Update 1.2 Common Test Patchnotes

Main Changes

1. Changes to Personal Missions

  • The third operation (Object 279 (e)) of the new campaign becomes available:
  • added a new type of missions that should be completed within a certain number of battles. Otherwise, the progress is reset and the mission should be started anew. Three mission types are available in the operation:
  1. Accumulative (require achieving a certain value by a specified parameter). The mission lasts until the player fulfills the set condition or runs out of attempts.
  2. Series (require completing the set condition within several battles; at the same time the number of attempts is bigger than the number of required completions).
  3. Continuous (require fulfilling the set condition in every battle of the series). A failed attempt interrupts the series.
  • The Pause button becomes available in the mission profiles of the operation. It allows pausing a mission: the progress will be suspended until the player continues it. Players can take some rest and be not afraid of losing progress.
  • Improvements to the reward screens:
    1. Display of accumulative conditions in the operation profile according to the common interface of such missions.
    2. Proper display of missions that have interchangeable conditions “OR”.
  • Improvement to the mission profile: the Cancel button is removed.


Maps that have been reworked in HD:

  • Empire’s Border
  • Widepark
  • Highway

Balance changes have been added on the following maps:

  • Ruinberg
  • Overlord
  • Redshire
  • Sand River
  • Paris

Also: bots introduced for lower tier battles on the LATAM cluster.

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  1. To be completely honest, I think this release would\’ve been better to name 1.1.1. There are no new/updated major features (except for campaign, but still, it\’s just the extension of campaign) and literally only new maps/map fixes. I\’d associate some major update with a 1.2 release… As 1.0 introduced new game engine + Italian tanks + new Autoreloader mechanics, and 1.1 introduced Polish tanks + New campaign + Store 2.0 (a.k.a. big things).

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