Data: New Mission Reward Tank Population Updated (EU)

If you haven’t already – see this

This is how many folks have completed the respective campaigns in the last month. Keep in mind this data only reflects those players who have played at least one battle in the tank.

Seems like it’s still going, and not a lot of people have obtained these special tanks (yet). You can see the people who own the tanks are also high skill players that are performing well in these tanks.

This data is taken from Wotcharts.Eu as of 12/1/2018.

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  1. crazy how fast some guys obtain obj279…at the moment i need 4 or 5 missions then i obtain the Excalibur…

      1. As a player who has 279 there are 3 things you have to do to have it
        1) be really good player
        2) have a lot of tanks to complete some missions
        3) tryhard those missions, because some wont do ”just playing and hoping it gets done”

        and i have it for over a month now, i completed it in +-500 battles (only 279 missions)

        1. how to complete those missions that require you to block damage? with all the gold flying around and jap heavy tanks spamming gold HE ammo………or the one where you need to finish battle by capping???? in 100 battle where I have been trying to do that I came close once: AND I WAS CALLED A NOOB FOR ATTEMPTING TO CAP AND TEAM KILLED by a “no cap kill all” muppet in arty……and we lost that battle

          1. The cap missions typically say cap OR defend. Play encounter mode and it’s much easier to get defense points. Can do that in arty (yeah yeah yeah!) easily. I think I finished it in my Foch for the one I’m thinking of. I have the 15th missions left for the Chimera, so I’m slowly grinding away. Like Svitman said, you need a pretty deep garage and you have to understand which tanks are suitable. If you don’t have those tanks, work to get them. The time spent grinding to them is probably worth it as that’s how long it will take you to get through the missions with the wrong tanks!

            1. for Excalibur: Union mission 10:Participate in successful capture of the base!…..and you need 3 of them(or 2 if you do secondary mission too)……….and I have about 140 tanks in garage so I have a decent pool to pick from and pretty good idea what to pick……but the bottom line is a lot of it depends on luck ( map + team + even RNG in some cases) and please don’t take this as me belittling someones skill

              1. Try to focus on a tier 6 tanks. The lower the tier the more forgiving the game gets and the more you can project your influence over the battle. Alternatively try to focus on light tanks as they’re generally more suited towards capping than other classes, if only for the fact they have better camo and thus will have a chance not to be spotted while capping.

        2. Well said, I also have all three. Not for the everyday user therefor not everyone will be able to complete these missions. That’s a fact.

          Three marked them all too.

            1. no….he just 3marked them without playing any battle in them…hence you cant see them in his wot profile

              1. Do you think I’m stupid enough to use my WoT name here?
                I’m on RU servers and is easy to find… jealous fool.

              1. You could’ve marked it only if you got it among the first couple of people and needed to be a no-lifer or WoT streamer to do that. As of now you need around 12k average for 3rd mark on 279e, lul

  2. I think that as Object you can’t even have some really bad stats. I mean, ppl don’t mostly even know where to shoot that vehicle…

    1. This is usually the case with new and rare vehicles. I have no experience against a 279 but I’d guess that `22` ammo works just fine. 🙂

    1. I have the obj 260. I think the Chimera missions are just barely a tad under those missions in difficulty. I think the 279e missions are indeed harder than 260 missions. I have found, however, that the grande battles REALLY help me with a lot of them. For example, the tier 8 grande battles last month I was able to do a block/dmg mission in my Liberte’ because there were enough folks around to shoot at and to shoot at me. A normal 15v15 battle would’ve been over too quick. Similarly for the 6k or more dmg missions. These can be done in a standard battle, but when you have more team HP pool to take, it increases your chances a lot.

      1. So they didn’t go and adjust the missions when it comes to Grand Battles like they did for the first set? If I had known that I would have done the tier 8 battles. Guess I will turn GB back on for them.

        1. As far as I know they never turned them off for the first set either. I’ve completed some with honors on GB. Also useful for some spotting missions since you have more of them to spot (as long as your team supports you).

    1. I’d agree that the missions don’t seem as _personal_ as they claim, but you also have to consider the fact that these missions are made to cater to the (more) dedicated of players, both campaigns, that means players that have grinded all classes and most if not all nations. On topic, I wonder if the reward tanks are worth it in the end.

  3. 3700avg dmg on that Obj279 and only 3059wn8… wahhaha. By the purple color is now from around the ~3200wn8, blue from ~2350wn8, so colors table with values are incorect.

    1. There’s no official colour scale for wn8 so cant be incorrect. You can adjust them yourself if you want, giving purple to over 4k players or something.

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