Data: New Mission Reward Tank Population (EU)

Hi folks,

Some quick data from regarding how many players have obtained the new reward tanks thus far. I’ll probably update once a month.

You can click the image to enlarge.

As you can see even the Excalibur does not have many owners even though EU has hundreds of thousands of players. It seems only the most dedicated/hardcore players have these tanks so far.


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  1. I didn’t see a single one of these tanks yet. And it’s very simple why. Because missions like cap the base or bounce 2x more than your hp are currently almost impossible to complete.

    1. I dont think so. It is hard but not impossible. Cap is very easy in a light tank and bouncing is just a matter of time. OFC you have to play as like as complete retard but it is just a matter of time.

  2. No surprise there, that only the freaks got the tanks yet. There are many players out there, that do not have all the nations and those who have are just grinders or those freaks.

  3. I met chimera once, while i was in my chimera,
    I wonder in other players exept me, Daki, Chessgenie and Yolo_warrior have 279 3 marked

      1. 3-marking a tank with less than 50 owners is easy. Compared to 3-marking a tank with hundreds of thousands of owners. Since you need to have better average damage than 99 % of owners.

        3 marking a tank when there is basically nobody to challenge you at the title of ‘best player in the tank’ isnt an achievement. 3 marking a good tank that pretty much everyone plays, that’s another story.

  4. Bounce missions in particular promote poor play. Instead of helping my team, I am flashing my turret to draw fire. Then the fights and bile that break out between CAP/DON’T CAP players is epic. They really should rethink the conditions.

    1. i just played didnt pay attention to them and got them all with in 2 battles. wait till you have to kill 3 in 3 minutes or do a min. of 8k dmg most pubbies wont even get close to chimera

      1. Everyone and their dog can get the Excalibur with some time.

        Chimera missions on the other hand are as hard as most Obj260 missions, which is a top reward for the first set. So yeah indeed very few players will get there.

  5. played 12 games in my Excalibur and honestly it is not that good, saying that I am not a high skilled player so that could be the main factor.

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