Meng Char2c 1:35 Model

Again,  master tank modeler strikes (check his IG):

Inspiration for the specific tank

Inspiration for the grimy weathering
Primer– Mr. Surfacer 1500 black.
Basecoat, decals
Working on the rusty exhaust
Ended up having metal; rust which was chipped; then green paint on top which was chipped. All hairspray method.
Weathering in progress pic
Ta-Da! All done

13 thoughts on “Meng Char2c 1:35 Model

      1. Yes a whole line of french super heavy tanks is my dream in WOT, maybe the line would stop at tier 7 or 8 to be historical but I don’t care juste introduce all of them in wot =D

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  1. More like TOG 2 french grandfather, it was designed during WW1 and ordered for 1919 offensive, as the war ended before it was delayed and only built in 1921.


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