No more boost for wheeled vehicles – Common Test 1.4 (3)

We have spent much time monitoring the tests of the wheeled vehicles and how you play them. When it was necessary, we urgently responded by changing particular characteristics of the wheeled vehicles (for example, their top speed). During the tests, we observed one thing: the boost mechanics available in the French wheeled vehicles was rarely used.   


  1. Boost mechanics turned out to be too hard to use. Sometimes it was not clear when those extra seconds should be used to take full advantage of the mechanics. Within these precious moments, the combat situation could change and the use of the Boost lost its value.
  2. There was a high risk of losing control of the vehicle during the use of the boost. It was especially crucial on slopes and in confined spaces when it was impossible to predict how exactly its activation would affect controllability.
  3. Considering the current settings, the boost provides no significant “boost” to the dynamics of low-tier vehicles. Players would rather switch to the Rapid mode to achieve a similar speed-up effect.

All the above led to the fact that the mechanics were in low demand by players. To change the situation, we considered various options. However, each of them (e.g. improving to the boost mechanics or reducing the time of its activation) would result in deterioration of other technical characteristics of the wheeled vehicles or would negatively affect their balance. 

Final Decision

After thoroughly considering all the pros and cons, we made the decision to disable the boost mechanics for the French wheeled vehicles at the third iteration of the Common Test.

23 thoughts on “No more boost for wheeled vehicles – Common Test 1.4 (3)

  1. Wow, very surprised by this. It was a mechanic that could be used in a lot of situations. It also made the wheeled vehicles a bit more interesting. Sad to see it go away, and a wrong choice to remove it imo.

  2. The real reason was that people kept mountaingoating with the boostfeature. And instead of reworking a shitton of maps they simply remove the boost feature.
    Above mentioned reasons are nonsense, people would ve learned to use it.

  3. The problem is that when you design a tank line to only function properly when they’re breaking the game, you’re stuck between a rock and a hard place. Then again, if they design the wheelibois to basically be normal light tanks but with no view range, then they’ll be underpowered and irrelevant in the meta. So WG has gotten themselves stuck between a rock and two hard places.

    But perhaps the silver lining is that they’ll buff the wheelibois in some other way to compensate for removing the boosts. If they had good DPM they’d be amazing for hunting down and circling slow-movers.

    1. problem is they cant circle.
      which creates another problem, very very few maps are ok for them to play on.

      and others which are 50/50 will have them tightly restricted to certain areas of operation on a given map, but i guess that goes for the life of any WoT class, in the severely restrictive maps.

      1. Well there are a lot of maps they would work well on…problem is WG removed those maps because casual players only seem to like corridoor maps.

  4. Agreed, but that’s true of many different playstyles. If you get put on a tight urban map, that’s bad for scouts, snipers, arta, maybe even some flanking mediums too. In fact the only roles that receive a clear benefit are the close range brawlers.

    In any case, for the wheelibois the point remains that they’re so far removed from the current armor/corridor meta that the only way they were going to be good at anything was to break the game in some way or another. So WG is still faced with the decision of making them useful but game-breaking, or useless but meta-compliant. That is unless they give them a meta-friendly advantage like firepower or view range. They’ll still be bad in urban maps, but join the club.

  5. Those tanks went from “useless but fun” to “just useless and borderline underpowered” before they were even released.

    That reminds me of the Kravagn. By the time the common test was over it went from being really good to being a piece of shit that can just bounce when hull down and that’s it.

  6. It was something that made wheeled vehicles fun and gave them faster 0-100 times than the 2020 Tesla Roadster. I hope they’ll buff something else to compensate. If we won’t get the mode back, we should just get the ability to do burnouts like this:
    4×4 burnouts should be a thing 😉

  7. GG WG. Once again you proof your braindead way of dealing with ingame issues.
    And how about this solution:
    – boost remains, who wants to use will use it, who is braindead, he will stay braindead.
    No ? That was to hard for the mongols who just look at statistics and DO NOT play the game ?
    It’s hard to drive ?!?
    Seriously ???
    Well, we can’t have that in the game. The imbecils with zero hand-eye coordination would suffer then.
    What’s next, pink tanks so the sensitive part of the audience is not offended by green rusted tanks ?
    Next FACEPALM and they promised soooooo much for this year.
    I guess we expect a new version WHEN IT’S DONE, IT’S DONE…

  8. more Wargame incompetence
    you would think that the ‘mountain goating’ would be there ‘speciality thing’ the reason to grind them in the first place, for the fun and loll’s

    lets face it guys there fucking shit at anything else classed as LT but with very poor view range and dumbed down gun’s

  9. they should look at the people whining about the wheeled tanks being “OP” cause i’d bet you 60% of them are players in arty, heavy armored TD’s (and OBJ 268 v4) and Heavy tanks such as the Maus or Type 5, cause if a tank can out run their gun traverse with ease THEY HAVE TO USE THEIR BRAIN, but noooooo we can’t have a tank class that brings some unexpected moves into the game and complicate, distract and draw fire, cause people can’t handle things like that……. ffs i was looking forward to the whole line, now i’m just pissed

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