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The German tank streamer “mouzAkrobat” spoke with WG CEO Viktor Kisly during TwitchCon (held in Berlin from April 13 to April 14) . Here is very briefly what the head of the company said. The German guy was very much interested in the company itself.

– Starting with patch 9.18, the game received a lot of criticism; The problem, according to Victor, was that Wargaming was a fast-growing company, and employees often took care of themselves, without paying proper attention to the game itself. 
– The resolution of some issues has sometimes been delayed for too long, because there are a lot of people with their personal opinions.
– Victor himself is a fan of the German tank branch, but he believes that it is much better for the game when players are satisfied with the balance of all tanks of all nations – and this can bring the greatest profit in the long run and attract players. 
“Of course, he cannot provide all the details, but the next update after 1.5 will bring global rebalance, and, among other things, the characteristics of German tanks will be updated: the Leopard 1, E 100 and Tiger II are mentioned. 
– Leopard 1 is waiting for a radical (strong) rebalance, and Victor already likes the changes to which he was devoted. 
– Nothing special was said about the E 100, it was just mentioned that the changes were announced earlier at the WG Fest 2018.
– But the changes on Tiger II are extremely specific, and he hopes that these edits will work. Qualitative and extensive changes are expected.

(Google translate with some micro changes)

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  1. Quote :
    ”it is much better for the game when players are satisfied with the balance of all tanks of all nations – and this can bring the greatest profit in the long run and attract players.”
    If this idea can reach some WH staff, that would be great, but I have my doubts…

  2. What the hell are they doing? If they buff the Leopard 1 it will become overpowered! How can they not realise this?

    1. Yeah, how can they? Why on earth should anybady want to buff a tank that has consistently one of the if not the lowest winrate of all Tier X medium tanks? That has worse gun dispersion values on the move than an IS-7? How dare they think about buffing that when it is the 430U that really needs a buff, right?

      1. that damn 430U needs an alpha nerf down to 400. why do their mediums jump from 320 up to 440? nonsense.
        also, considering the cupola has 330mm armor for some unholy reason, lets make the 252 standard slow velocity APCR. yeah. that’ll do it.

      2. 430U atleast has some downsides. It’s not so fast, and the accuracy is not very good. Compare that to Leopard 1. It has superb accuracy, very good DPM and enough armor for autobounce. If they buff it even further, it will be even more OP than the prenerfed Bobject 268v4.

        1. lol leopard has “superb accuracy” “enough armor for autobounce” . i don’t have it , but it is the easyest tank to kill that i’v seen on the battlefield. good one, your sarcasm is over 9000. i hope is sarcasm.

          1. It is not sarcasm. Maybe it is easy to kill it once it becomes spotted, but spotting it is the tough nut to crack. The camo rating is amazing, and if you sit in a bush aswell, hardly anything can spot you. How are you supposed to outplay something when you cannot see it?

            1. pff.. well then, i wish i have all my enemies in leopard, i will be unicorn in no time 🙂

            2. Dude, you are trolling right? The Leo hasn’t got good camo, doesn’t have superb ‘accuracy’ (because of softstats) and doesn’t have armor for bouncing the occasional shell. Of course you will pull of some retarded bounces, but you can also do that in an ELC. Nothing to count on, like you can doe with an AMX 30 for instance.
              The Leo is easily outplayed. Camosniping is not a thing anymore in the current meta. There are some maps where a Leo can shine, but a lot TD’s perform better in the role of second line sniping.
              However, the Leo doesn’t need a lot of work. Give it the same dispersion and terrain resistance values as the Object 140, keep the other stats as they are now (maybe 10 degrees of gundepression) and we are done.

              1. You made me spill my coffee, sir! xD
                But you might as wel made that Long Range Sniper dude spil his coffee, because he is obviously trolling… 😉
                But yeah, the Leo is an absolute joke right now. The Russians are better in literally every aspect. An Object 140 can keep up with a Leo on mobility due to softstats and the only thing that the Leo has over the Objects is ‘accuracy’, the most irrelevant stat in this game.

                1. I think this isn’t the real Long Range Sniper anyway. It must be that Robopon and Falcon impersonator guy’s another profile.

              2. Besides, Long_Range_Sniper has very impressive stats in his Leo 1. This clearly shows how powerfull the Leo is in the current meta.

                    1. Thank you. If you are sure you are not being trolled why not message him in game and ask when he played it last.

                    1. He may be either seriously biased and/or intellectually challenged, but you are clearly going overboard here, good Sir. This is a horrible thing to say, and it is not worthy of civilized conversation.

                    2. As every one of the falcon and Long Range Sniper posts are trolling by fake accounts you should feel proud you’ve fed the the sad people doing it. If you think this is really Long Range or falcon message them in game. I’m sure whoever is doing it is proud they got someone cancer wishes. Maybe you’re proud for feeding them?

              3. Amazing, isn’t it … how the 430U surpasses the Leo even in the camo department. I bet this tank was designed by the very same genius to which we owed the original Object 268 4. Pure unadulterated idiocy.

              4. No Camo, No Armor, No good Gunhandling…damn I never played the Leo but dude that thing must suck…

                1. Mobility is decent, but the armour is basically worthless and makes fine HE-fodder, the camo values are mediocre at best, and the gun does not live up to its hype – for one, you really need to be standing still to get be accurate because of the ridiculous dispersion when moving – so peek-a-boo doesn’t work- and besides, all that talk out it being so accurate is greatly exaggerated … yes, you can hit a cupola at 400 yards at times, but before you know it you miss the side of Maus at 300 … two times in a row (actual experience talking). Seriously, the I’d take the gun of the K91 over the Leopard’s any day … that thing may have less alpha, but it has better DPM, aim time, penetration, an unheard-of 1700 m/s shell speed, and it is generally less prone to erratic behaviour. Because Rusha.
                  All in all, you have to be either biased as hell or a complete numpty to think the Leo is still competetive these days. Yes, you can still make it work on some maps, but on many others you’re basically only a burden for your team. Being matched in a Leo against an Object 430U on Himmelsdorf is the ultimate joke.

                  1. It always hurts to read how bad the leopard is in the game, if I compare it with my father’s stories from his time in the Bundeswehr

        2. Witch 616 games played and 64% winrate in the leopard i like to think i have a better understanding of the tank! And in the current its trash, has been for a couple of years.

  3. There is a chance that they are down-tiering Tiger I and II, as they are testing with a T2 on tier 7 as a ‘premium’ vehicle. And the Tiger 1 works perfectly fine as a tier 6, proven by the Jap Tiger and 131. The tier 6 might need some more pen and better gunhandling, but they work at least…

    1. Yeah, that would be very nice. And the Tiger could even get its historical 88mm gun, and some additional track-panels as spaced armor to make its armor a bit better 🙂

      1. Fun fact: WG didnt completly make up the long 88mm on Tiger 1, there existed one tank armed with that gun, but it was only for testing the gun and was never meant to be mass produced…

        1. Fun fact: You are wrong. No Tiger I was ever armed with the L/71 gun. It was only a proposal which was quickly dropped due to 3 reasons:
          1.: The ammo rack would have to be redesigned to fit the longer gun.
          2.: There would be no room in the turret to load the longer gun.
          3.: The turret would have to be equipped with a counterweight to balance out the longer gun.

          1. Oh, sorry then…
            I saw it mentioned in one publication but I might remembered it wrong.
            That or the author was pulling things out of his ass.

        2. From what I’ve heard, the long 88 wouldn’t fit in the traditional turret, that’s why they never upgraded it 🙂

  4. Finally some love for Deutsche panzers <3
    Will be very interesting to see what buffs they plan for Leopard 1 and Königstiger 🙂

      1. Yeah, it makes me happy to see that mine and others suggestions actually makes it into the game 🙂 Although, the delay is a bit worrying 😛 With this kind of delay, the things we suggest today will be implemented in 2023 😀

  5. Russian Rigging Number Generator still 25% ? No one talking about it, nothing new under the sun…

    1. My guess is, they fear to lose the DE community. I’ve read somewhere, I think here that they have the most amount of tank collectors. So obviously that’s an interesting figure.
      This means it’s time to throw them a bone before they leave.

  6. keep buffing the russian tanks please, and one day when everyone plays russian tanks, this game is balanced.

  7. ”it is much better for the game when players are satisfied with the balance of all tanks of all nations – and this can bring the greatest profit in the long run and attract players.”
    ahahah….saying this after all ruski BIAS, imbecile OP premiums and goldspam forced increase…is just ARROGANCE !

  8. I am really looking forward that rebalance.
    I hope WG – at last – will correctly balance tanks.
    And I hope WG will not fuck up.

  9. So Viktor “I drive my Maus to the middle square of Himmelsdorf” Kisly is a wehraboo in secret?

  10. The photo of the big man is clear to be next meme:
    “And no f*ucks were given that day…” .
    You can just read it on his face.
    Seriously, WG is slowly waking up, mostly resulting in stupid and meaningless actions and misplaced nerfes, but some good may grow from it. They got on my mean and angry side with stupid disrespect, now I am almost neutral and cautiously await brighter future.
    Yea, right, they f*cked-up Frontline, used to be fun mode, and added the wheeled cancer, in stead of removing old malignant tumors. They shove the directives down our throat (cannot be sold!?).

  11. Why are they now only realising that having balanced nations is a good thing? The devs are saying “Holy shit, Viktor might be onto something here”….

  12. Get em Viktor make they take care of your company and game. It sounds like he cleaned house and kept the people who care about the game cabmech and tragicloss and domo to name a few in my opinion who do care about the game. Please don’t nerf the pen of accuracy on the leopard or any of the tanks for that matter it was done with the amx 30 b and now its never played. And please don’t remove the 150 on the e 100 I heard rumors that is there plan don’t . Either way it seems at even the highest level they want to fix the game and improve it. Strong words he says about people taking care of themselves over the game good for him. GO VICTOR!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Oh I think and hope its not to late for wot . I was told by many players they would come back if arty , mm , rng and tanks got balanced they would return if only to check it out again. So please keep up the good change the new mm changes have been great.

  14. Mouz ist einfach der beste Mann. Fakt.
    But on the serious side…I think (like the M48) the Leopard will be upgraded to a more modern version, maybe A3 variant (wich improve the gunhandling and give it some Spaced Armor). Tiger and Tiger II are going to get an armor buff and maybe some more HP? I have no clue what they going to do with the E100, maybe another Turret? maybe some more mm of armor to the existing turret? Besides that, I hope the Panzer VII get some Love too, and a new Model!

    1. There were plans for a Maus-like turret for E100. Maybe WG can use that to ‘upgrade’ the E100. And if they downtier Tiger I and II, they might as well downtier the E75 (Defender has better armor) and use the E100 with the current turret at tier 9.
      But I don’t think that is gonna happen. The downtiering of the Tigers might happen.

      1. Yes, downtiering the Tiger might work well, the 131 performs nice as a Tier VI Tank. A shame that the Löwe is a Premium…if that was not the case, then I would have done it that way: Tiger I at Tier VI, Tiger II at Tier VII, than the Löwe at Tier VIII, as a Tier IX I would just buff the E75 and for the E100 at Tier X I would do the same, maybe with a fictional turret like this:

        1. I dunno about the Tier 8/9/10 if they are gonna downtier the Tigers. Löwe at tier 8 is never going to happen. Tiger 131 does reasonably well as a tier 6, but it needs more penetration to live up to it’s historical reputation and to hold it’s own in Tier 8 games. The short 88 should have something like 160-165 mm of standard pen and like 210 mm on the gold rounds.
          Oh, and what about the VK45.03? It wil pale in comparison to a tier 7 Tiger II.

          1. I like the idea of down-Tiering the Tigers. Perhaps they could do to the E100 what they did to the E50 and create an M-variant. Obviously, that would be sheer fiction, of course …

            1. No fictional M-variant, please! They could use that other turret proposal. There is a historical Maus-like turret for the E100. If they give that one 300 mm of frontal armor, it will be fine. The hull never really was a problem on the E100. A weak lower plate can be hided or angled.

  15. Keep in mind, if Tiger II gets dropped to tier 7, you cannot equip with vertical stabalizer any more.
    I have 79% battles in German tanks, but I do not want to play them in the current state of WoT. I have been doing 3 MoE on all my tier 5-7. With 0.33 dispersion, my shots will go left right top bottom just not where I aim. Upper hull shot went under the hull between tracks.

    1. No vertstabs? No problem. Vertstabs reduce the ‘soft’ dispersion values by 20%. So they could compensate that easily. The VK45.03 doesn’t mount vertstabs either, but the gun handles very, very well.

  16. World of Tanks pays everyone salaries at wargame from the lowest to the highest CEO without WOT most of them would need to find new jobs elsewhere or be unemployed
    So considering WOT is Wargames ‘Only’ Golden Goose Franchise’ that makes shitloads of Cash and how they keep fucking things over and the ‘complete contempt’ for there player community ie completely ignored unless the ‘Shit hits the Fan’
    its amazing that WOT is still successful as it is today
    REGARDLESS of the bullshit from V Kisly mouth from time to time between the years when he remembers … ah da da! I’m a CEO of a big Company, hmm what is it I there do there, anyone?

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