Removed article

Here was an article about my positive experience with WG support, but I was asked to remove it. Since I really don’t want to cause any problem to people working there, I first edited it, then I decided just to kill it completely!

Mea culpa, sorry 😦



28 thoughts on “Removed article

  1. Wait what? WG asked for this to be removed because might other people want to get money?

    Seriously it was a nice move of the Support but nope. We should not know about that…

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  2. Seems I’m an asshole. I was thinking that the only possible consequences would be to my ass and completely missed the fact that WG employees can suffer from that post too. Fuck me, I’m just too selfish cunt thinking only about my own personal problems like no one else has them…


    1. Don’t be so hard on yourself, man! Mistakes happen to everyone, no matter how skilled and/or disciplined one is.
      The biggest, real mistake one can do is to not learn from one’s mishaps. 🙂

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      1. Hey, you shared something positive that happened to you. It is nothing bad to be excited about the positive experience. While being on the Internet we often forget that the one’s action may impact other people too. Thank you for being considerate 🙂

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    2. “No matter how many mistakes you make or how slow you progress, you are still way ahead of everyone who isn’t trying.” – Tony Robbins

      or as one of my favorite quotes goes:
      “Laughing at your own mistakes can lengthen your life.” – William Shakespeare

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  3. i read the article, dont understand why it was removed, though i found it a little bit incomprehensible … basicly WG support for once did something above standard, no? why not post that?

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    1. It’s not about a positive article. They have most likely rules about how to act in such situations and they wont have test cases. Just think this further, more people ask for the same stuff in different situations for camo, consumables, tanks etc.

      And yes I have to say it was extremly stupid to make it public and post about that case. Its like in the game – turn on the brains !!!!


  4. Tryed it whit the german speaking customer service, they closed the ticket instantly and wrote “Its against the rules to show your personal communikation whit the support” – I just posted the link to the article from TAP 😛


    1. About getting compensation for buying a vehicle at full price and only to find that the next day it is on sale for 50% off. Because some customer service representative was too kind. But WG hates that, and since he included the screenshot that has the name of that representative, WG asks him to take down the article while firing the representative that gave him compensation. (They don’t want other people to get compensated)

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      1. it was a customization for a vehicle(football camouflage)…..and who actually asked him he did not say…..and about person from customer service being fired: lets not get ahead of ourselves

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  5. Mom, mom, that child told me I’m bad. ……sniff…sniff….
    Tell him to stop it otherwise he will be punished.

    WG = 4 year old child……


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