0 thoughts on “WoT – How to play : Caernarvon Action X

  1. So its a very slow Medium Heavy that you cannot brawl in!
    but can snipe and poke ridges well as a MT can with good -10 gun arc
    and use the strong turret trading fire up to T9 happily (but Not any T10\’s

    only damage a T9 ~ T10 for 230 alpha a shot – but get 440 ~ 750 alpha back in reply (seems fair?
    with the accurate and \’high\’ 226 penetration which is not actually that high really for Tier 8 HT

    got it thanks!
    looks awesome and OP at tiers T6 ~ T8
    and then pretty crap from tiers T9 ~T10

    however the nice bit its almost 50% for most! and for some a few its a Free T8 British premium for just 50+ battles a day x 14 days

    so i miss anything?

  2. Still, it is free, \”easy to get\” (only XP grinding) and it is not a crap tank.
    And you can cause a lot of pain with that high reload gun, destroying tracks of enemy vehicles.
    Not a bad deal from Wargaming… I have seen worse…

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