8 thoughts on “New RanZar video

  1. Well…. you wanted artillery nerfes.
    those 2 first shots were aimed at the back of the enemy tank.
    The 3rd shot, it hit, but did only 200damage, while another shot, not seen did most of the damage.

    Fuck you arty haters, learn to play.

    1. Vehicle class that has indirect fire ability and can shit on actual tanks from it’s spawn is a terrible game design. If you’re defending arty you probably have some problems.

      1. well sorry to burst your bubble but its here to stay and ill continue to play arty aslong as i have personal missions for girls and a tank

  2. Brain? oh that 1, yep, did use it. Had zero problems with artillery when I played other classes.
    I wonder why?
    Enemy artillery ever raged at you?

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