WoT – New Bundles Are Being Tested

Source: Rykoszet
A few new offers appeared on the test server, which will help us save both credits and bonds. In the Store tab, which by the way got a revamp, WG placed a few brand new bundles.
The first sub-category is Maintenance, where you will find equipment like rammers and spall liners. Up until now, you had to buy them separately, but that changed with the new bundles, which are as follows:

  • “Tornado”: a large toolkit, a Mk2 vert stab, and a large rammer for 1,350,000 silver
  • “Specialist”: coated optics, a Mk2 vert stab, and a large rammer for 1,350,000 silver
  • “Jack of All Trades”: a medium rammer, a ver stab mk1, and coated optics for 1,050,000 silver
  • “Vanguard”: improved vents II class, coated optics, and a vert stab Mk1 for 1,000,000 silver

As once can see, the savings go into hundreds of thousands of silver.
The seconds set of bundles one can pay for with bonds. Besides the usual items, one can buy quite attractive bundles, like:

  • “Specialist Kit”: a venting system, and a stabilizing equipment system for 9000 bonds
  • “Lock and Load”: an innovative loading system, and 100 orderly ammo rack directives for 5500 bonds
  • “Gunslinger Kit”: a wear resistant gun laying drive, and 100 aim tuning directives e 5400 bonds
  • “Hit the Mark”: a stabilizing equipment system, and 100 stabilizer greasing directives for 5400 bonds

Those bundles are even greater savings, because bonds are in demand.
Consumables are also affected.
It’s not know whether the new bundles will be immediately available when the new patch appears. However, when that happens, the bargain hunters will be very pleased.

0 thoughts on “WoT – New Bundles Are Being Tested

    1. nevermind… missread that “The seconds set of bundles one can pay for with bonds” sentence….
      btw… how do you earn bonds by summer 2018?

    1. I agree. All doesnt make sense. 50% discount on consumable and maintance are better than these bundles.
      For bonds, boosters… it would make sense, because 50% off not working for them.
      We will see how stupid wg will be or think costumers are.

    1. You sure about that?
      Because the last time i checked the meta said vert stab, rammer optics

  1. The irony is that if WG did sell bonds or offered improved equipment/directives for any other currency, that may actually be a better system than needing several thousand bonds just to get one improved equipment, or constantly bleeding bonds to use directives.
    I’m still sure that needing bonds in the first place is a temporary arrangement just to get anyone to be interested in ranked. One of these days that mode will either be justified by its own merits or it’ll lay down and die already. And hopefully bonds cease to be at that moment.

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