Wheeled Vehicles: Take Them for a Spin!

Let’s take another look at these active wheeled scouts! We’ll give you more details about each vehicle in the new branch, as well as some useful gameplay tips that will allow you to play more effectively.

New Branch, New Mechanics

Our dev team spent a long time discussing which vehicles should be included in the new wheeled branch. As a result, we opted for six wheeled vehicles of which five can be researched from Tier VI to X, and one is Premium. All of them have historical origins, and only the Tier X vehicle was slightly changed from its historical counterpart.NOTE: Wheeled vehicles differ from “regular” tanks due to their new unique mechanics: the lock-on feature, two driving modes. These mechanics are added with each Tier gradually as you research new vehicles. As their Tier rises, the difference in maneuvering and speed between the two available modes, Default and Drive, also increases

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No more boost for wheeled vehicles – Common Test 1.4 (3)

We have spent much time monitoring the tests of the wheeled vehicles and how you play them. When it was necessary, we urgently responded by changing particular characteristics of the wheeled vehicles (for example, their top speed). During the tests, we observed one thing: the boost mechanics available in the French wheeled vehicles was rarely used.   

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Panhard AMD 178B

Hello Commanders,

We’re starting the closed test for the first vehicle in the French armored car branch, the Panhard AMD 178B, which will sit at Tier VI.

It carries a 75-mm gun and has two axles (and four wheels). Of the wheeled vehicles’ new game mechanics, it offers only the special ‘magnet’ auto-aim. Two driving modes and the Charge ability are not available at this tier so that the vehicle isn’t overloaded with innovations and tankers get introduced to them step by step.

The closest ‘relatives’ the Panhard AMD 178B has gameplay-wise are light tanks. Yet it possesses better mobility and crosses difficult terrain with more ease. Also, it has good gun stabilization but limited view range and isn’t able to turn its hull in place. The armored car is vulnerable and should avoid face-to-face shoot-outs as it has neither armor nor firepower required for those. Its tactical niche is providing active spotting and fire support while relying on its swiftness.

Depending on test results, we may change the armored cars’ stats and/or mechanics. Stay tuned and may luck shine on you in every battle!

Gendron Somua – tier II premium wheeled vehicle

It has a crew of two : a commander with extra roles and a driver. Technically, it is quite similar to light tanks of the same level: nimble, fast-firing and vulnerable. The differences lies in the handling and the driving style.It’s not easy to bring the Gendron-Somua to a complete standstill, because you have to damage more than half of its wheels. It is armed with a fast-firing 25 mm cannon without a magazine. To summarize, the Gendron Somua is a nimble vehicle capable of quickly taking key positions and harnessing the potential of its fast-firing weapon. The fate of this wheeled vehicle depends on the test results. Stay up to date and good luck on the battlefield!