Version 1.3 – changes in tech trees

The latest update includes cosmetic changes in tech trees:

  • The French tech tree has been optimized to fit the line of wheeled vehicles;
  • In the British tech tree, the Super Conqueror and FV217 Badger lines have been reordered. In addition, the transition from Matilda to Crusader was added;
  • Countries’ flags were compressed and better distributed;
  • All the first tiers in the trees have been properly centered.

0 thoughts on “Version 1.3 – changes in tech trees

    1. Probably because the screenshots are from the supertest, where all the tanks are available for testing purposes.
      Don’t call me out on that though, I’m just guessing.

  1. Still NOT GOOD: first tiers are centered but there SHOULD be A LINE from tha nation flag to the 1st tier tank, so there are NO confusions for beginners.

      1. the alternative would be a research path from the Centurion Mk.III (Mk.I ingame but when fully upgraded it’s the same as a Mk.III) at Tier 8 to a early version of the Chieftain at Tier 9, either the FV4201 mockup or the early prototype, both of them without the L11A5 gun (1957) because that gun was only designed after the first 3 prototypes were built (1956), at the time only the L1A1 (same as Conqueror) was available

  2. it makes no sense to add a research path from the Matilda to the Crusader

    also, in my opinion that Firefly mini-line could become the start of the Chieftain line:
    (ideally it would be the Vickers Mk.1 at Tier 7, the FV4202 at Tier 8, the Vickers Mk.3 at Tier 9 and the Chieftain at Tier 10, but it’s not possible anymore)

    Vickers MBT Mk.1 at Tier 7, 20 pdr but only 60mm UFP and 80mm turret front
    Vickers MBT Mk.3 at Tier 8, 105mm L7 (they could tweek it around to fit the tier, even calling it the L7 prototype) or top 20pdr from same Tier Centurion, maybe even the 32pdr from Caernarvon
    many options for Tier 9:
    early prototype from the Chieftain (different armour profile due to different shape and angle of the front armour)
    FV4201 concept/mockup design ()
    these 2 could get the gun from the Conqueror instead, sort of as if the Chieftains gun was not ready yet, which makes sense since the first 3 prototypes were built in 1956 while the L11A5 gun was designed in 1957
    Vickers MBT Mk.4, 120mm gun with poor armor

    Chieftain Mk.6 at Tier 10

    this line would be made like a sort of glass-cannon medium tank line with some of them having good turrets (from Tier 8 and up IF the MBT Mk.4 was not chosen to tier 9)

    gameplay-wise I believe it would be a smooth transiction from the Firefly and Vickers Mk.1 (good firepower with sub-par armor) to the Tiers 9 and 10 (awesome firepower with decent armor and good turrets) with the Vickers Mk.3 as the middle ground having received an upgrade in armor protection compared to the Mk.1 BUT still being just enough for the role with the advantage of above average firepower in the Tier (among the non-soviet medium tanks)

    I believe this could be the perfect solution for the addition of the Chieftain

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