Emil 1951 Model Renders

One of the four awards in this year’s Frontline.
Author: Anton Grozin
PS: I finally passed a major exam, that guaranteed my entry in the next university year, should be able to post for now.

0 thoughts on “Emil 1951 Model Renders

  1. congratulations! that is amazing!
    also that emil 51 gun is super low. now you have to poke your hull out further when using rubble.

  2. P2W and Gamebalance aside…the models in WoT always look fantastic, especially this one is again a masterpiece
    congratulations Seb and good luck for the future at the university

  3. Congratulations on the exam! The world really needs good people in Agriculture.
    I like the look of this tank but i will not even come close to the points necessary.

  4. Agriculture is big, there are a lot of countries (hello Africa) that don’t have their farming shit together and need consultancy. Sustainable farming technology is even bigger and being pushed hard now.

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