Data: Tier 10 tank performance

Introduction: I wanted to evalulate tier 10 tanks (Tech tree only, no prem tanks, no special tanks, no Polish tank because too new and the data is skewed) from a statistical and analytical perspective. Using data from VBaddict,,  and Unicum opinion, I developed a series of algorithms to evaluate tanks. As time goes on after a tank is released, the data will become more true, because when a new tank is released, it’s typically the hardcore/very skilled players getting to it first and that skews the data. This data is from Random battles only, and I want the data to correlate to Random battles only. 

Data Collection: I’m not going to go into math mode discussing every last detail how I did the evaluation because that would be too complex and simply too much information. 

Using VBaddict, I imported win rate, damage blocked, damage per game, kills per game, and spotting per game. I then used obtain speed/power weight data per tank. I then asked a few Unicum streamers for their opinion on each tank. 50% of the evaluation is based on Vbaddict data, 10% data, and 40% unicum opinion. The reason it is not purely statistic driven is that Vbaddict doesn’t record everything, and opinion does matter during evaluation. Values were converted to rank order, meaning percentile based (IE RHM PZW is the fastest tier 10 tank, thus would be the 100th percentile for speed).

For mobility, I included speed and power/wt into one metric for rating purposes, however in the chart both are shown.


There are dozens of hidden columns and hidden formulas/algorithms in this table. I had to trim as much as I could because the table is gigantic. The color coding is percentile based and I matched it basically to the WN8 color scale, blue is good, red is bad. The % columns are the percentile for the given column, for example the 52.60% win rate of the Obj 268 V4 is the 98%th percentile.

WR Is win rate, KPG is kills/game, BLK is % of shots blocked, DMG is dmg/game, SPOT is spotting/game,  SPD is top speed, PWT is power/weight, UNOP is Unicum Opinion (I feel this column is valuable information by itself) As you can see, the “TOTAL” column is the total score. Max score is 100.

Conclusions & Discussion:

Do I think this data is 100% all encompassing when evaluating a tank? No. However, it is a valauble reference.

The average overall score is a 52.8. Obj 430U has the best score at an 89 as it does well at everything, followed by Obj 277 and WZ5A at 77. The lowest total score is the E-100. Do I feel the E-100 is the worst tier 10 tank? No, but it is pretty useless and does not excel at much. It’s slow and the armor is questionable at best. For example, the Is7 is nearly twice as quick as the E-100, yet the armor is more reliable based on this chart. It is also plagued by new players rushing up to play it, as is the Is7, hence the poor win rates on those and some other tanks that are much better than their win rate reflects.

I am pleased with the data and feel it is pretty accurate.  Nearly all the tanks with a total score in the orange/red are pretty useless in the current meta and I don’t think anyone would complain too much if these tanks received small or even considerable buffs.

Some exceptions:

T110E3 – has a score of 48 which I feel is a little low for this tank. Probably because people play it as a sniper, which tends to destroy TD ratings in general since they aren’t spotting much and aren’t actively involved in the fight. I feel this tank should be around a 55.

Foch B – score of 54, slightly high for this tank. I feel should be near a 40.

PZ KPFW VII – has a score of 48, I feel should be near a 40.

STB -1 has a score of 60, I feel it should be near a 50.

E100 – has a score of 29, I feel it should be near a 40.

I will write further articles based on the data I have collected to be more specific since this is a lot of information.

Thanks to:

Thanks to these guys for their opinions. Both are good guys and are excellent players. They are also fun to watch play, check our their streams. I tried to get more unicum opinion but it is a lot of work and effort. People are lazy xD.

Yzn3 –

Trobsmonkey –


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    1. I will do another article comparing tank by country, basically a spinoff of this article in a few days, so it\’ll be pretty clear which country has the best tanks, as if it was ever in doubt.


    1. Are you just looking at Rhm. Panzerwagen ? T 100, Sheridan and WZ\’s stats are pretty respectable, not amazing by any means but good enough

    1. there was a time back in 2015 when I can offer a rebuttal to people screaming russian bias in wot, but now i can\’t anymore, the evidence is all over the place.

      1. RU players are crying that WG cares only about EU players and soviet tanks are the worst. And whenever non soviet tanks are getting buffed they start whining like crazy. And when soviet tanks get buffed they alway say it\’s not enough, they\’re still shit. And god forbid if a soviet tank is being nerfed. Have you seen forums and official VK group when bobject got nerfed? Holy jumping fucking balls. WG is trying to please their largest playerbase but these wankers cannot be pleased. I don\’t even blame WG for all OP soviet tanks anymore tbh.

          1. Yeah, sure, let them cry. Who\’s gonna pay WG\’s bills then? Funnily enough since the very release of the game there was a group of players who played only on german tanks and of course german tanks sucked back then too, so they always cried that about how germans are underpowered and KWG hates them. SerB didn\’t like those players and trolled them all the time, it became a meme even that \”Germanophiles must suffer\”. Murazor was one of those people btw and there are speculations that he was \”fired\” because he tried to make german tanks great, lol. So I\’m not even mad that germans suck in WoT, after all they\’re mostly just uptiered WW2 tanks that are fighting Cold War era tanks.

    1. I do have the data for 215B.

      It\’s pretty bad. 40 total score. The win rate is atrocious, below 45%.

      You\’re welcome.

  1. Really interesting article, and I cant wait to see more of these.

    It\’s nice to have a view at actual data and to compare vehicles with each other. Rather than just blindly believe WG when they say X tank is fine and definitely not OP/UP (see : Obj430 vs post-nerf T110E5).

    It\’s also interesting to see how most tanks are actualy pretty balanced and only a selected few completely dominate while another few completely suck.

    1. Which is, I forgot to add, a proof that WG is just being really lazy with balance because just touching those fed vehicles would already make the gameplay more enjoyable, no need to rework the entire game unless their goal is not to bring down those tanks to an acceptable level but instead to bring up everything else to a broken-OP level.

      Some would say \”if everything is OP then in the end it becomes balanced\”, but I\’m not sure a game full of impenetrable tanks with insane alpha and pen and mobility anf accuracy is what I\’d call \”balanced\”. It just sounds like a bad class project in a video game school where they had to rush the balance part because the project was due next morning. I know what I\’m talking about, that\’s exactly what I did a few months ago. And it may look good and be playable, a few minutes in is enough to see the problem.

      1. nope sir.
        You need people to grind new tanks, pay premium account and generally spend their time (money) in game. Also meta is changing towards fast paced games, so yes – what you described is most likely future state of game.
        I\’m expecting 2019 (max 2020) to be introduction of premium t10 tanks.

          1. Well, it actually IS bad, if you think about it. They should make it more attractive to play lower tiers to make the game less top-heavy.

      2. It\’s what I\’ve always said. Balance isn\’t hard. Just nerf the obvious OP tanks and buff the obvious UP tanks. That\’s it.

      3. Problem I find is that every new tanks that gets added gets uptiered so that it can compete with tanks within the +2 MM, however they forget the tanks that are -2 MM under those particular tanks while doing this. Sure a tank 2 tier below shouldn\’t be able to hold it\’s own by itself against a tank 2 tier higher, but as it is now, some tanks have no chance at all.

    2. it\’s curious, isn\’t it?
      so much whine about the T110E5 being OP that they nerfed it, and what happens? it has a low WR and one of the worst KPG averages of all Tier 10\’s, the gun was not nerfed and it\’s KPG is the second worst among Tier 10s and so I would ask:

      was it worth to nerf the T110E5 when it has so little impact in most matches? I mean, since it\’s KPG is so low wouldn\’t you think having a bit more survivability balance it out and put it closer to the ideal 50% WR?

      I think it\’s about time they consider a moderate buff to it and I would suggest they remodel the T110E5 armour layout like it was actually conceptualized instead of the cast elliptic shape of the M48 and M103, which would also make sense since after the M48 they went back to a simple slope on the M60, T95, MBT-70, XM803 and so on, had the T110s (valid for all variants) been actually built and it would be much more like the concept since at the time they had given up on the cast elliptic shape

      of course I recommend it because it\’s much easier to balance a tank shaped like a T-54 or M60 than it is to balance something like a M103 armour since it\’s unique angles can create some surprisingly OP spots in the armour layout, just like it happened with the T110E5 pre-nerf

      1. If you think about it the weakspot of the pre nerf E5 was still penable with Gold (nowadays standart ammo in Tier 1) and high pen AP like TDs. Also it was fucking huge and easy to hit. And now look at the shit we have with 430U: Lower silhouette, faster, higher alpha as a MEDIUM, better DPM, better Turret Armour with cupolas smaller and less armoured than E5. All in all it would maybe still underpwerform even with pre nerf stats which is insane.

    1. Because that\’s the most recommended medium line to new players. The data is so skewed it\’s bound to be worthless.

  2. I\’m sorry, but why do you sort them that way? I\’m not even sure what you used to sort them, but they should be sorted according to your total rating for convinience sake.

    That said, personally I think you used Unicum opinion way too much. I\’m not saying that their opinion don\’t matter. It\’s just that their opinion represents the opinion of top 1% player, not the entire player base. That way, some tanks that are easy to play decently by everyone but not \”exploitable\” like Maus or JPE are going to suffer.

    I would love to see someone bring up the \’OP rating\’ that noobmeter used years ago (simple, the winrate of the tank is compared to the winrate of the drivers). I find them a fine rating to see the overall player base of a tank and how well they could leverage their driver\’s skill, although it\’s kinda skewed by tank\’s age in game.

    1. Totally agree with all your points. Unicum opinion should have a weight of 10% (with 40% the list is VERY subjective), and OP rating should be taken on board.

      Would you do something like that? Even the comparison of the 2 version would be interesting.

    2. Find me the data that i can use to create the OP rating that noobmeter used and i\’ll do it.

      I have no way to obtain it.

  3. Thing to keep in mind about VBaddict is that they.. get their data from a set of random replays from their users. So that data set vs other stat sites can differ with over 5%. So some might under preform more then the site may say. Or over preform even.

  4. Interesting to observe that it is the tanks that it is possible to play more aggressively in (and survive an encounter) that tend to show better results

  5. Great job with this statistics, I feel like you could share this with streamers or post it in WoTLabs, so you can get more data when it comes to unicum opinion. Also it would be cool to see what happens when you add special tier 10 tanks.

  6. Tbh,My biggest Problem with your calculation is that 40% of it is apparently based on 2 \”Unicums\”
    Don`t get me wrong,Opinions of good Players are very important but you need to ask more than 2 People to get valuable results.
    (and btw. Trobsmonkey isn´t even a real unicum so his Opinion doesn`t even count to me)

    1. I agree, but it\’s difficult to get people to do anything.

      Get me the data, i\’ll use it.

      I\’m one man lol

  7. Hey great work as a self proclaimed expert it is no surprise to see certain tanks ranked so high.

    All this buff to tanks with armor has left the tanks without armor just more and more useless. Mobility is useful once the battlefield opens up but not much use if your team loses 3 tanks right of the bat not much use of mobility. All in all great job.

  8. very excellent report, thanks OP.

    Russian and their comrade clone countries bias confirmed using math and science.

    Meanwhile on forums…players with the only rebuttal of put your tinfoil hat back on are still celebrating the recent discovery of America, while saying put your tinfoil hat back on several times simultaneously on multiple topics, to hit that 50k forum posts mark.

    Congratulations on your valuable contribution guys.

    The obj 430U is obviously streaks ahead, despite having \”no gun depression\” (doesn\’t seem to be a handicap these days HUH??).
    I think it might be an easy time to MoE the Leo 1. Show the beautiful German cat some love.

    I only have a week of premium account and will not renew.

  9. INteresting article but you don\’t think teh global rate bound to winrate are some random and not much reliable.

    Es: the 5a have 52,12 win rate in the list but now have 50,36, in which way win rate influence the global score ?


  10. K91 overrated
    T100LT overrated
    Type5 underrated
    Maus underrated
    277 overrated
    M48 Patton underrated
    STB1 highly overrated
    STRV103B highly underrated
    Super Conq underrated
    IS-7 underrated
    T57 enormously underrated (especially in unicum opinion)
    amx 13 105 highly overrated
    121 underrated (no way a medium tank can be less effective than a tier 10 lt)
    E50M underrated
    AMX 30B underrated
    AMX 50B underrated
    Badger highly underrated (this tank, if you have the patience and focus to play it how you need it to, is broken)
    Centurion AX underrated

    Leopard 1, highly overrated.. xD

  11. where should be 60TP? Or bcs vbaddict is gone you dont have data anymore?
    I saw 50TP is 2nd place with 95.70% but what about 60TP?
    I want to grind a Heavy tier 10 (my first one) and cant decide. 5A looks fine (the whole line), S.Conq but I dont like the line, I have E75 with 110k xp and full but I saw E100 isnt that good…
    What do you think about 60TP? Worth to grind?

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