NA – Submit a ticket to WG to purchase Caernarvon AX with in-game gold.

I was able to buy the tank for 7600 gold upon submitting a ticket (NA).

WG will probably hate me for posting such articles as it will create work for them, but fair is fair.

Good luck.


18 thoughts on “NA – Submit a ticket to WG to purchase Caernarvon AX with in-game gold.

  1. It’s fake, 7600g is not the correct value for caernavon action x. Maybe for the tank from 23th Dec, Centurion 5/1 RAAC.


  2. Here’s the refusal text :

    Thank you for contacting Wargaming Support! We’re sorry to hear about the errors you encountered with the sale for Day 24 of the Advent Calendar.

    Please be aware that the Caernarvon AX is only available to be purchased with real currency. Unfortunately, the tank cannot be purchased in-game with Gold. The in-game implementation is correct and we’ve fixed the articles to be in line with all regions.

    We do sincerely apologize for any inconvenience caused, and we hope that this experience has not detracted from your overall enjoyment of the game.

    Hope you have a great day!


  3. I got nailed very bad with 75 loot boxes , but honestly planed to purchase the caerAX for at least 10k gold, then it was cash only ,
    I opened a ticket and got it for 7600 gold


  4. You could only do this if you caught it ON the day of sale.
    Afterwards it doesn’t work, and they stated as such to me in support ticket.


  5. I also call BS.

    The Tank costs 38€.
    7600 Gold is 28€. And that includes a camo,

    Why should they sell the tank for 10€ less?
    Marathon tanks are always more expensive.
    Look at t44 100, also never sold under 40€,


    1. Why would I lie about this? Lol

      I know what I did, this isn’t brain surgery, I posted screenshots, I’m way too lazy to try to fabricate screenshots.

      Not everything is fake.


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