Supertest: KV-5 and FCM 50 t Changes

 These are tested buffs that would come with the removal keeping of preferential MM. I was tired. KV-5:

  • Increased penetration value of standard AP round from 168 to 182 mm;
  • Reduced aiming time from 2,74 to 2,21 s;
  • Corrected commander cupola armor by 40 mm (from 150 to 190 mm);
  • Improved radio operator tumor by 20 mm (from 180 to 200 mm).

___________________________________ FCM 50 t:

  • The reload time was reduced from 7,192 to 6,52 s;
  • Increased rate of fire from 8,343 to 9,202;
  • Increased damage per minute with 10% (from 2002,3 to 2 208,4);
  • Changed engine power from 1 000 to 1 250 hp;
  • Improved power-to-weight ratio from 18,44 to 23,05 hp/t.

0 thoughts on “Supertest: KV-5 and FCM 50 t Changes

  1. Is the kv-5’s turret face still only 180mm and the APCR pen still only 219? Then it’s still bad

  2. Are those really the changes “with the removal of preferential MM”?
    Not the changes “without” the removal?

      1. U WoT M8?
        The pref MM tanks will keep their pref MM and get these meaningless buffs.
        “Goal: Improve the experience for preferential tanks while keeping the preferential matchmaking parameter and their unique characteristics intact.”

          1. My KV-5 crew tells you to back the fuck off you little cunt.
            182 mm penetration ain’t gonna be enough to deal with defenders, superheavies, IS-Ms, and such.

  3. I hope they give the Kv-220 it’s real outfit if they change that, 850hp engine and 85mm cannon in a turret similar to the T-150 top, seeing as that was the planned layout, when the war broke out the Sovjets took what they have and put it on the chassis, sure. But I don’t think the WoT one does the blueprint justice.
    Sure that would make it op for tier 5 but make it tier 6 then, not like it’s the first time they’ve made a tier change for a premium (Pz 5/4)

  4. “These are tested buffs that would come with the removal of preferential MM.”
    Thats a missinformation. It was clearly posted that they keep the PMM and that these buff should mkae them more competitive again. So why you just post such misinformation as a headline in the article?

  5. The FCM will be better after this but it still isn’t good.
    Kv-5 is still useless and there are many tier 7s that are better.

    1. No, as the biggest problem of this tank wasn’t the mobility, but the gun handling on combination with the low alpha and non existing armor.

    1. Well the main problem with the KV5 isnt the tumor anymore but that most “new” T8 tanks can just shoot it strait in the turret and pen it…

  6. Hope the Type 59 is up for some love too, that sluggish mobility is its biggest weakness

  7. Hope the Type 59 is up for some love too, that sluggish mobility is its biggest weakness

  8. love how the fcm 50t list is 5 points to make it look like a lot of change, but it’s actually just 2 changes

  9. KV5 will still be Crap.
    182mm Pen Compared to the new 202mm Pen from T26E4.
    And 219mm APCR Pen compared to ~270mm APCR Pen is still a Joke

  10. So according to this buff the main turret (the big one with the 107mm gun in it) now has 180mm armor, while the Radiooperators cramped miniturret (aka R2D2) now has 200mm armor? Who needs weakspots anyway, just spam the gold. It’s like they are incapable of buffing a tank without breaking it to a point where lower tier tanks are 100% fucked when they encounter it. But to make matters worse these armor buffs have absolutely no relevance against most same tier and higher tier tanks.
    Why don’t they just buff the main turret to 220-230mm and leave the R2D2 the way it is (140mm armor)?

    1. Tbh I almost never can pen KV-5 easily even with higher tier tanks unless I’m shooting R2D2, the armor is very trollish. And I honestly think that lower tiers are still fucked regardless, KV-5 just has too much armor, HP, speed and DPM for them to handle, so the buffs won’t change that.

      1. Armor, where does it have Armor. The whole turret can be easily penned by guns with 230mm+ Penetration, big Weakspot on top of the turret, big weakspot in front of the weak turret.
        HP, ok, highest Amount on T8 to be a Pinata.
        Speed, only straight on hard ground, turning is a mess, softground the same mess.
        DPM helps nothing if u are unable to pen something with 167mm, or even, if u hit nothing with the tier 6 Gun.
        so what does these Buffs Change?

    2. “Who needs weakspots anyway, just spam the gold.”
      So much this. The KV5 will still be shit against a considerable amount of T8 and many T9s, but T6s and T7s just became incapable of dealing with the tank frontally. GG, WG, GG. Exactly what is needed. One more superheavy on T8.

      1. I honestly don’t think that tier 6/7 tanks shouldn’t be able to deal with a tier 8 super heavy.

      2. I’d even go so far as to say that the entire ‘superheavy’ concept was incredibly stupid because if lower tiers simply can’t deal with it, that’s game-breaking. And if higher tiers can ignore all that armor, that’s just as bad. A far better approach is not to rely so much on the armor, to model durability via hit points instead.
        As of the KV-5 in particular, they could easily leave the armor as-is and simply buff the gun some more. Or….. move it down to tier 7 and still keep its limited MM, though with less hit points.

  11. They could have left the KV-5’s armor the same and just buffed the retarded AP/APCR pen. That way tier 6’s could still fight it and the KV5 could actually pen some of it’s tier 8 heavy tank peers. 182/219 is going to do all of nothing against the defender, Chryster K, IS-M, VK1000000.01 etc.
    WG insists on over thinking everything they do instead of starting from easy/small changes and moving from there.
    KISS Keep It Simple Stupid

          1. If you think losing normalization, overmatch, defeated by spaced armor or tracks, lower shell velocity is good then you are really dumb.

  12. CDC is being shoved even further back with these FCM buffs. Right now they’re kind of equals but now that its equal will surpass it, it will just be a truly sad view for the CDC.

  13. KV-5 should get the standard ammo penetration either 212 or 218, equal to the STG (Guard) penetration ammunition including the premium ammo. As for armor, this must think carefully and wise, due to versus in the battle, more likely facing with the Type 5 & Maus armored thickness type. As for the FCM 50t, should wisely think it, due to CDC & AMX 50 100, mostly the engine & track, the speed and maneuverability. Lastly for both credit making, need to buff slightly.

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