0 thoughts on “WoT – Clan Super Cup Qualifier : Finals highlights

  1. I watched the vods on youtube last week. Well-deserved by ROIDS. Really well-coordinated. I’d like to watch the russian qualifiers too if anyone has any hyperlinks.

  2. I’ve been giving the issue some thought. It dawned on me that those of us who have played WoT for a long time might be able to appreciate the team coordination, movement, and positioning, but that for anyone else competitive WoT is very hard to understand or find interesting.

    Competitive CS:GO still looks like a modern gunfight. Competitive Starcraft II still looks like a sci-fi battle. Competitive League of Legends still looks like a fantasy duel. But while casual WoT sort of resembles a tank battle, competitive WoT does not. And besides that, individual feats of skill are often relegated to obscurity while team dynamics decides outcomes.

    My advice to WG would be to create a new competitive format with small teams- 5v5 or even less. Perhaps even a series of 1v1 duels. This way a casual observer could still keep track of all the players without needing those ridiculous neon red/blue skins and it may actually look like real tanks fighting eachother. And possibly as an extension of that, place the mode at the middle tiers so it can use tanks that actually existed for a change. To make middle-tier battles work in competitive, basically make alternate versions with more hit points but less RNG. This way the whole exercise could actually be presentable, comprehensible, and interesting to casual observers.

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