G vs RUS G – Skorpion G vs. SU-130PM

Ladies and gentlemen, let’s get ready to rumble!

From the German tech tree, and wearing an awesome desert camouflage, behold the most popular vehicle from World of Tanks at the moment… the Rheinmetall Skorpion G! Facing it, a new challenger, the SU-130PM, a Soviet tank destroyer! Coming straight out of the semi-closed SU-100PM, the SU-130PM is a ferocious modernisation of this famous Soviet tank destroyer. But does it have what it takes to take the Skorpion down? Let’s see.All values below take into consideration a 100% trained crew.


For many commanders, alpha is king. We can understand why, especially when cruising in a tank destroyer. In that regard, the SU-130PM has a slight advantage over the Skorpion G, which is already a hard hitter in its category. Note that the Skorpion has a better reloading time but the damage per minute is pretty similar.

In terms of penetration power, they are both similar but with one key difference: the Premium ammunition types. While the Skorpion G uses APCR (higher shell velocity), the SU-130PM goes with HEAT (no penetration loss over distance). 

Skorpion GSU-130PM
Damage: 490 HP
Reload time: 12.2 s
DPM: 2,410
Penetration: 246/311/65
Damage: 520 HP
Reload time: 13.04 s
DPM: 2,393
Penetration: 243/320/65


Damage is great, for sure, but it’s only useful if you manage to land your shells! In that case, the German expertise does not disappoint. The Skorpion G can rely on a better aim time and lower dispersion. The SU-130PM is decent in all points but the German has the upper hand in this category. Also, note that the turret of the SU-130PM is not fully rotatable.

Skorpion GSU-130PM
Aim time: 2.01 s
Accuracy: 0.29 m
Vertical angles: -7°/+14°
Turret rotation angles: 360°
Aim time: 2.21 s
Accuracy: 0.34 m
Vertical angles: -7°/+37°
Turret rotation angles: 155°


The speed of both tank destroyers is pretty much even but overall, the SU-130PM is slightly better. Even its turret is quicker to move, making it less vulnerable to flanks. The most experienced commanders will also appreciate the combo of great reverse speed and rear-mounted turret, allowing sneaky and yet dangerous shots.

Skorpion GSU-130PM
Forward speed: 60 km/h
Reverse speed: 20 km/h
Power-to-weight ratio: 17 hp/ton
Gun traverse: 27.38°/s
Tank traverse: 31.29°/s
Forward speed: 65 km/h
Reverse speed: 20 km/h
Power-to-weight ratio: 16.67 hp/ton
Gun traverse: 31.29°/s
Tank traverse: 37.55°/s

Survivability / Visibility

When it comes to taking hits, neither of these vehicles really stand out. However, the thicker hull armour of the Skorpion G makes it more likely to survive HE shells, especially from artillery. 50 HP extra will also come in handy at the end of every battle. The SU-130PM on the other side has a lot of qualities too. First and foremost, its a smaller target with a better camouflage. Plus, its engine is more protected and less likely to be set on fire!

Skorpion GSU-130PM
Hit Points: 1,150
Hull armour: 30/16/20
View range: 360 m
Camouflage (still): 13.29%
Camouflage (moving): 9.59%
Camouflage (still, firing): 2.03%
Camouflage (moving, firing): 1.47%
Hit Points: 1,100
Hull armour: 20/15/8
View range: 360 m
Camouflage (still): 19.1%
Camouflage (moving): 11.46%
Camouflage (still, firing): 2.92%
Camouflage (moving, firing): 1.75%

In case you’d like more information on the play style, check out the guides for each individual vehicle:

Whether you’ve played the Skorpion G before or not, one thing is for sure: the SU-130PM will challenge the long reign of the most famous of German tank destroyers! Did you already unlock it? What do you think of this Soviet hunter? Make sure to let us know!

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0 thoughts on “G vs RUS G – Skorpion G vs. SU-130PM

  1. regarding the speed, that SU is total trash, it has better top speed, but to reach that speed you need to go down from the hill, while moving regular straight you will reach about only 40km/h, you can watch replays on youtube.

  2. The speed part is a blantant Lie. the SU-130PM has some meta hidden stats as the SU-130PM does not get faster then 40 KM/h

    1. Yeah that sucks, was hoping for a free Skorpion g , Had Skorpion g rental 2 Times , Loved to Play it as a medium, but su 130 PM
      is to slow and No 360 turret sucks aswell

  3. This would be totally cancerous if it was better than Skorp G

    It’s a good tank, leave it at that, we don’t need more OP tanks in the game, especially prems, and especially at tier 8.

  4. I don’t agree with this review.

    I have both tanks and right now I can say that the SU-130PM is not very fast, you will struggle to get to positions, so in this aspect the Skorpion G will win.

    On the other hand, the gun on the SU is much better than the gun on the Skorpion. On the papper the Skorpion’s gun is better but this review doesn’t take the “soft stats” in consideration.

    The gun on the SU handles magnificent well, even the snapshot capabilities are better. On the Skorpion I know that I have to wait and aim because if I just “point and shoot” my shell will most likely miss. On the SU I can just point and shoot if I have to because I know that 90% of the time my shell will land on the target.

    So yeah, the SU is much better, but what would you spect? It’s Russian so it HAS to be better lol

    And yeah, those are my experiences on both tanks, so this is what I think. Other people will probably think different so please don’t start crying and respect other people’s opinions.

    1. The only things better about SU-130PM are camo and alpha. 30 more alpha is nothing, really, but camo is a big deal. But it’s a lot slower (for some reason), doesn’t have full turret rotation and worse accuracy, but not by a lot. Gun handling is not a very big factor, because how often you will need to play aggressively in 130PM? I’d say Skorpion is still better, it’s just more flexible.

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