Common test 1.4 (3) – patch notes

Main Changes

  • Frontline (with multiple changes) has been launched in the test mode:
    • Added changes to the player’s progression in the mode
    • Added a new reward system, including reward vehicles
    • Made balance changes to the map
    • Reworked the vehicle rental mechanics in the Frontline mode

See more details in the dedicated article.

  • Changes to the Store and Depot:
    • In the Depot, added a new section for unique styles that are not compatible with the player’s vehicles in the Garage. Particularly, it will contain the styles received from the large Holiday Ops boxes, if the appropriate vehicles are not available in the player’s Garage.
    • Added counters on the bundle tile that include several items: now players will be able to see how many Aid Kits (for example) a bundle contains.
  • Updated Voice Messages in Battle for the Commanders in the Japanese vehicles (both male and female, when the Commander option is selected).

Changes to Technical Characteristics of Vehicles


  • Added the Premium tank destroyer of Tier VIII for testing by Supertest players: the TS-5.


  • Removed the Boost functionality for wheeled vehicles.

Fixed issues

  • Fixed some technical issues.

5 thoughts on “Common test 1.4 (3) – patch notes

  1. Japanese experienced voice actor & actress

    Ryotaro Okiayu

    Yuriko Yamaguchi

  2. Wait they removed the boost for wheeled vehicles ?

    Then they are more of less faster light tanks but worde in almost everyway. Less view range, less HP, worse gun.

    1. Faster light tanks that turn SO sharp that the crew would still be knocked out by lateral G-forces.
      So yeah, that is still pretty good.

      Too bad only they have not buffed the view ranges a little or gave the Tier 9 proper penetration.

      1. You do realize its as fast as going on the Highways right only 62 Mph No idea where you got the G force bullshit from

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