Sneak Peek: December Specials (EU)

Extra XP

1-3 December: Let’s kick off the month with a special focusing on XP bonuses! Win more to earn more, and help your crews learn faster thanks to a rewarding mission!

x3 Crew XP per battle

Practice Makes Perfect

08-10 December: You know the drill! If you want to beef up your game, you got to practice. And during this special, the more you practice, the more rewards you get!

x4 XP on your first victory
Holiday Warm-Up

11-13 December: Get ready for the festive season with this special and its series of missions! Climb your way to the last one to win precious garage and barracks slots!

Garage slots and barrack bunks

Extra XP

14-16 December: Need to collect some Free XP before your holiday games? Don’t worry, we have a special for that!

Double XP for every victory

Happy Holidays & Discounts

22-28 December: Extend your holidays with even more gifts during this special full of great deals and vehicles discounts!

Discount on Customisation items

Get your Holiday Loot!

26-29 December: Don’t have enough room for all your gifts? Don’t worry, ours will be stocked in your garage, so get ready for some treats!

A holiday box full of goodies!

Happy New Year

30 December-1 January: Forget about making resolutions for now. It’s time to start the new year with great discounts!

x3 Crew XP per battle

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  1. I think they pulled the loot boxes out since Belgium and Netherlands good for them. Already respecting wg…lets hope the loot boxes stay out.

    1. When I saw that they had declared them illegal, I wondered if WG will skip loot boxes this year. Probably for EU, but I wonder if they will do it for other regions since I haven’t seen anything about Russia, NA countries, etc declaring them illegal.

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