0 thoughts on “50TP Prototype Available on EU (Special Offer)

  1. I’d be interested in hearing some feedback from people who bought one. Many people thought it would be like a defender armor-wise judging from early stats. Is it the case ?

    1. Armor is weaker than Defender, as is radio range and standard/gold pen (218/245 vs 225/260something), but it has better mobility, aimtime, accuracy, reload speed, viewrange and great gun depression. Defender is still king of Tier 8 heavies, main reason I bought 50TP was I did not buy Defender (shame on me) and so I wanted something comparable in my garage.

      1. ” I did not buy Defender”
        Good man.
        “so I wanted something comparable in my garage”
        That`s disgusting, shame on you.

        1. Yeah, I’m a filthy pay2win noob gold spammer, you got me. I will repent for my sins in hell.

  2. Can its camo be removed ingame like the Warhammer skins or is it like these other clown camo tanks (looking at you Liberté and Patriot especially) ?

    1. The ‘style’ can be removed according to Quickybaby, so I would guess yes. Though don’t hold me on it if not.

    1. If you wannna buy it earlier than other non-premium plebs. It’s been like that for quite some time already, regarding new premium tanks.

  3. Extra extra….latest public release from WG HQ: “You want to buy this new premium tank? WELL F**K YOU!!!!!……..GO BUY SOME PREMIUM TIME FIRST!!!!!!”

    1. That’s actually been going on since ELC EVEN 90. You get early access to new tanks if you’re a good boy.

  4. I bought plenty of strong and desirable premiums that turned into pumpkins by WG changing the game around them. I will not fall for this again. Fix the tanks we have, until then – #wallet closed

  5. A lot of players are not renewing premium time anymore, many have reached end game, or are just tired after years of WoT abuse. A player can still happily play up to tier 8 without premium account. And those who have been seriously grinding for years were forever grinding tier 8 premium tanks to farm credits they needed anyway.
    Then you get 20 tier 10 tanks in your garage that you never play, because even WITH premium account active, they are too expensive to play often!.
    Players realise they can get the same pleasure (or pain) playing ANY tier. And tbh getting on for a game of WoT isn’t really very relaxing after a hard day at the office, it’s more like going to work a second job…
    So…to counter this wee technical issue of players not buying premium account time, WG are slipping sneaky premium account packages into their tank sales more and more.
    I just picked up a waffle steyr wagon WITH 14 days premium account time for $20.
    I would have preferred just the steyr for even less cost, but meh, WG.
    Many regular players on my server are announcing in forums they won’t renew anymore premium account time.
    So if I’m going to be forced to play tier 8 premium tanks all the time, I might as well play on a free account.

      1. Except if you are a cunt like me and play arty for fun. Profitable on the long run, especially if your 5+ skill crew hits all the shots.

    1. Noticed how fewer players there are now on the EU servers this at any time of day, I think maybe 20% less than last year?
      which is how its been on WOT for last 3 years year on year on,
      when I started play WOT 2013 always 150k+ EU server from afternoons 200k on evenings at weekends 280k+ over weekend
      which is worrying that WG do not respond positively to this? its there living pays ALL there wages

      1. Your servers are still healthy compared to NA which can only put up around 15k at prime-time EST.
        I have a EU account as well and I see 30-45k on EU1 on their prime time, that is really good for just one server.

        1. it used to be double that number on Prime time for any EU server 1 or 2
          3 years ago it was triple that number at the peak prime times
          NA server was once at 85k players 2 years ago ……….. now 25% of that
          so yeah WG sure everything is ok …………………………..

    2. Agreed with Anonymous across the board. Tier 10 is such a credit sink that grinding for it is a complete pain, premium account or otherwise. That may be the price to pay to get consistently good MM, but tier 10 has other problems too. For example there’s a lot of dumb armor that has to be dealt with via gold ammo, which tempts everyone into spamming gold. The middle tiers are frankly much more functional and they don’t break the bank either. So I just don’t have any reason to invest in premium time.
      The point that really stands out was the idea that WoT feels like a second job. Not even because of the credit economy, but simply the amount of work that has to be put in and the lack of guarantee that your effort will consistently deliver results. If your team doesn’t win, you walk away empty handed. If you didn’t even try, then that makes sense. But for those who did try to win but were betrayed by their team’s incompetence and/or malice (the two are indistinguishable in practice), its excruciating.
      I’d honestly be very tolerant of that if it weren’t for stats. Frontline was great fun precisely because no stats were collected so we had the freedom to try new things, goof off, and actually have some fun without worrying about the permanent record.

  6. already saw a few on the battlefield, doing usually 2k+ dmg, some 3k+, even 5k+. Definitely not a bad one this tank 🙂

  7. This thing came out before a British T8 premium heavy even though the brit tank was finished first.

  8. 1.) I´ts the introducer for the polish techtree, which will come soon, 1-2 month max. WG always gave a prem first. And yes, there is the Pudelm but it is years old.
    2.) Poland has a way bigger community than the english guys. They can earn waaayyyy more money with this tank. And labeling it as the Defender 2.0 makes even more people buy it, so they have their own OP Defender.

    1. right. level ground, no obstructing LFP. I can pen an defender, 257 or T-10 with 212 pen.
      When you have a good protection of the LFP, you wont pen shit from the front unless you have a higher elevation and get to shoot down or top of turret.
      The glaring weakness of this tank having talked with some NA players that have it somehow and are not using a special account, say the sides are shit. so easy to pen. Especially the turret ring area…totally fucks up the tank performance.

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