0 thoughts on “Developer Diaries: Ranked Battles

  1. Ranked battles: where the very best players in the very best tanks can win the very best equipment. Or where regular players can feed their M48’s to 268v4’s or object 907’s with gold plated equipment.

  2. as expected…..first day get to rank 4…and then spend every next evening losing rank gaining rank….losing rank gaining rank….and finish every evening session with about 150-200 k credits in the hole

    1. That just means you are not good enough. It’s the point of ranked. Not everyone can succeed. I’ve made plenty of profit in it.

      1. LMAO, literally the BEST players in the world lose credits in Ranked battles, consistently.
        So unless you’re talking bout profits in BONDS, you’re full of shit.

          1. Neither, I just don’t spam prem all the time. PaPaPawian fe. played completely without prem ammo, made huge profit. Me using some makes me still nice profit. Just admit it, you are not good enough.

  3. or he drives a BC like me and dont fries HEAT all the time, got Rank 6 so far without lossing any money + the gains from Rank rewards

  4. ranked battle is bullshit, there are too nay variables which are not connected to skills such as the type of tank, usage of bonds and gold ammo. Nice try TardGaming.

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