Pre-Sales for the HWK 30 Have Started


Today you’re in for a special treat if you’re a happy owner of a Premium Account, because the Pre-Sales of an all-new vehicle, theHWK 30, have started!

Designed as an export vehicle and destined to Mexico, this tank never went past the drawing table. In World of Tanks, however, the HWK 30 will soon be known as a very capable combat vehicle. As a light tank, this guy will sneak to favourable positions in no time, where it excels with its outstanding view range of 410 m. If danger closes on the HWK 30, it will be able to defend itself thanks to its typical German accuracy, a short aiming time and APCR shells as default ammo.

Park it in your garage right now, and receive up to three rental bonus codes to share with fellow tankers for five battles. Find out how Pre-Sales work here.

Price ≈ 24€

8 thoughts on “Pre-Sales for the HWK 30 Have Started

  1. so 1 week before each frontline session WG will release new tier 8 premium tank?……busy year ahead of them

  2. yes yes comrad…tipycal german accuracy and aiming time…
    countered by hidden stats (dispersions) and RNG…fialed to mention of course:)

      1. I disagree. Played it lots of time yesterday. Didn’t expect much since high-tier German tanks are generally poor, but it was actually worse than expected. Shame I can’t get a refund.

        1. I’m so glad I got a Rental-Code. Very glad I could test it and it really isn’t that special.

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