Data: Looking for some ideas for future articles

Hi folks,

I’m looking for some ideas for future data related articles. Obviously the data needs to be available, but I can analyze basically everything in a graph, chart, or anything of various types.

Some ideas are other things from Vbaddict, Wotcharts.Eu, Wotlabs, etc or other WOT websites.

If anyone has any ideas or wants to see something you can put in the comments or find me on TAP Discord as Motoko.

I GUESS I could do WOWS stuff, but I don’t play that game. Data is data though, so it doesn’t matter what it’s for.




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  1. Also my suggestion might be how 3-5-7 influences wargamings ways of making money and if it is an addiction to hope to finally be toptier once, hence why you keep on playing.

  2. Perhaps an analysis on gold rounds:
    What percentage of gold is used per tier?
    What percentage of gold is used per class?
    Who is firing the most, unicums or tomatoes?

  3. How about this…..

    % of wins per spawn on a map.

    % of classes that survived per map, per spawn.

    Damage per class, per map, per spawn.

    That will show map balance.

  4. The only data I would like to see is what the actual, real demands of the playerbase are vs. what WG says.

    After the release of the template system in 9.18, where two tier spreads and singletier battles were much more common, WG stated that players wanted more 3-5-7. I really can’t imagine why any player would demand more 3-5-7.

    The MM was fine in 9.18, except for the fact that heavies could be matched up against mediums and stuff like that. The tier spread was way better back than.

    I guess WG saw a drop of goldammo use. Players were making to much profit per game and the need for throwing money at your PC was getting less…

  5. since TAP has been posting the winrates of tanks from different tiers why not make a review of each Tech Tree?
    I’m not proposing making review articles in order to suggest direct changes to the Tech Trees, my point is identifying the pros and cons of each TT (supported by the data) in order to find what could attract OR keep away new players from playing them
    at the end would be the summary of the pros and cons, is it balanced? more pros? more cons? too many cons?

  6. How about articles about tank battles in the last 79 years.
    From WW2’s panzer blitzkriegs up until the most recent tank battles in Iraq in 2003 (I believe this was the last occurance of tank vs tank in battle.

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