Data: Tier X Performance by Country and Vehicle Type

If you haven’t already – see this article first.

I imported win rate data from lab-vole instead of VBaddict, which changes the data slightly. Lab-vole seems more realistic/accurate (T-62A lovers rejoice, the tank has a respectable win rate per Lab-vole while it was awful per VBaddict). I also made the table smaller by hiding the other columns for this post only as I already posted the full table previously. I also sorted the data based on total score as some people requested.

Full table – sorted by total score.

Performance by Country:

No surprise here, USSR ahead by a good margin, Germany and USA very lack-luster (If it wasn’t for the Patton, USA would be basically equal to Germany). I didn’t include the nations with only a few lines, just the major countries.

Performance By Vehicle Type:

No surprise here either, heavies and meds ahead, TDs lacking because” I AM TD I SNIPER” which results in zero spotting, a lot of missed shots, and a poor win rate.

Light tanks performing better than I expected, but still not great.


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    1. Of coures they are… it\’s totally balanced to have an entire turret that\’s an easy pen when russian tanks have pixel cupolas that can be penned.

      1. I must confess I am a sucker for German tanks. The idea of playing tanks such as the Leopard 1 or the Tiger II was what got me into the game in the first place, and the German lines were the very first for me to finish. Now most of my favourite tanks are simply not competetive anymore because it turns out Wargaming consistently puts the demands of their main player group before the overall fairness of the game. I am extremely disappointed of Wargaming.

  1. gotta love the circle jerk around. VBAddict uses recent data and we do not like it, lets us use lab-vole that uses statistics from God knows when, cause we like their numbers more. If you really are hunting for numbers you like why not use this table
    Statistic where more is better | Statistic where less is better
    Russian tank X | X
    German tank 0.7*X | 1.4*X

    Isn\’t it hypocritical to berate Wargaming on the RU bias, while you cater to your western patrons by fixing the numbers to make Soviet bias everywhere. Also this site gives you the top ten players of each tank, Maybe instead of using \’unicum opinion\’ take a look there? Also this eliminates some arguments like, you have to be bain damaged to queue in e100, is-7 stats lie cause all drunk Russians drive it as donkeys and so on. I must admit the problem there is the same – data is not recent. But by this shit –

    Top three heavies – WZ, Supa conq, T57
    Worst three – is-4, AMX, Kranvagn
    Top three meds – Patton, 430u, 140
    Worst – 30b, k-91, bat chat.

    My feeling\’s are that this one has some problems obviously – not recent, bat chat is not only dmg, t57 is only dmg, etc.

    1. Hello,

      La-vole uses overall stats, that are based on 375 000+ players, range from very bad to very good players, vbaddict is mostly used by veterans and it is based on only about 12 000 players.

      1. @Dakoda I never put into question what players are used for la-vole. My problem is it is not clear how old data is included there. For example if this is data from last three years you have all the games with t110e5 when this thing was a monster mixed, which deludes how good/bad is right now. All tanks will have pre bobject data, which, and I am pretty sure the introduction of bobject took some dpg from every tank, which is hard to quantify if these games are this data set.

        1. How do you know he is fixing the numbers if he didn\’t even detail the calculation? That\’s quite fallacious isn\’t it?

          As far as I\’m concerned you\’re just as biased as he is, if not more, because while he withheld his calculations, he at least provided his input data, while you\’re just throwing allegations.

          1. I didn\’t withhold any calculations.

            As I said in the previous article, I used DPG, dmg blocked, win rate, kills, spotting, and mobility combined with unicum opinion, converted them to a rank order (percentile based) and then assigned 1-10 points based on this distribution. If the tank was in the 80-90%, it received 8 points, if it was below 10%, 0 points. Sum the points for total score, done. Could I have done my assessment in other ways? Sure, I even experimented with them, but I felt this was the most logical.

            That\’s it. There\’s no secrets.

            Am I a master statistician? No, but i have a masters degree in engineering, I have taken advanced statistics courses, and have done a lot of data analysis as part of my jobs over the years.

            If you have suggestions, I\’m open to them.

            1. Not to the point where I can perform the calculations myself, which is the only way you can provide an undeniable proof if you were to assert that your calculations are unbiased.

              Regardless I trust you more than a random guy with a delible profile. You are a contributor here and you\’ve shown that you did the calculations, while he\’s a guy with no credence who\’s just throwing allegations.

              1. Do you have a problem comprehending what was written? Motoko didn\’t do any calculations of the win rate, etc. That is provided by vbaddict. How is VB doing it, most likely the most common way and doing things like say taking the number of wins and dividing that into how many battles were fought for that tank or taking how much total dmg was dealt by a tank and dividing by how many matches the tank fought. This isn\’t rocket science.

                What would be the most accurate way of getting the numbers? Getting access to this kind of data directly from WG. How does sites like wotlabs, noobmeter, etc get the player data? Could there be a way to get the tank data along those same lines?

  2. it seems instead of whining about you nazi boxes buffs, first in line are the Frenchies and the 30b and 50b which make leo and e100 look like good tanks.

    1. RU players and CCs think that 50b is amazing. I don’t agree but can see where they’re coming from. 30b is… yeah. Just stick with tier 9.

    2. 50B is used in CW… it has some purpose.

      also wer i have no idea what you\’re talking about. I\’m not \”looking for numbers I like\” or \”catering to western patrons.\”

      I used Vbaddict for data, people complained. I use lab-vole, people complain. I use unicum opinion, people complain.

      You mention \”Also this site gives you the top ten players of each tank, Maybe instead of using ‘unicum opinion’ take a look there?\” – what site are you referring to?

        1. Ok I saw that link but wasn\’t sure that was what you were referring to.

          Reasons I didn\’t use that data:

          1. That data is only for tier x it seems (Currently), I wanted my tables to be easily repeatable for all tiers to make it easier for me to do.

          2. The way it is set up currently would be a LOT more work to actually analyze the data. It would be one table of data PER tank, which right now its one table of data PER statistic. I will discuss with Dakado and see if we can make it easier to analyze. The analysis I did took hours upon hours as is. Call me lazy but I don\’t get paid for this and I do it out of enjoyment.

          1. well call, me salty but I am sick and tired of badies finding articles like yours on the internet and use them to fuel their nerd rage cause their favorite box is not one shotting every tank in sight.

  3. Do not tell me the rasha bias is a surprise to you? Wg has to favor their masters to help boost the ego at list cuz the human quality is realy low

  4. Thanks, much more readable now.

    That said, I still think that 40% rating decided by Unicum opinion will only result in rating heavily biased to fast/high skill cap tank.

    I\’m going to post an ancient post in FTR (based on a guy in WoT LJ years ago) about the method that I think is much more accurate to determine whether a tank is OP or not:

    If someone could have an access to the data needed (most ideally: recent WR of active players and recent WR of each tanks) that would be great.

  5. Looks like it\’s time to buff Russian tanks and nerf the German ones.

  6. confirmed, the T110E5 was never OP and the nerf briught it to the ground, hope this opens the eyes of the chronic whiners who complain that everything is OP because they can\’t bother to play better

  7. INteresting article but you don’t think teh global rate bound to winrate are some random and not much reliable.

    Es: the 5a have 52,12 win rate in the list but now have 50,36, in which way win rate influence the global score ?


  8. The only reason why lights aren\’t all at the bottom for win rate is they are matched up against other lights so the average class win rate will still be around 50%.

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