WoT Mercenaries: Italian Tree + Pictures

Wargaming has announced that they have added the Italian nation to World of Tanks: Mercenaries: Italy as part of Update 4.9, with 12 tanks. A new line with the Ariete Progetto, with a tech tree coming later this month. Players will also be able to enjoy the return of the console-exclusive real-time-strategy mode, and a new in-game event ‘The Luck of the Irish’ starting March 15 to celebrate St. Patrick’s day, with the celebration going to the 17th.

The Ariete Progetto is a premium Italian tank, which is described as “a wonderfully mobile vehicle that’s fitted with a powerful auto-reloading gun.” The update will also introduce new improvements such as better control over replay highlights, new camouflages as suggested by the community, the return of fan-favorite maps such as Berlin Winter and Icebound, and more.

With the return of the Commander Mode, players can assume the role of Commander, giving direct orders to units from a birds-eye perspective, or team up with other players as a Tanker to win through teamwork. Wargaming has added keyboard and mouse support, along with a bunch of other fan-requested changes.

The Luck of the Irish event running from March 15-17 will benefit persistent players. For every 10 victories achieved, players will be rewarded with a potential 100,000 Silver per drop.

From March 29th to April 1st, players will be able to fight in space in the Interstellar Combat Mode, waging war using the M24 Lunar, “a war machine built for low-gravity combat.” Respawns will be enabled, so the battle will continue after tanks get knocked out of action.

Starting on March 5, the third and last phase of the Winter Games campaign will be active. Players can earn 30 tiers of rewards from in-game operations, including Gold and Silver, XP Boosts, free experience, and exclusive Medals. Players who complete the campaign will receive a discount on the Thunderbolt, an upcoming Premium Tank.













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