Premium shop offers in coming days

Rykoszet is “guessing” we’ll get these offers:

  • December 28 – January 1:  KV-5
  • December 29 – January 1:  AMX 13 57
  • January 1 – 9:  Hydrostat, Skorpion G and 50TP prototyp

22 thoughts on “Premium shop offers in coming days

    1. Relax , the KV-5 is not in your league. It would only become one among your 40-45% winrate (sub 500wn8) higher tier tanks. And you would just continue ruining the gameplay for all others.

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      1. Oh no, Robonoob is back at the PC again. You got nothing to christmas, so youre mad and have to troll again in the internet?! Sad to see that you obviously have only one thing to talk about, WoT statistics, but no one has ever seen his profile…hmm..

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      2. Gosh, you must be one sad person in real life, Robopon. Here is a comprehensive list of all the people who are impressed by your WoT skills:


        1. Robopon is omnipresent! I dislike poor players who ruin the gameplay by fighting in tiers they can’t handle. Like Mr Motoko here.


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