Wheeled vehicles…

All you need to know about WG balancing:

MKA (tier 2 light, premium): view range 320 m.
Panhard EBR 75 (Wheeled, tier 8 tech tree ): view range 310 m.


38 thoughts on “Wheeled vehicles…

    1. not bad viewrange is what makes you to scout actively. You cannot scout if youre outspoted.
      What can make you to scout likethis is a bad gun, with lowpen
      Remember why normal LTs dont scout like WG wanted?? because they simply can sit and snipe. If they try to spot likethis in current maps, are simply outspoted and in mostly cases DIE. Now their guns allow them to snipe or fight enemy frontally especially due to p2w goldammo.


      1. Guns have nothing to do with scouting. Maps do though. We don’t have that many good maps for scouts and normal LTs are performing there fine. These wheeled abominations are completely pointless, WG needs to completely change the entire premise of these vehicles.


    2. They are planned to encourage suiscouting, relying on speed to avoid shells isn’t a thing in tier 10 with russian laser guns.


  1. I’m not against variety or wheeled vehicles per se, but these will just be annoying suicide scouts. Sadly they will displace actual scouts from battles. Example: Panhard on Malinovka is going to be spotted and die before it ever makes it too the other side.

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    1. Maybe, just maybe, WG wants wheeled vehicles to be “real” spotters on maps that are useless for lights, on the contrary, city maps will be even bigger problem for wheeled ones than lights…


  2. what are the other parameters of both as they compare to tanks on the same level. as i understand it the panhard has some serious advantages in other places. You make one spec THE whole context like a bunch of 12 year olds.

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    1. It doesn’t have any serious advantages over LTs that will make it viable, just like the current LTs don’t have any advantages that make them viable over mediums.


    2. Like the advantage of having a 2 shot autoloader that reloads in 10 seconds, right?

      Or the advantage of having regular camo + tier 1 view range.


  3. Bad article from my perspective as it is just bashing.

    You can’t give such tank with this mobility, speed and camo a 390m base viewrange. So its a useless comparison with this Tier 2 tank.

    I have to say that I dont like such useless articles at all.

    You could better tell the story about the “Alas Mission” that promissed a full crew 100% + 1 perk, but gave you just 1 commander. WG didnt fix it for 4 weeks, didnt gave any statement, but after the mission ended 2 days ago they come up with an excuse that this was a UI-bug.

    Why not telling such more interessting stories?

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  4. Thats funny. Look at TKS 20mm, it has 290m viewrange, more than tanks like Tetrarch, T2 light, L-60 etc. Don’t question WG, WoT is since a long time in a arms race, new tanks get better and better while the old rust. It all started with the buff of Maus.


  5. I know crazy right not like we have Dicker max on tier 6 with 400m or FCMPak with 400m

    Btw. the Cruiser also has 320m or the quite old Pz. II D
    Than are the wheeled Vehicles completely in the Testphase and the Viewrange can still go up. So before something hits a Public test I won’t get my pitchforks out


  6. which became reality, cause no light tank can scout now the WZ-132-1 had 425m veiwrange on the first 9.18 iteration, they will most likely do the same here, first give us really good things that we LOVE and think will make them good and then just go in the next iteration and say NO that would make them able to fight and we can’t have lightly armored tanks to be able to hold a candle to medium tanks which they never could not even in the first 9.18 test


  7. They told you from day one that view range would be the weakest aspect about the wheeled tanks. So IDK why you are surprised. They are playing with the idea about an active scout that uses speed to spot, not view range. And again… you act like the 310 is final. It’s on ST, not live.


  8. I am wondering: what happens to this “new” scout when it hit one of those small (invisible) bumps in terrain while going 100 KPH? does it go airborne? does it stay glued to the ground glued by magical pixie dust?


  9. 310m view range is more than good on these tanks, because they have a huge speed advantage that will make them get into any position before any tank by 30-60 sec at least, what I am saying is giving them the same view range as normal lights will break the game specially in open maps.

    In my opinion WG forcing them to active spotting is the right choice.


        1. It’s 85km/h, not 100.

          I wanna see you people defending WG complaining about how those shit tanks will suiscout because they have crap viewrange.


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