New Year gift – Defender :)

This picture was promptly removed from RU web site, but it clearly states that we’re all getting  Defender as New Year gift 🙂 🙂 🙂

What we can actually see is that we’re getting again Christmas Tree in garage with an updated interface and by the looks of that table, some nice gifts.


0 thoughts on “New Year gift – Defender :)

  1. I skipped it in favour of the 50TP Proto as I needed a PL Trainer.

    There are no shortage of suitable RU HT trainers and with the current MM that pits 7 high-alpha damage TDs and IX/X battles, thank you but no, thank you.

    Only value I see for it is on CW/SH and even then CaerAX and MicroMaus are seen more than this.

    It sure is far from obsolete and that should really go without saying, but I suspect it has fallen as another victim of the “Magnum”.

  2. as much as I like this kind of early finds……perhaps something that is meant to be a surprise should be kept as a friking surprise???

                  1. My anger is justified, yours is just a part of your toxic persona and is easily triggered by the smallest things.

            1. “but he uses a toxic tone i find disturbing and very annoying.”

              So run along to your “safe space” then.

              1. Yes, I stand by that comment. I find his aggressive tone disturbing. As soon as anyone voices an argument or input he gets aggravated and aggressive…and toxic.

  3. Oops! That page can’t be found.
    It looks like nothing was found at this location. Maybe try a search?

    Get your shit together priomans

  4. Is this a troll ? Will it be free ? Because it’s last prem. tank i want. I have money prepared for it.
    I think it will be added to boxes like typd 59 was previously.

    1. WG always intended to make this the new Type. In it’s day the type was op, but after being out of circulation for five years not everyone knew about it. They are going to do this with the defender, build hype and milk for five years, rinse and repeat

  5. Maybe, it will be the main reward for Christmas marathon. It will be free, when you complete the marathon 100%. You can buy it cheaper, when you complete the marathon only partially.

  6. I hope it will be not a gift in december. The idea that Tier 8 will be flooded with it gives me headache.

  7. Where does the assumption the Defender will be in loot boxes come from, all I see is a Christmas deco garage with the Defender as the selected tank. Am I missing something or is everyone having a massive hardon over nothing?

    1. Yeah, it’s just a Garage screenshot. I think Piro is just trolling and baiting, and from the looks of it he was successfull.

  8. Free Defender? I honestly doubt it. But they said “non-tier III gift in the other video. If this turns out to be true. Tier 8 MM will be messed up. But then again… QB just posted a video claiming there is a tier 8 marathon around the corner for the new tier 8 TD.

    1. I consider Defender to be the better “type 59” so, since last year people were paying 99EUR to get an Xmas package that had a type 59, I expect a lot of people to pay this money for a Defender….

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