Special Offer: Flexible premium account

An offer randomly awarded to players ingame.

„Your premium account. Your rules.

Do you want to earn more personal reserves and credits, but do you have other plans?

Do not worry, we have a proposal for you. 30 days of flexible premium account. Thanks to the new system, you can activate the equivalent of the premium account day after one battle and thus have an effective impact on your income.

Now you are in command!”


credit: rykoszet

0 thoughts on “Special Offer: Flexible premium account

  1. This only means one thing: the sales of premiumaccounts are dropping.

    Playing without premiumaccount is pointless. Economy is bad and without pressing \’2\’ you are less competitive. I think a lot of players quit playing because of that. This gives you a bit more reason to play every now and then.

    1. Wow, maybe WG will realize that being nice to the customer generates a lot of revenue. Who would\’ve thought?

    2. Economy without premium account was bad 2-3 years ago. People did hold for long enough, more than i did.

  2. Would be nice if they moved the personal reserves to X number of battles instead of 1, 2, 4 hours.

  3. I\’d actually buy it, unless it was more or equal to twice what the normal 30 day premium time costs.

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