.

    Obj 430(U): The nerfs are well deserved but they keep their braindead armor, so they\’re not complete trash.


    What is with the 121, T62A and the Cent AX???

      1. As you can see on the picture, some stats get nerfed, so it CAN\’T be a straight up buff. You\’re not retarded or something like that, yes they buffed some stats, but in my opinion it\’s not enough and some of these buffs are for the wrong stats and the minus 100HP is just a bad joke. They can make it a Sniper, I\’m totally fine with that, but this buff to the Alpha damage isn’t necessary (at least IMO), I would rather have a buff to the RoF, so I can track Enemies for my Team and do the support role. With these stats shown on the Pic it’s just another Paper-TD and this isn\’t very exciting in my eyes. I appreciate that WG does something, but it’s not enough or they do something on the wrong spots. But they can do something in later patches…maybe…but yea, you\’re right at least it’s a step in the right direction.

        1. You\’re right about TD aspect. But it\’s a very fast turreted TD, so that\’s exciting. Kind of like a tier 10 Charioteer and it\’s fairly unique. Also about alpha damage and rate of fire. 90% of the time as a sniper you would want more alpha since you\’re mostly going to take opportunity shots at appearing targets. And if you spot an enemy out of cover you still has a good DPM to shoot the fucker down. Dispersion and aiming time buffs are welcomed as well. You could argue that Leo could use more gun handling buffs, but since it\’s a passive sniper then it\’s not that important, TDs don\’t ususally have good gun handling at all plus Leo can mount stabilizer, unlike TDs. HP nerf is unnecessary, I agree, but again, think of it like a TD. And changing standard ammo to AP with pen buff is HUGE. So yeah, I dunno.

      2. Because it is not. It fixes none of the issues the tank has. The main issue of the Leopard 1 always has been the long exposure time, resulting from the abysmal dispersion values.

        Now how do these changes help with that? Your 7% higher dps will only come to bear in longer fights. Your about 15% lower effective aim time is completely negated by the change from heat to apcr, as you lose pen over distance now. So the effective dpm will decrease further leading to more exposure. You also won\’t be able to pen most heavies on range anymore. Big gain…

        The final straw is the loss of the 100 hp, as you are now pretty much guaranteed to lose fire fights with other meds, as before you had a chance to survive 5 shots from a 390 alpha or 6 shots from a 320 alpha med.

        So how do these changes improve the Leopard 1 in a relevant way?

        The only changes the tank needed was a massive buff to the gun handling and it would have been fine. Buff as in 0.06 dispersion all around.

          1. The same way the Grille 15 now pens most tier 10 heavy tanks with ap?

            I also was talking about the difference between 330 pen heat vs 315 pen apcr. When the latter drops to 295 pen.

            Gonna be awesome sitting at 500 m not penning shots if you manage to actually hit barn size targets while everyone else can stop for half a second and still pen you.

            1. my grille penetrates type 5 cupola from the redline 500m easy. no pen complaints. or accuracy complaints.

      3. its a buff, and don\’t you forget it. more accuracy on all charts yet it got a bigger gun

    1. thats stupid a bit…Leo 1 changes are a very good step especially on making it DIFFERENT and SPECIAL…but are just not enough
      still needs more accuracy and gun stabiliation

      430 simply needs ARMOR NERFS

      1. i mean 430u especially…but both require this : ARMOR NERFS !
        also 430u can get easily -3 gun depression and in that way 121 dont need so many changes to be usefull again !

        1. What did you expect, it\’s WG after all.

          T-22 med has broken armor! Blyat, let\’s nerf everything else on it.
          FV4005 has problems with HESH shell! Blyat, nerf everything else but the shell on it.
          Obj. 430U has too strong armor! Blyat, nerf everything but the armor.

          1. i know their idiotism level, greed and lying capacity
            thats why i dont believe anyting from them and i dont pay anything anymore

            but, since theres a little chance to try…i still hope 😛

            also…you forgot Type\’s armor stll untouched :))

  15. can\’t decide if they buffed or nerfed the STB-1, as for the Soviet MTs they are finally rebalancing them although I also can\’t decide if it will be enough, they are pratically, and historically, heavy tanks disguised as mediums
    just like how their LTs are in truths MTs that can challenge MTs from other nations, still don\’t know why they did not go with the BMP/Object 906 concept instead
    back to the MTs, I know the British were reworked not too long ago but they should still mention them (they wrote that next would be the HTs, not Part II of the MT rebalance), as for the US TT is more of the same for the last 4/5 years, they simply do not care about it

  16. Why they are nerfing STB-1 top speed? Why do we keep getting this retards mediuns tanks below 50 km / h in TX?

    What is the point to have good gun depression if take an age to reach one spot on the map?

  17. Well if they buff these tanks they need to buff others as well which will ruin the balance. We alreaddy have a situation where too many tanks have too good guns and armor. It is better to just nerf other tanks that are good, or not relese tanks that are too strong. You cant just buff all tanks because the whole game changes.

    WOT needs a step back like it was in the old days, all tanks had weakspots and drawbacks. Nothing is good in WOT anymore.

      1. One dey islam will tek over WOT and dat weel bi a nic dey.

    1. they are probably starting with the mediums because there has been powercreeping for every other class of vehicle, I cannot remember a major rebalance done to mediums in the last 2 years, except the addition of the Italian TT and the new Soviet \”mediums\”, but we have seen many changes towards HTs and TDs as well as the addition of top tier LTs and even armored cars
      the MTs have been kept \”collecting dust\” and were powercreeped from all directions, that is probably why MTs will be done first

      1. Buffing MTs is what makes powercreep even worse because it destroys the natural balance. As I said, all tanks need to be re-balanced and all values needs to be nerfed. Now we have fuckig T44 with similar turret thickness as the e75 or some shit like that, and the fagetto 46, omfg that \”medium\” is destroying balance on tier 8.

        All this needs to stop, on tier 8, all tanks should be balanced to perform less than the pre-buffed is3 or similar at most and all MTs should be in the likes of indien panzer and panther II and old t44, you know when game actually was balanced? I play old tanks like tiger II, kv4, panther II (with short 8.8) and indien panzer and I manage well. Tanks don\’t need to have more alpha, pen, mobility, armor, gun handling etc., it destroys the overall balance of the game as proven and all it does is contributing to gold spam and improved equipment and all those other pay2win bullshit stuff.

        Tanks were better balanced before because they all had weakspots and and their positive benefits were offset with drawbacks. Now WG tries to make all tanks jack off all trades, and add on top of that goldammo.

        You might think the new MM is better for tier 8, well it is not because you meet more tier 10 and 9, and not only that in tier 8 full games you have gold spamming defenders, somuas, scorpions, progettos and other unbalanced shit tanks destroying the \”fun\” for people that are old school unicums using no gold playing with T32, panther II, tiger II, kv4 and similar tanks.

        Game balance is wrong when people are pushed towards only certan tanks. Back in the days people cursed tanks like is6 and is3 and t34 because they has high alpha. Now days these tanks are nothing, this is how far the on going powercreep has gone.

        You can\’t even fight some tier 8 MTs on tier 8 with a tier 8 HT now days because they will just spam gold staying hull down or staying out of view range. So rather than buffing some MTs, they should nerf some other tanks to stats similar 4 years ago.

  18. This has got to be the most nonsensical rebalance ever. Some stats getting \”rebalance\” in contradiction to the premises, like nerfing accuracy and effective DPM right after talking about the DPM and awful gun control

    1. The only thing that makes no sense is to rebalance only these tanks. WG should rebalance all tanks at once and reduce all armor and gun values across the tires so tanks are similar to how they were 5 ears ago, where the highest alpha a HT on tier 8 had was 400 and a MT 250.

      Now tell me how \”fun\” it is to play a vk45a getting shot by a same tier MT for 320 or 390 or even 420 alpha? Add on top of that well over 250mm prem penetration. Something is wrong with the balance even an ape can see that. And the solution is NOT to e.g. buff the vk45a no, the solution is to nerf/remove tanks that dont fit in to the classical WOT meta. Right now the alpha doesnt scale well with the HP and DPM, as seen with the obj 430 and 440U or what ever they are called, they have far too high HP, alpha and DPM.

        1. It was back in the days but now e.g. tier 8 tanks, some of them if not all new tanks have higher DPM than they use to, combined with good alpha.

          The ISM for example, it has very good dpm being a tier 8 HT with good armor, I play it myself but it doesnt need that DPM, it needs beter gun handling so you can aim weakspots and slowly wear down the enemy. Another example is the caernarvon, it doesnt need fucking 2600 dpm or what ever, it worked fine before, low alpha and laser gun and good gun handling. Again they should make it like it was back in the day, a support HT that could surprise people.

          I play tanks like ism and caernarvon but i dont agree with how they are balanced in WOT. DPM is important but for me who dont use gold ammo, gun handling and accuracy is far more important as well as AP penetration, something the the ism lack and something that WG nerfed on the caern when they gave it more alpha and better dpm.

          The vk45a and T32 is a joke, 200 and 198mm pen these days is nothing, people that perform well in these tanks spam apcr, a tank is not well balanced when it hardly can pen itself. These tanks should get a pen increase so they can become real HTs and then some other parameters needs to get nerfed but WG don\’t care.

  19. STB \”Buff\” is arguably the worst thing they\’ve ever claimed as such. It was already tough enough to make use of it before, now the tank will become completely unplayable. Lower pen, worse mobility (and it\’s already among the slower light-armoured TX MTs), worse dep, and the already terrible gun handling gets no effective improvement. I thought the gimmick was to overbuff lines so people would actually play (and spend money to free XP) them? This doesn\’t even make sense under the existing WG buff/nerf bait system.

    What on God\’s green earth is the matter with these vodka-swilling morons?

  20. Just want to let people in the comments know, that WG cancelled all nerfs to 430 and 430U. Yes, I’m serious.

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