T26E3 Eagle 7

– T26E3 Eagle 7 (MT-7, premium, 🇺🇸USA) or its technical name “M26 Cologne” will go on sale during this Gamescom 2018 (Cologne). This unlike prototype was tested on a super test in April this year. Crew: 5 people. 

⛔ ATTENTION: do not confuse this tank with T23E3, which is already in the game. Yes, also tier 7 American tank. It was distributed to the participants of the Global map in the event “Peace on Fire” (in the spring of 2014).
* The tank commanded by Sergeant Earley. The tank with serial number 26 belonged to the company “E” of the 32nd Tank Regiment of the 3rd Armored Division. The tank was one of 20 pre-series T26E3, that took part in the operation “Zebra” (the military trials of “Pershing” in Europe). The crew of Eagle distinguished himself in the battles for Cologne on March 6. 1945, during which the German “Panther” opposite to the Cologne Cathedral was destroyed by three shots.
Gamescom 2018 will be held from 21. to 25. August in Cologne. Wargaming has already confirmed its participation in the largest gaming expo (in terms of the number of gaming exhibition).
Remember that earlier at the WG stand in Germany, tanks were announced and immediately went on sale:
2017 – Primo Victoria (promo)
2016 – Rheinmetall Skorpion G
Perhaps in August we will see these machines, but this is not certain.

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  1. And here we go again….Wargaming in their ever lasting greed, yet again is about to release a new premium that is powercreeps it’s regular techtree counterpart: the T20….in everything but mobility.
    Instead of balancing the game’s content properly (that went out of the window after some tier 8 adjustment 2 odd years ago) and thus retaining the older veteran players. Most of them see the possibilities this game has, if managed correctly and not be guided by current short term ‘cash grab style’ of management WG is employing.

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