Pictures of all the French wheeled vehicles

AMD 178B, LT-6

EBR Hotchkiss, LT-7

Lynx, LT-8

EBR 90, LT-9

EBR 105, LT-10

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    1. the Tier 7 is interesting by a simple reason, that same turret was also tested on the EBR (at least I believe that is the FL3 turret), it might be possible the EBR prototype with that turret will eventually come as a Tier 6 premium, which means another cool vehicle to be added

    1. These tanks are underpowered enough as it is, they dont need a 30mm autocannon at tier 6 lol. Those calibers are not viable above tier 4

  1. i just don’t get it, 3 things:

    1) why add the Panhard 178B at Tier 6 when they announced they are still modeling a low Tier armored car?
    be it for Tier 5 or lower (3 or 4 at max) the 178 would “fit like a glove”, unless they haven’t finished the model or balance of the Panhard AML 60 that was mentioned before and when they do they switch the two as it would be natural

    2) why call the Panhard ERC 90 F1 Lynx as (Panhard AML) Lynx 6×6?
    I don’t know if the company did start from the AML chassis and enlongated it to create a new vehicles, it’s entirely possible, either way the end result is a different vehicle with it’s own designation that just happened to use the same turret as one of the AML variants

    3) why, just why give the EBR 105 that turret?
    they mentioned it was a reconstruction of an upgrade proposal, from that we can pretty much assume it’s, at least, partially the result of WG “creative minds”
    right now the turret is clearly based on the Lynx turret at Tier 8, they can’t even claim it to be part of the AMX 10 RC program since the turret is different (most obvious difference is the hatch on different sides), so why did they do that? I mean, wouldn’t give the EBR 105 the same turret and gun as the AMX-13(105) be the most natural option to upgrade the Panhard EBR? it would require minimal training since the crew would basically only need to adapt to the new ballistic properties of the gun
    the turret they added does provide a lower profile but we could definitely argue that it offers less clearance from the hull than an oscillating turret, that would mean worse depression all around than the Tier 9 WHICH can make it difficult to hit enemies with the lock-on feature while offroading, to me it neither seems a realistic upgrade or a “smart” upgrade

    1. 1) why add the Panhard 178B at Tier 6 when they announced they are still modeling a low Tier armored car?

      Panhard AMD-178, perhaps ? Could fit well as tier II or III (lowtier)…

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