Q&A – 14th September 2018

PS: I know, some answers might be repeated, but I believe it’s better this way. This is the complete Q&A, not the summary posted some days ago.

On the 9th of September, the Russians and Belarussians celebrated the Tanker’s Day. The event which WG organized was located in Minsk. The complete transcript of the Q&A with the devs is as follows:


– Our balance team is now most satisfied with the Obj. 705A. We’re planning a revision of all high tier tanks in about 6-8 months. If we decide to change any parameters, it will happen then.

– We have a certain cycle when we rebalance a tank. It has to do with the fact that we gather a lot of data. We try to not include bad players, because they can make a lot of noise in the data with their (lack of) skills. Because of that the time we will need to rebalance the high tiers is as stated before 6-8 months. Around that time we will rebalance and/or swap the IS-4.

– We will look at the mid tier tanks soon (tiers V-VII). We will ascertain what work they need done on them and do it.

– Yes, the KV-4 will be looked upon too, although there’s a certain quirk to it. We can’t overdo it. It has to get a few buffs and nerfs in the same moment, because it’s a nasty tank for the lower tier enemies. The changes will be complex, but they’ll happen.

– HE shells don’t need a nerf. They need to be changed completely! Removing them would be wrong, since they bring diversity to the gameplay. HE maining tanks will also remain in the game, because if we decide on some changes, they will be complex.

– The TOG II* is a curious tank – more a trophy tank than a playable one. It’s hard to do anything with it.

– Regarding the T67: We will soon fix V-VII tier tanks, the tanks in question getting thorough changes. However, the moment we decide to touch that tank, someone will cry we’re nerfing their favorite tank.

– Regarding pref MM premiums: For the tanks that are ‘unrebalanceable’, we might provide a gold compensation. Of course we don’t want this situation to happen, but the case of the Super Pershing might repeat itself.

– We plan to swap some tanks, like we did for the Foch 155 for example. Which? Of course we can’t tell now, but the same rules will apply.

– The Grille 15 won’t be changed. Everything is normal and we’re satisfied.

– The amount of gold ammo on the test server should be reduced? Not everyone uses it. Maybe hearing that we should restrict it further? Reduce the price maybe?

– What will happen to the low tier prem tank bonus (VII or below)? We’ll slowly work on them, starting from tier VII and going down gradualy, just like with everything. Right now we’re busy with pref MM tanks.

– We have a lot of players in Asia, so we’ll undoubtedly return to Asian themed maps.

– We heard a lot of voices that we should make more symmetrical maps. After the return of Ghost Town we’ll check that theory.

– We’re pondering on returning Pearl River. Komarin was a nightmare so it probably won’t return.

– Sand River Assault was disabled because, as far as I remember, it was biased towards the defenders. The attackers thus had a slim (30%) chance to win.

– Even the current maps are good for 10×10 duels. We’ll experiment, but we’re not certain.

– In the current game, we’ll most likely not see weather effects or night battles. It’s hard to optimize it for people playing on calculators and potatoes, and disabling said effects to gain performance would give an advantage.

– We are currently conducting experiments with map terraforming (destructible bridges, avalanches, etc.), but it’s doubtful whether it will pass the experimental stage.
Crew skills

– Perks against stun: during the crew skill rework there will be the possibility to implement such a thing.

– The rework of crew skills is going on albeit slowly for many reasons. There are people who invested a lot of time in gaining crew skills. To be precise the preservation of those is our priority. More announcements later. (Apparently it will come in the first half of the next year, but nothing is certain)

Info on tanks in existing nations

– Yes, we were barely able to slap together a Japanese tree, but their destroyers are an even worse case. Everything over tier VI would have to be pure fantasy. There’s potential for a arty line, but we won’t implement them (for, hopefully obvious, reasons)

– The historical consultants dug up everything possible and that existed. Generally the Japanese archives suffered greatly from the air raids on Tokyo. We only have what we got from private archives. That’s why a TD line (or a VIII tier premium TD) is unlikely, and we don’t want to clone the O-Ho or other heavy tanks. Not everyone likes their play style (on both ends)

– Yes, British LTs are actively debated. We want to implement them next year.

– Czechoslovakian prem tank – there’s a demand, and there’s a candidate. But sadly there’s nothing more to add to the tree.

– The T-103 should appear next year. We have a cunning plan on how to implement it.
3D customization

– Making a new 3D style for a tank is almost as time consuming as making a new tank. We experimented with the KV-2 (R) and we concluded that their creation and support are very expensive.

– Nevertheless, we will gradually add the ability to modify tank models when we’re ready.

– Next year we’ll show the fruit of our labor, so you can see it for yourself and comment it. If we get positive feedback, we will continue our work.
Game modes, vehicles/mechanics

– Wheeled vehicles: I won’t give any ETAs because of the so called Havok syndrome. We will test them internally and with supertesters. As it is, we most likely will see this project in your hands after January at least.

– We were satisfied with the Halloween event, where we tested multi-turret and multi-gun functionality, but it wasn’t all that of a success in the end. The result of the event was, for example, the Italian loading system. We’re still not ready to make a multi-gun tank.

– What we don’t want is a new mechanic for just one tank. That’s why we’ve asked our consultants to find more. And to disprove, whoever said it, that we find our info on napkins.

– If I’m not mistaken, the Chieftain/T95 is working and ready to be implemented, especially after all the tier X CW reward tanks (sans the 907) get adjustments. These tanks should be good now.

– We have already picked another mechanic to introduce after implementing wheeled vehicles. No, it’s not flamethrowers or rocket tanks.

– When a tank turns over, there’s not a lot of time left. We’re thinking about a few solutions, one being the reintroduction of not being able to turn a tank over. Or tow cables. We also want to add more help requests to the comm wheel.

– Flamethrower tanks are unnecessary!

– The Battle Royale mode won’t return soon.

– We want to add another fun mode until the end of the year.

– We don’t expect any sudden changes to arty. We’re curious how our ship guys will tackle a similar problem of reworking carriers. Right now there are no solid plans for an arty rework.

– We believe that currently the amount of these vehicles is sufficient to satisfy all SPG fans. Although there is a lot of archive stuff, we don’t plan to add more to the game.

– There’s no technical possibility to close the game to prevent cheating completely. We prototyped an anti-cheat software, which monitored all threads and processor workload. The problem is that you can’t always use such software legally, not to mention it impacted the performance heavily, which would make the potato PC users gnash their teeth. Even then, it wasn’t 100 percent secure, because one could always try to bypass it offline. There’s always someone cheating, so we will work as we did up until now.

– The tank exchange system will be unchanged, although since we’ve implemented the new store, it isn’t properly implemented. In the next update it should be fixed.

– There will be a lot of news during WG Fest 2018. More info soon.

– MOTD, our favorite or least favorite map, giving likes and dislikes to maps – don’t hope for it. Map selection won’t be implemented in any way.

– When we last discussed combining our games into one battlefield, the scale was critical. When i drop a bomb on a plane, I want to cause a lot of damage. But when sailing, I want such a plane to be like a mosquito to me. You can’t sink a ship with one bomb! Same with tanks. They would be defenceless against the other two forces. We however have some interactions of the sort in Frontline.

– Bonds are a skill currency. On that topic, players from Europe, especially the west, told us that they accept the idea, but they should be able to buy bonds. As a commercial company it would be good for us, but we decided not to go down that way.

– We don’t want the return of cross team chat, however discussions are going on all the time, and personally I support the idea of returning it. We’re thinking about a list of commands to use to communicate with the enemy.

– Lebw’s win in the Battle of Streamers 2018 was completely logical, but at first it was a good battle. We congratulate a fast win. This is not the last of this event. We have to change a few things, but we’re generally content with the idea, and will work on it.

– Incentives for old players – wait until December! (Might be RU exclusive)

– We will remove those “errors” from Swedish TDs that gave an advantage in battle. Some were already removed. We will fix until it’s done, right now treat it as an added perk.

– Special tanks which we wanted to introduce but were rejected still exist in our heads. Some of them are quite absurd. My love is the T-39, and there are a lot of Italian designs. There’s also the Sturmtiger. Once a year we remind ourselves about them and want to ‘do it now’, but quickly abandon the idea, since it’s a difficult topic.

– Pankov: “We wanted to implement the Tank Grotte, and not the Alligator version. The idea was there, but it was abandoned.”

– Makarov: “I’m dreaming about that totally fake E-79, but that’s a closed topic. We couldn’t secure the rights to it.

– Q: “When you aim at the horizon, the reticle glues itself to the earth. You want to do something about it?”
A: “Why? That would destroy the theory that we make certain tanks hit the ground so they’re balanced. Of course not!”

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  1. – The amount of gold ammo on the test server should be reduced? Not everyone uses it. Maybe hearing that we should restrict it further? Reduce the price maybe?

    They don\’t play there game do they?!

    1. Does it matter? Even if they all fired normal ammo it would not show or prove anything vs Live. As when 90% of the CT on high tiers plays the same tanks. As in the new content. Like on the last run when half the team were in Polish tier X HT\’s and the rest were in Shitbarns. I suspect it never gave anyone an idea of how the tank will play on live anyway. Gold ammo or not. It\’s the least of the CT\’s issues tbh when you only face 3-4 different guns vs 14 when you play on live.

  2. Talking plenty, saying nothing. And the little info available, is mostly bad news and far possible future. I had better Q&A with a talking parrot.

  3. That last question proves Wargamings inability to take their players seriously.

    Being able to aim off the ground on hills so you can preaim on hills to hit targets that would be coming would be NICE TO HAVE. Instead of it screwing with your shot. Especially something behind a bush on a hill.
    But no, Wargaming continues to ignore the small stuff that pisses people off.
    Classy developers right there.

    1. Because in their universe it\’s a PhD level of difficulty to come up with logical but balanced tweaks&changes to better balance tanks. And they even fail at that.
      PhD research also takes months to complete before figures are published for peer review etc. So there you go, there is your 6-8 months 😛


  4. we are afraid to nerf somreones favorite tank because people will complain. fuck that nerf the dam t67. i hadnt played low tiers in a long time but i was recently playing the low and mid tier polish and italians.

    the t67 is a plague at tier 5 with people racing them around as if their light tanks just shredding everything they come across. then theres the people who play it as if its an e25. they are either never spotted the entire game or they are the last person alive just farming newer players while spamming nothing but prem.

    the t67 at this point is like a tier 5 equivalent to the classic tier 6 kv1s. theres seal clubbers everywhere in it with 4 skill crews using food and full equipment and just shredding everything they face.

    its no like you can out play them either because they hold the view range with 340ms which is better than most other tier 5s, its fast enough to run like hell and get in another bush if it needs to, it has -10 gun dep and has decent accuracy for a tier 5 with really powerful gun for the tier. i mean press the 2 key (as most of them do) and you effectively have sherman firefly pen on your gun at tier 5.

    1. Good morning Sir, i\’d like to inform you that TODAY, t-67 is useless to a standard account without premium tanks. Even though it is my second tank in winrate, it is not funny anymore being 95% bottom tier. TODAY, i repeat, with the infestation of all all these tier 5 freemium + t-3485m, there are only few in battlefields. Consider also that the new set of missions for british td, requires t6 and above. i am waiting for a long time to get a nerf so that i can move my crew to another more enjoyable tank. Furthermore, accuracy is 0.41 which is BAD for a td. Hence every good player is playing it like a light (which it is actually) and not a td. If you compare it to chaffee, there is not a big difference. Obviously if you have 4 skill crew and run food, becomes much more better, nothing to say on this. Lastly, it is an overperforming free tank, which must be nerfed, because GOOD TANKS must be PAID in REAL MONEY and not get obtained freely. I also own 1 premium, type 64 which is equally good, \’\’overperforming\’\’?, but that cost real money and there will never get nerfed. And i leave out of this conversation the various e-25, defenders and the new arrivals, progetto 46 and the polish prototype. Have a good day sir

      1. T67 is retarded, no matter the excuse you come up with. I honestly have no idea how this disgusting piece of shit stayed like that for such a long time.

      2. \”there are only few in battlefields\”
        On EU they are a infestation Half the time you can not go near a enemy cap without being sniped by a t67. Please don\’t lie on a fansite. If you play that crutch on EU, you will be focused on and taken care of by the anti-sealclub tankers.

  5. – The Grille 15 won’t be changed. Everything is normal and we’re satisfied. REALLY wargaming?
    The Grille has a 47% global win rate. I don\’t know what wargaming understand under word NORMAL.
    Somebody need his marbles checked there.

    1. I think they were referring to rumors that Grille will be replaced/remodeled. They specifically stated that, in fact.

  6. The premium balancing chit chat is going on for more than eight month now.
    I guess another eight have to pass before wargaming\’s urgency kicks in.

    1. Normally they ignore feedback but after the outcry on their plans to ditch pref MM altogether, they had to start from scratch.

  7. As a regular player who doesn’t intent CW roughly, bonds are pretty useless for me. I don’t think improved equipment worth such huge bonds nor don’t need improve crew skills. I combined over 11k bonds and still waiting for a special opportunity like buy a special tank premium vehicle or previously removed from game like Foch 155 or death Star.

    1. It would take a long time for me to get 5,000 bonds for improved equipment and then it costs another 100 to demount so I\’d never buy one. I get best use spending 2 on firefighting directive for a few tanks I ditch a fire extinguisher on to run food (and crew don\’t have ff).

  8. Yet again NO WORD on the work they are doing regarding: a players top/mid/bot tier placement in the \’Template Match Maker\’ and their preposed \”balance algorithm\” they \’never activated\’.

    All other changes are MUTE changes if this single humongous issue is not tackled, or if they fail in tackling this.

    Player retention was already at an all time low a month ago, dropping to historical lows and they are running in spare time until this new patch hype is over and figures start to drop off again.

    Wargaming GET YOUR ARSE INTO GEAR and start correctly prioritizing the things that need addressing first.

  9. \”– We will remove those “errors” from Swedish TDs that gave an advantage in battle. Some were already removed. We will fix until it’s done, right now treat it as an added perk.\”

    What is he talking about there?

      1. Do you mean that if I enter siege mode I get better traction and can goat climb to places other tanks could not? Never knew about that. Thanks.

  10. Every Q&A that\’s dome by a Wargame Man/ Male is always complete shit with crap down talking about key issues ~ bad comprehension of the players expectations of OUR game (someone should remind them without US they don\’t have a game at all

    the useless incompetent Men from Wargame Dev\’s section should let the WG women Like Kandly & Sael do EVERYTHING like this in there PR roles

    Importantly both never talk badly or \’down\’ at there audience, both also seem to be 100% more intelligent as well compared to there WG \’male\’ colleagues

    1. Don\’t start with your gender bullshit in a Tanks blog. Everyone knows that man are biological superior to woman, from fitness to problem solving to general intelligence. Woman are hold back by their feelings, their overthinking and their expectation that problems will be solved by itself. Theres a reason why man get payed more and why commpanies mostly avoid woman, specially the ones where you need to show performance and effort.

    2. It would make them look bad if they just had to recite crap the devs gave them. They are the \’good cop\’ in the good cop/bad cop charade.

  11. \”On that topic, players from Europe, especially the west, told us that they accept the idea, but they should be able to buy bonds. As a commercial company it would be good for us, but we decided not to go down that way.\” REALLY? I\’m shocked. 😀

  12. Bonds are skill based…… Other then the fact that you can have two players of equal skill and one has the time window to play modes that pay out bonds and one that doesn\’t. That has zero to do with skill and will result in the one with time having better equipment for his best tanks.

    1. It will also ensure that bot-like players will not be able to afford more than one or two pieces of bond equipment, ever, no matter how many battles they will play.

    2. So the best players can put bond equipment on their T67 (to go with their 5 skill crew) and play against new players? Not sure what the solution is but it only widens the gap between top players and others.

      1. If you can afford to pimp up your T67 with bond equipment then the gap is so big already that the equipment is no longer a factor. It just speeds up the mopping up process.

  13. \”– Yes, we were barely able to slap together a Japanese tree, but their destroyers are an even worse case. Everything over tier VI would have to be pure fantasy.\”
    over tier VI Italy and Polen are not fantasy? WG, be honest and say \”Jap Market is not beneficial\”

  14. Some of this stuff is/seems good enough (rework of high tiers, one can hope not only tier 10 but the whole 8-9-10 spread, like 5-6-7 mentioned a few lines below; new Czech premium; rework of HE), but then comes the dreaded question – can we trust these guys? Because so far their idea of \’change\’ and \’rebalance\’ has been pretty questionable to put it kindly.

    By the way, the whole Japanese TD line thing is bullshit. The Chinese TD line says hello.

    1. 5-6-7 MM will suck even more (esp in T8), so they need to implement it so that you get your fair share of top & middle tier as well as bottom. And if they say they already do, I\’m calling B.S.

  15. Every time I read through one of these Q&As I keep coming back to the key point that the game doesn\’t need \’re-balanced\’ high tiers, \’adjustments\’ to pref mm tanks, new rocks or bushes on maps. All of these (and many other \’tweaks\’) are useful and necessary but….

    New players are critical to any game and they are treated appallingly by WG. Low or no skill crews, no equipment, poor quality low tier tanks AND hordes of seal clubbers killing them in seconds.

    New players treatment has improved a little in the past year with a 6th sense commander and a free tier 6 but still needs a LOT more to help them. Perhaps a 1000 game bonus of a one skill crew, free transfers of crews between all tanks in their garage, set of basic equipment etc. But we really need to help them with restricted matchmaking, stop the seal clubbing of the future of the game. 10k + game players can play at low tiers for a handful of games to get their x2 xp for the day but then send them up the tiers where they belong.

  16. Wargaming pushed this shit Grille 15 over us. And nerfed a vehicle that should be buffed.

    Now they say that this shit that verybody dislikes is ok? They should be kidding us.
    I do not play any of my German TDs from tier VII to above. Simply they can\’t compete. Grille 15 is just the worst of all, a super piece of shit, almost useless.

    Simply don\’t play those vehicles, perhaps they would fix it someday.

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